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Your Gift... Virgo New Moon, September 17, 2020

Updated: Jan 24

Virgo New Moon in Uttara Phalguni

Tonight is the Super New Moon in Virgo under the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Phalguni. What strikes me is it falls in the midpoint to Rahu, the north node and Ketu, the south node.

A New Moon is the conception, the seed being sown to usher in the new. Only, what is being sown tonight was always supposed to be. What with the nodes of the moon involved... there’s a touch of destiny about it.

So, let's just explain a little about the Lunar Mansion... Uttara Phalguni is what happens after the credits roll to your favourite rom-com, what happens after the happily ever after moment, as they ride off onto the sunset.

Uttara Phalguni is governed by Aryaman the solar deity of true commitment. It's the deity of true affection, true love, unity, friendship & partnership. Its energy is the purest form of "love conquers all", that sense of family, belonging and home. You take the vibes of Purva Phalguni love, romance, excitement and perhaps a little lust and turn it into something more, something long-lasting, less fleeting (this is Uttara Phalguni).

In essence, we could say that this New Moon feels to bring something true your way. Its seeding something long-lasting. You may, however, be in the process of walking away from something unhealthy to your being and beginning to step out of your comfort zone to something new. The nodal influence here is strong, but under Uttara Phalguni it’s worth it, for as Vic Dicara says "all paths walked are easier when you have someone to walk it with when you have true love, devotion, affection and friendship". I may be paraphrasing there but, you get my meaning, it's a beautiful thing.

So in the Sign of Virgo a mutable sign, meaning in a state of change. As with all mutable signs, its when the seasons are changing. It’s a little of the season before and the one to follow. Virgo is also the sign of service, and it asks the question of who are you serving, yourself or others?

This New Moon offers you a chance to make something real, but it’ll require you to step out of your comfort zone. Mercury, the planetary ruler, is looking over at Jupiter, both of which in a previous post, I spoke about the conscious and subconscious mind. To make anything actualise you have to believe there’s a possibility, you have to be open and willing to shift your perspective.

It also reminds me of something I shared, that as life has already taught you, EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Today's temporary pain might very well turn into tomorrows greatest blessing. You see Virgo typically likes to be in control, or at least have a plan, list and objective in mind. The New Moon is asking for you to stretch a little to look up towards Neptune because the universe has much more in store for you than what is current in your life.

Try a little Scripting...

My witchy inclined friends this is a great New Moon to script. If you’re not familiar with scripting, its a law of attraction technique. You simply sit and write a letter to the divine, your guides, angels, god, budda or whatever higher power you believe in… for my sceptical realists, write a letter to your subconscious mind.

  1. You begin with Dear (your higher power), I just had to write you this letter to say thank you for all you have brought into my life…

  2. You then go on to write in the present tense the thing, situation, or whatever you wish to bring into your life as if it’s already happened.

  3. Allow yourself to visualise, to feel those emotions and all that it means to you that you have received whatever you’re asking for. see it, feel it and allow yourself to get immersed into it fully.

  4. You can sign off with your full name and thank you, thank you, thank you (yes three times).

  5. You then can read this letter each morning and every night before bed and knowing that it is a done deal, things will synchronise, and signs will be given.

  6. Do it consistently for 30 days and 30 nights (reading/visualising your letter).

  7. After the 30 days, you can place it somewhere you will stumble upon it in a month or two. I usually put mine in the second book I have lined up to read. It’s always a surprise to see just how much has come to fruition… Well, not a surprise its more expected at this stage, but it gives me the rush of gratitude.

I am wishing you a lovely New Moon night, be sure to light a candle for your ancestors and guides or angels to say thank you for all their guidance and help.

I have a new laptop now, so I shall be posting more often… this is the very first thing I am writing, how magical.

For personal readings, please check out my services here, & I’ll see you very soon.


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