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When It Happens, Follow the Signs | June 22, 2020

Updated: Jan 24

The Pinnacle Event For where Everything shifts

I believe this week is one of those weeks that’ll mark an event. Something that happens is going to highlight a time in your life you’ll look back on and as say, that’s when it happened, that’s when it all changed… A Monumental shift, change or movement with where you’re at right now in life.

We’re still in Solar Eclipse territory, as such, there are wounds ripped open that require healing. Eclipses have a gift for uncovering truths, seeing the shadows and things that’ve remained hidden for too long. It’s during a Solar Eclipse that we see, as we journey into the in-between, where a day becomes a night. 

With Mercury Rx in Cancer, we’re all digging through our own repressed and suppressed memories, thoughts and feelings to do with the past. Cancer is the heart, its what you need and could it be that experience from the past has blocked you from obtaining what you seek. Now is the perfect time to re-write your story, to change that limited belief to call in and set the intention for what you desire. When we leave pain unattended for too long it gets infected and spreads like cancer. . . it’s the same of emotional wounds. 

Speaking of healing, Venus also goes Direct on the 25th, as your heart stops in-between breaths you start up again on your journey back through. Venus direct is showing you which was to go, as the higher love Neptune motions Rx… A powerful time to trust in the divine, in the process and in yourself with you’re own intuition. 

I believe we’ll all be faced with the monster that lives under the bed or the skeleton in the closet. You can’t hide from your shadows or the things that haunt you. You can pretend that monsters don’t exist, that your traumas, pains and hurts don’t hurt, but until you shine a light upon it, those shadows will remain. You know what illuminates fear, presence, presence with the thing you fear itself. When we’re present we’re in a state of action, where there’s action there is no fear. Mars enters Aries on the 27th.

I feel as if there'll be a monumental change as a result of an important event. Globally, perhaps laws will shift, boundaries, rules, standards or even those in positions of authority/power will change. Neptune Rx, there could also be significant shifts when it comes to health, freedom and internal guidance system.

Whenever a major planet shifts you feel the energies more personally... Imagine a freight train emergency breaking to switch directions, or a better example the titanic halting due to an iceberg... Don't ignore the signs you're being given, work on trusting your inner guidance system. Mercury Rx logic is offline right now your in processing what you already know, using your experience to take action (Mars in Aries).

Have a great week =) 

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