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free yearly insights for each sign

Hey my loves,


2022 will soon be here and I've created 6 offerings so you can prepare for all that 2022 will bring you. Throughout November I'll be releasing free Yearly Insights for each of the Zodiac signs on the 'ask a little witch' YouTube channel, Patreons, of course, will get first access.


I'll also be offering for a limited time, yearly overview readings stylized in the same fashion as the yearly insight videos for each of the zodiac signs if you'd like one made personalized to you. Each Segment of the yearly insight readings (for each sign) is available for purchase as a stand-alone reading, or the 2022 yearly overview can be brought in its entirety. All sessions will incorporate your birth chart, mixing astrology with tarot and intuitive insight.


You can learn more about what each offering includes by clicking or scrolling down below.

Wishing you a wonderful new year 💕 Kerry-ann 

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