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Through the Houses of Astrology

saturn transit houses

What will the Saturn transit bring you... Check your Ascendant/Rising sign along with your Natal Saturn Sign. I also have a Yearly Guide where I discuss all the upcoming transits.


Saturn is in Tropical Aquarius from...

March 21, 2020 - July 1, 2020

December 16, 2020 - March 7, 2023



Saturn will be transiting into and through your first house, slowing you down to establish firm foundations for your path ahead. It's during this time that he begins to unpack all you've packed away, suppressed, or repressed over your life thus far. He wants to get to the foundational core of who you are to build you back up, stronger than you started. 


Now this transit can be seen as one of the most challenging of the Saturn transits. As you clear past karmas, a time initially as he passes over your ASC degree of goodbyes as he sets you in motion to make a fresh go of something.

Saturn is a sort of reality check, life catches up with you, and you're forced to really take stock of your life and the path you've set for yourself. When Saturn moves through your first house, we can find ourselves taking life more seriously. We become increasingly aware of ourselves, our aging, and our life path. 


Many people during this time enter into a getting their life together mode. We want to be taken seriously, to work hard, and make something of ourselves. Sensei also wants you to come into a more authentic expression of self, breaking away the false projections or masks you present to the world. 

For those who are not honest with themselves, it can feel like their identity is being bulldozed. It can be a time where for some, they're growing up, forced to take responsibility for themselves, life and wellbeing. Saturn is not the sympathetic hold your hand type of teacher. Saturn is a tough-love teacher. The Sensei shows you your own limitations and makes you aware of yourself. Essentially abolishing the fake or inauthentic molds you've placed yourself in.


Saturn can also activate health matters, especially if you haven't taken good care of your body. He will literally make you stop to do something about it. He will show you or give you peeks of time that'll be a huge wake-up call to do something about it. If you fall back into bad habits by the time he reaches your 4th house, your condition can become permanent, so do the work while he is active here.

Saturn 1st house


Saturn is transiting your Second House until 2023. 


The Sensei teaches you some valuable life lessons in money management, values, and what you actually need in life. When Saturn is moving through your second house, it can bring a need to conserve your resources. It might be either through having higher expenses, less income, or some other financial difficulty. A transit that teaches you how to make your resources stretch to meet your needs. 


Saturn transit to your second house can bring a sense of scarcity or hardship that encourages you to tighten that financial belt buckle. The Sensei is testing and teaching you about your relationship to money. It's a life experience in money management, investments, and quality over quantity. What are your spending habits like? Do have irresponsible indulgences that could be saving you a ton of money. 

Saturn is teaching you through a little game of show and tell. Saturn shows you just what you need, and you'll come to realize that you don't need as much as you think you do. The Sensei teaches you about resourcefulness, investing in something that might mean you have to cut costs elsewhere. What are you trying to accomplish in life? What things do you tell yourself you "need" that could be wasteful or sacrificed to get what you want to accomplish? Are you using one as an excuse for the other? 


It's not a transit that insinuates less money, but it is a transit that will make you work harder for that money. I guess Saturn is teaching you by showing you what you actually value in life. We all have things we say we need but can't have because of excuses A or B. In truth, Saturn shows you about priorities. How many of you claim to need the latest iPhone or Macbook... but can realistically keep the one they have to save that extra money.

It might be about going back to college to get a qualification in something. It would mean cutting costs for a few years while you acquire that qualification. Once you have the training, it opens you to more wealth opportunities. It's the sacrifice you make for a better future. Sticking it out in a job you hate, working 50 hours a week just to get by, is not worth it long-term. 


Saturn makes you work for it. He does this by putting you in uncomfortable, restrictive, and limited positions so that you can say "I want more" and then go out and get more.

Saturn 2nd house


Saturn is transiting your third house until 2023. 


The Sensei teaches you valuable life lessons in time management, getting things done, and communicating effectively. Saturn transiting the third house brings a certain expectation and high standard behind the daily schedule and your ability to do something.


