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"For the Moon never beams without bringing me dreams..."

 - Edgar Allan Poe, Moon in Pisces, Shatabhisha Nakshatra.

The Moon. The Mirror and receiver of the cosmos. The reflection of our deepest desires, thoughts and feelings. The Moon appears to be ever-changing as she orbits the night sky. A constant reminder that the things related to the Moon; like emotions, the senses, desires, dreams, the home, security and safety; to shall be in a state of growing, release and change.



Your Natal Moon is one of the most important things to access in Astrology. I created an introduction to each of the Moon Signs below on YouTube... There is still more to add to the introductory videos, like the house placement, planetary aspects and the Lunar Mansion it falls within along with the rulerships.


The Moon is our emotions, feelings and needs. It embodies what we desire and what is needed to feel safe and satisfied. Moon has no light of its own as such needs the light of the Sun (the external) to be seen. Much like flowers, we can only bloom and grow into our true self, when we receive sunshine. 


Every Month the Moon changes shapes, revealing aspects of these things to us. Every month there is a subconscious (for most) thought process or seed that takes root. It begins to grow and then culminates at the time of the Full Moon, the height of our truest feelings. When the Moon is full in the sky, it makes it very hard for you to hide, what your intuitive, internal and feeling self has known all along. 

We're all a little Crazy...

Luna, the Latin word for Moon from where the word Lunatic comes from. Feelings and Emotions, the internal experiences we have can make us all feel a little mad sometimes. 


When you think of the Moon, symbolically and astrologically, think devotion and imagination. When a feeling arises, we all become devoted, loyal, to that emotion, and it takes on a life of its own in our imagination. The Moon is tied to our intuitive and instinctual nature because the Moon takes into itself all that it receives energetically. Its innocent like a child hence why the Moon rules our childhood in astrology. The Moon doesn't judge it accepts whatever it's given. The Moon knows not of ugly or beauty for all things are beautiful; the Moon is internal.