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Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Would you like to become a member?

Gifting perks and gaining your support to allow for more time to curate content you want to see more of. For the past few years, I still get requests for more videos and updates for the video content already produced. Truth is I’d love to have an extra spare few days to be able to put out more content.

So why am I not able to?

At first, it was technical issues, of which, has been remedied… Resigning from my side jobs was a choice I made back in 2019 to dedicate my soul focus to ask a little witch. Much of my time now goes into serving personal clients with one on one sessions and readings. I am unbelievably grateful to be able to do this as my sole source of income to sustain my way of life. It's a personal dream come true, I get paid to read for people, from all walks of life and from all over the world... at home and online. It helps pay the bills, but I’d love the opportunity to do more.

Ideally, my aim is to transition into putting out more content on YouTube to show you how I do what I do, so you don’t need me to do it for you. I’d love to share my insights, astrological research and teach you how to do it for yourself. Personal sessions are deep and profound, but most of my time is wrapped up them. I spend hours upon hours just with one client, and that’s the way I prefer to work to give the most. I’d love to help more people, and I think video and Youtube can do that.

To share more content, astrological videos, planets through houses, pick a card, astrological research it takes a lot of time. Youtube at this time doesn’t pay me enough to cut back on readings, so right now, it’s a fun side thing I do, as and when I have time to do it.

I hope that if I gain enough support through Patreon and the YouTube members, I’ll be able to secure the funds to fund my video projects to give more value and give you the content you’re asking for.

By no means am I saying you have to donate, but for those who can and would like more content from me, please consider checking out the perks I’ve made available for assisting, supporting my channel and content. Your support would be greatly appreciated, and hopefully, you’ll find the rewards high value.

For those of you who cannot right now, thank you abundantly as always. Taking the time to read this, to watch my content, to take the time to leave me comments or hitting the like button and sharing, means so much more than you know. It lets me know you like what I put out and encourages me to put out more of it. So thank you please continue to show your support this way!

Learning the language of the stars, universe and cosmos is something that helped me better understand the why to the what was happening in the world and within my personal life experience. I feel that everyone should know astrology because it’s a fantastic tool to better understanding yourself, your life potential and just the world overall.

I’ll forever be a student of Astrology… of life & I hope you’ll give me the platform to share it with you.

Here are my offerings...

The Three Tiers


Become an Early Bird, and you'll get first access to all new uploads over on Youtube. Get Monthly Horoscopes, Pick a Cards, Astrological Videos before anyone else sees them. You'll also get the first peek at each weekly insight before they go out on social media.

  • Patron-only updates

  • Chat community

  • Early access

Become a Patreon < | Become a YouTube Member <<


When you become a lovebug, you'll get 10% off store items like yearly guides, mediations and ebooks (NEW CODE will be available each month). You also get weekly insights for your zodiac sign, which will only be available as a patreon or community member on YouTube. Each week I put out the weekly overview for the general energies and vibes, but all zodiac horoscopes for each week is a special perk that Lovebugs get.

  • Early access

  • Patron-only updates

  • Chat community

  • Exclusive content | Weekly Horoscope

  • 10% off Store Items

Become a Patreon | Become a YouTube Member


When you become an ORACLE, you'll get all prior perks as well as a personal monthly Oracle card for each month. I'll email or DM you via Instagram with your personal Oracle card for the month, please let me know your handle to follow you.

When we reach 10 Oracle Patreons, I'll make the oracle card readings into an unlisted video providing timestamps for each of your card selections. If we reach 50 Oracles, I'll do a live stream monthly where you can get your card pulled live and ask me questions.

  • Patron-only updates

  • Chat community

  • Early access

  • 10% off all Store Items

  • Exclusive content | Weekly Horoscope

  • Livestream when Oracles reach 50

  • Exclusive content | Personal Oracle card Monthly

  • I'll follow you on Instagram

Become a Patreon | Become a YouTube Member


  1. Click the thumbs up button on the video you watch (it lets Youtube know you enjoy seeing my content)

  2. Leave me a comment after you watch a video (helps me to rank in search because you engaged with it)

  3. Share it with a like-minded friend (introduce someone else to what I do)

  4. Purchase a Yearly Guide coming soon

  5. Get a personal reading >> My Services

  6. Become a Patreon

  7. Become a YouTube member

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post. Have a wonderful week


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