The third house corresponds to routines, the places you go, and things you frequently do. It's your friends, siblings, social media, and those in your immediate environment. The Third House represents your skills, how you communicate, and how you learn.


So, when Saturn transits your third house, you could experience some tension regarding everything connected to the third house. You might feel pressure to do, perform and be a masterful taskmaster. It might be the time you go to college, learning a skill over a couple of years. It could be when you have more stuff to do and a little time to accomplish it all.

When Saturn is transiting through the third house, it is the ideal time to learn new skills. You'll be asked to work extra hard. It's learning through repetition that can result in becoming a master in your craft. 


Through my transit, I felt a great deal of judgment and pressure from my workmates and the local environment to be the best. You can experience difficulty in friendships, and old friendships can dissipate as new ones take time to build.


Saturn moving through your third house is when Your local environment can go under construction. It can bring a move or renovations are taking place in your town/city. Something breaks down and is rebuilt or replaced with something else.

Saturn in the third house is when you can get confronted with issues connected to your siblings, relatives, neighbors, classmates/workmates to resolve. The third house is about collaborations and alliances, while Saturn is strong and supportive. It's not about blindly trusting people as Saturn's cautious, but it'll show you who your real friends are during this time. 


The best way to navigate this energy is to learn a new skill. Saturn transiting the third house can mean you're pushed into a new environment or having to adapt to a new schedule or routine. It can be the transit where you're studying something or having to learn a new skill due to work or something else being introduced to your environment. Wherever Saturn goes requires time to adjust to its energy. So fear not if you're picking things up as quickly as you'd to be.

Saturn 3rd house


Saturn is transiting your Fourth House until 2023. 


The Sensei is teaching you some valuable life lessons involving your home, family, and security. Your Sensei is testing the strength of the foundations of a home and family. Saturn directs you back to something. It wants you to face this uncomfortable or restrictive quality that you've been feeling. 


Saturn is our responsibility and duties, and Sensei is getting you to look at your own. Many times during this transit, people's homes and families go under reconstruction. It can be a time where you have to downsize while something else is building up. It's not a fun transit but a lesson to learn because, for most, home and family are at the core of all things. Upheavals or uprooting can be a painful process, but you always come out of it a lot stronger than you went into it. You could experience pressure when it comes to your home and family. During this time, you are required to be the glue that keeps it all together.

In some cases, the transit could involve moving back home to look after a relative. It could be that you return to an old profession because something didn't work out. It might even be a time for motherhood. It's significant shifts in your life where your role is elevated, and people are looking to you for support. Some people go through this transit and start construction work on their homes which take years to complete. It's about looking at what's not working and finding a way to strengthen it. 


It might be a terrible example, but it's like the TV series on Netflix back in the Halloween of 2018, 'Haunting of Hill House'. It's about a family who buys a massive old house to fix up "to flip" (to increase and sell for profit), to build their dream home or forever home. Throughout the show, it's clear there is more about this house than meets the eye. Instead of putting the needs of the family first, it becomes about the money. So the very thing that was a means to an end was the thing that destroyed the family. It's a transit that will teach you something similar, needing to put the family first and not lose sight of what matters most. It's the starting over transit for something to build up over the next 30 years. 

Saturn transit in your 4th house can increase tension within the family or household. It can bring a sense of heaviness within your home and living situation. It is a time where you're most likely to become estranged from a family member and sever ties if you cannot resolve the conflict or disagreement. 


When Saturn activates the fourth, it manifests in many different ways. It can point to a relocation, taking care of a sick or elderly member of the family. It can also create problems and burdens connected to home as responsibilities can increase.


Saturn naturally can create friction within you and resistance to the changes that need to take place during the transit. You want things to be as they were, only they're not going to be. Saturn is restructuring the foundations from which you build your life, and certain things need to be confronted now. Saturn is maturing you. He does this by breaking down past comforts as a way to aid you, to make the transition. Doing without certain creature comforts is actually a 'tough love' experience we all need to go through. 


Saturn is helping you to redefine your role within the home and family. You're stepping up, growing up, and finding your independence. You can also find you have more duties when it comes to this area of life.

Saturn 4th House


Saturn will be transiting your fifth house over the next few years. It's this transit that Saturn's teaching you some valuable life lessons when it comes to love. 


The fifth house is what I call the heart of the chart. The place where your dreams are born, it's what lights you up, brings pleasure and joy into your life. Of course, it corresponds to many other things like learning, students, teachers, pregnancy, and creation in any form. It's all you make. 


When Saturn pays a visit to your fifth house, these things take on a serious tone. Love is not just love, and it's not free. Instead, it comes with a learning lesson. Everything here becomes a lesson, which can suck some of the fun out of it as you'll be learning a lot about making your heart's true desires a reality. It's like a big test from the heart.

Saturn transiting your fifth house can bring you a karmic lover, an experience by which you'll be changed. It can bring you something you've always wanted to experience, but it, in turn, requires a great deal of work to keep it going. 


The Sensei brings you lessons connected to the fifth house, which require a strict, responsible and dedicated approach to see them through. If you're a parent or teacher, you could have a difficult period with your children or students. If you're at school, then your education could be complicated by a complicated relationship, a first love, or a mean-spirited teacher. Matters connected to your fifth house require your full attention, time, patience, and dedication. It's not the best time to try for a baby... being that it sucks the romance out of your relationship, which can drive you apart. Kind of a downer and the opposite thing you want if you want to start a family.

The fifth house transit for Saturn can also be financially draining, and it can feel isolating at times from those in your peer group. Not feeling understood, going through a rocky period where you learn a lot by experience, trial and error. It's a period of personal growth.


When Saturn transits the fifth house, I've noticed that someone can decide to turn a passion, hobby, or talent into a business. It's a slow process in building it up. Try to pay attention to when Saturn transits your fifth house's traditional ruler. It's likely when you'll begin to see the fruition of your new business venture. You can also see results when Saturn transits your MC (midheaven) or tenth house, being as Saturn will transit 6 from your 5th house. 


It could give your ego or confidence a knock. Something to note is that nothing comes easy with this transit. In fact, everything requires extra work, time, and attention. If you give it that, it will strengthen everything.

Saturn 5th House


Saturn will be transiting your sixth house over the next few years (until 2023). It's this transit that Saturn's teaching you some valuable life lessons when it comes to routines, habits, health, work, and time management. Although Saturn has high expectations and is a significator of hard work, Saturn doesn't want your work to run your life. Saturn seeks balance, for that reason, his main work placed lesson is working smarter, not harder. 


Saturn builds, he's reliable, consistent and you know what to expect, and he brings these morals and plants them firmly within this sixth house area of life. The sensei in Saturn requests you stick to a schedule, know your limits, and streamline your processes and systems to be as productive as possible. Saturn instills a time and a place for all things. Organizing yourself, your life, and your daily tasks will become the most sustainable for you by the end of the transit.


Even though the first year Saturn is accompanied by Jupiter (2021), adding a little optimism, it's not likely you'll receive much encouragement when it comes to sixth house matters. In fact, Saturn has this judge-like presence and creates this feeling of being watched while you work. I know I prefer to work in peace, but Saturn is testing the quality of the job you're doing. 

When you deal with the sixth house, it's about creating systems, repetition, sticking to a schedule, and managing your time to meet your deadlines. Saturn wants to deliver you a dream lifestyle, but for that, you'll need to prioritize and use the time you have effectively.


Sensei is also teaching you about your health and will bring your awareness over any bad habits and where you're likely neglecting your body's needs. Saturn will be more sensitive towards the foods you consume to bring your attention to foods that work for you and foods that don't. If you've been really neglecting your health then Saturn though the sixth can present as a chronic condition, it will flare up, for you to acknowledge and correct your ways.

Saturn will break the things that are not sustainable down in this transit. He requires discipline, dedication, time, and effort and wants you to take these sixth house themes seriously. 

It's not uncommon during this cycle that your workload increases, you have more tasks and more duties than you usually have. Being the planet of boundaries, Saturn is working on re-establishing yours and making you aware of your limitations. Saturn teaches you moderation and dedication to the outcome you wish to see fulfilled.

You can feel as though your energy is a little tapped out. That's okay because Saturn is about conserving energy, being resourceful, he doesn't want you to go to extremes but to do something daily; it's all about creating a sustainable lifestyle.


It can be a time where work can feel like a chore, it can feel stressful and burdensome. You have to stay motivated in knowing Saturn will give you rewards if only you do the work, and he doesn't make it easy. You can also have problems with those you work with, feeling a bit put on or not fitting in as it can feel isolating in some cases.


During the time Saturn passed through my Sixth house, I became Vegan. I cut out all meat products. It was a time where I became consumed with my work, and it took so much longer to complete tasks. I have Uranus in my 6th house, and so naturally, I find it hard to stick to a schedule and a routine, I need change. So I found this very difficult as I would almost rebel against it even though I'm passionate about what I do, Saturn took the fun out of it.

Saturn 6th House


Saturn is transiting your seventh house in 2021-2023. 


Saturn teaches you some valuable life lessons during his transit when it comes to relationships and commitments. The Sensei will be testing the strength and foundations from which all your relationships are built. 


When Saturn transits your seventh house, you’ll get serious about your relationships and commitments. It’s during this transit that you’ll feel more pressure from the others in your life. Expectations and disappointments can come when it comes to your relationships. Higher expectations are all around with very little praise, and playtime is offered up.

Saturn moving through your seventh house brings a maturation around commitments. What you will do and not. What do you need when it comes to a partnership and do your relationships fulfill these needs? The connections you have that are not long-term or serious will fracture now to be cleared to make room for something more substantial. 


How many people in your life can you truly count on? Saturn shows you who are lifers and who are ships passing in the night. Saturn has expectations, but when dealing with others, we need to learn to compromise. It’s a transit that’ll show you the limitations and boundaries of your relationships. Where they begin and where you end. 


Saturn can be a killjoy transiting the seventh house. When you’re dealing with the practical aspects of relationships, the need for a bit of giving and take. The transit that deals with the proposal, the vows and promises, and the reality of fulfilling those commitments. 

When Saturn transits the seventh house themes connected to affairs, betrayals, breaking promises, divorce, codependency, not feeling appreciated, wanted, and loved come up. We learn to deal with the negative aspects a relationship can bring rise to. To love, we need to be vulnerable, and what happens when that vulnerability is stomped all over. We learn not to place all our happiness in one person or relationship. We learn how to deal with disappointment and crushed expectations. Who can you rely on? Who can you trust? Saturn in seventh wants to instill trust and build it back up.


Saturn brings awareness over the time we put into our relationships. We begin to assess our relationships over the years, where we are now, and where we hoped we’d be within particular relationships. How valued do you feel? It puts things into perspective and helps you decide what you want to fight for and what’s best to fall apart.

Saturn 7th House


Saturn will be transiting your eighth house over the next few years. It's this transit that Saturn's teaching you some valuable life lessons when it comes to change. There's no life without change and transformation, for when things stop changing, they die. Everything needs to change, to grow, and to live. 


The eighth house is about seeking deeper meaning in life. It's the house of truth, shared experiences, and resources. Saturn's teaching you to change and to purge what's no longer needed in your life. It's a transit where the past can very well catch up to you as can any buried secrets. It's during this transit that you'll face fears that've been bound to your roots and support system. It brings your awareness to what's been blocking you from new growth, keeping you stuck for far too long. 


Saturn's a Sensei, a stickler for the rules, and so here he teaches you a great deal about honesty, with others and with yourself. Your Sensei is showing you your insecurities, there's no hiding there is only the truth during this time. I guess you could say that Sensei is stripping you back to your bare-bones and it can make you feel vulnerable. The trouble with vulnerabilities is you want to control, protect and safeguard yourself. It's this that can hurt how you connect intimately with others. 

In truth, Sensei is teaching you about power and control. Saturn will show you that you cannot control what others do or what they give to you. The only thing you have control over in this life is you. So it's times like these you realize the power you have in life is what you do and how you perceive or react to what's happening.

The eighth house requires trust, as such, Saturn teaches you about trust. It teaches you to take responsibility for your actions, or part played when power is abused, and trust is misplaced. Saturn here is teaching you to regain your power. 


The Eighth-House is often a place in which we share experiences with others. It could be a near-death experience, an accident, it could be a traumatic event you experienced when you were younger that now present's as a phobia towards something, a person, or place. The eighth house experience is something that happens unexpectedly, when we're unprepared, or something that takes place in privacy or in secret. It's an experience that changes things profoundly in a person's life.

Saturn 8th House


Saturn will be transiting your ninth house over the next few years. It's this transit that Saturn's teaching you some valuable life lessons when it comes to accomplishing your future goals and aspirations. 


The ninth house represents those significant life experiences, it's your vision, your destination, and all you hope to accomplish in life. The ninth house transit represents all that gives your life meaning n purpose, it's the dream, the once in a while, learning experience that expands your view on life itself.


Saturn transiting your ninth house; therefore is when you can see that dream begin to come to fruition. It'll fully be available to you when he reaches that tenth house and of course, only if you know who you are. If you don't know who you are, then the ninth house transit will be one of profound self-discovery.


The ninth house transit will teach you something more than just studies from a book. Saturn allows you to experience things on a raw and profound level. So that you can build your own beliefs, reconstruct new beliefs and "knowings" that'll significantly impact your future.

It's essential to not assume you know everything during this transit. Try instead to use your philosophy for life as a guideline and not something that's set in stone. Saturn will test your views and beliefs and challenge this with new experiences that will alter your world's perceptions. Saturn will break down the limiting beliefs that hinder you from getting from point a to point b. 


Many people experience a loss of faith. It can make even the most optimistic soul cranky and pessimistic. Everything you thought or believed is challenged... either through experience or some new finding. Saturn, your Sensei, calls you to think seriously about your future and take practical steps to build it. It would be an ideal time to get your Ph.D., attend college or just do something that'll benefit your future. 


Saturn transit, your ninth house, is all about making your dreams a reality. It's about focusing on your accomplishments and making something happen. It's about being more practical about the future. There's a seriousness that enables you to get organized or structured when it comes to where you're going or heading in life.

Saturn 9th House


Saturn will be transiting your tenth house over the next few years. It's this transit that Saturn's teaching you some valuable life lessons when it comes to building your career, fulfilling your duties, and taking on responsibility.


During the time Saturn spends in your tenth house, he'll restructure, organize and strengthen the themes connected to your tenth house. Saturn will bring awareness to what's not stable, not working, and then he will rebuild a solid foundation for you to build up from.


The tenth house corresponds to your occupation, where you spend your time, public image, status, title, and career. So Saturn activating this sector will make you take these things even more seriously than perhaps you would ordinarily. It's time to get to work and work hard to fulfill your goals and create a legacy for yourself. 

When the Sensei in Saturn comes to visit, you know that you'll likely be required to take a more disciplined approach to these matters. You might be given more responsibility, asked to commit further, and where consistency is a top priority now when it comes to reaching your deadlines and goals.


Sensei is testing what you have built up until this point in your life. You'll feel Saturn putting pressure on you from outside forces to see how determined and how much you want to excel in your chosen field. It's time to step up, be consistent and dedicated to the goal or what you aim to achieve. It's the difference between an aspiring actor who attends 2 auditions a day versus 2 auditions a month or a week, the one who attends auditions daily is the one who is more likely to succeed. The thing to remember is that if you've been working hard to achieve new heights in your career, then this can be a time where you're given greater responsibilities and duties and can result in a promotion or an elevation to your status. 

When Saturn moves through your tenth, you can feel like everyone has some expectation of you, to do and to be something and it's a very stressful time, but it can bring a great many rewards too. It's a transit that depends upon what your current tenth house is looking like. If you're in a position you enjoy, then you'll become even more empowered to push to new heights. If not satisfied, you can be forced to work long hours, overtime, not much reward, and even undergo unemployment. Saturn wants you to work, but he doesn't want you to be a slave to your job. You need to contribute to your field, and Saturn will align you to something you'll be better suited toward, you'll still have to work hard. 


Sensei asks for you to redefine your goals and develop a long-term plan to achieve them.

Saturn 10th House


Saturn will be transiting your eleventh house this year.


Saturn will teach you valuable life lessons when it comes to... community, social groups, and your hopes, dreams, and wishes. It's during this transit your dreams and hopes are realized for the future. Saturn brings your awareness of what needs to be done to find the success or opportunities you seek.


Saturn transiting the eleventh house is usually a time you'll be called to evaluate your support group, your friendship circles, and your community. Everything in life comes through other people, and if your social groups are not supportive, how can you ever hope to reach new heights. They say that our success can be measured by the five people we spend the most time with. For a flower to bloom, you need to be planted in the right environment. 

Saturn transiting your eleventh house is about a group effort. It's the community, it's those you serve and the group(s) you belong to. Saturn helps you find your place in the world and where you belong. It's everything you get as a result of all you do. Saturn transit here wants to build your social resources, the place opportunities come from. 


Saturn transiting your eleventh house can bring a teeny weeny bit of fear of overexposing yourself, participating, and sharing your views. It's a time where Saturn tests your friendships and the weak ones disintegrate. How can you contribute to society, a group, or a cause... we all have something to offer. 


Saturn teaches you about support, friendship, collaborations, networking, socializing, and how to connect and build connections. It takes time, effort, dedication to make meaningful connections. In some cases, we might feel too much pressure, feel like an outcast, and withdraw. Saturn wants to show you who your people are, but you have to do the work. If you learn these lessons, you'll have a support group for life. 

Saturn enjoys supporting a cause that means something to you. Get involved, volunteer, offer your time or resources to help a movement that's near and dear to you. Get to know people who care about what you care about. Find your tribe and connect, become a solution to the problem. Find people who do what you want to do and talk to them. If they can, you can. Saturn wants to build your dream. 


Think back to when Saturn was in your 9th house it's often the time to build up further, make a dream a reality, see a wish come to fruition, and make a friend for life.

Saturn 11th House


Saturn will be transiting your twelfth house over the next few years. It's this transit that Saturn's teaching you some valuable life lessons when it comes to building the future you seek.


A transit that's much like the Saturn through the 8th house, but doesn't just point to change & endings. To build our future, we have to make room for it. That means we must clear away, purge, and remove the blocks that are in the way. Imagine you were building a house, the twelfth house is the preparation before you build. It's time you clear the land, remove what was there to have yourself a clear canvas to build upon. 

Saturn's journey through the twelfth house is long, it's drawn out, I mean, who really enjoys goodbyes? The twelfth house is the area of fears, secrets, dreams, and spirituality. The things that come to light are a blessing, even if at first you don't view it as such. 

The Sensei is teaching you about letting go of the things buried or entwined into our history. A Karmic transit where we have to face the past. Whatever has been haunting you, kept from you, or lurking just behind the veil will soon be exposed. Secrets, betrayal, and hidden agendas, it all comes out.


Saturn through the twelfth takes you away from all you know. You might travel, move a distance, be confined in some capacity or you may enter into deep healing, a slumber, or sleep. Saturn through the twelfth is like a dream, you have no control over it, you just witness, experience, and react. It's a profoundly reflective time. 

Saturn wants you to know the life you want is right on the other side of this transit. Do the work, clear the past, face your demons, connect with yourself, your purpose and prepare for the most significant next chapter of your life.

Saturn 12th House
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