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What do you want to excel at? New Moon in Libra, October 16, 2020

Updated: Jan 24

new moon in libra 2020, chitra nakshatra, october 16 2020,
What do you want to excel at?

The new Moon in Libra, Chitra, October 16, 2020

The New Moon this evening falls under the lunar mansion of Chitra, the diamond or the pearl. New Moons are the beginning of a cycle, from where the Moon will grow to shine awareness and bring something into fruition, before dissolving and beginning again.

Tonight, the New Moon teaches the art of honesty and being authentic with what you seek to call into your life. Just as each jewel is beautiful in its own right is what you seek truly representational, of who you are?

You see Chitra women, face a lot of controversies. They are bold, daring and unapologetically themselves. Diamonds are forged, they undergo massive amounts of pressure, they are designed and carved into the beauty they become, a lot of work goes into their becoming. There’s a judgement that passed, it’s valued and weighed to determine its quality.

It’s easy to look at something at the end of its journey and project onto it. Most fail to realise how long it’s taken them to reach that position. Chitra is Mars, it works, it fights its way through sheer courage and force to get to its position. Chitra is a real beauty. As you know, beauty comes in all forms, neither more nor less than just different eyes and perceptions.

The New Moon says don't set an intention for something shallow... ask and connect to your why. It asks for you think about how much work needs to go into it and if you’re determined and dedicated enough to put in the effort to get it. When you’re dealing with Mars you have to earn it, it will not be given, and quite frankly if it was you’d not appreciate it anyway, it’ll be just another thing you get bored of and discard a week or two later.

The New Moon can align you with something so magnanimous, but only if you’re willing to do the work. Chitra is a fantastic time to set your health and fitness goals, to dream up and then realistically access what the journey will be like.

It’s wise to add that Chitra is known as the best, everyone wants the best-cut diamond. Ruled by Mars, to become a navy seal takes 24 weeks intense training followed up to 30 months training after that, and only 1% complete it. Only 1% meet their goals because only 1% has the determination, motivation and consistency to persevere through it. Navy seel training is supposed to be the most intense type of training someone can undergo.

The New Moon is NOT saying you cannot have what you want. It’s saying to be authentic with yourself about why you want it. If the why is strong enough there’ll be very little to sway you off course. Stay clear from comparing yourself to others, what others have and what you wish you had. Make sure what you want is what you want, not because it’s on-trend. Chitra really asks you to know yourself.

Example, Big butts are in right now, 10 years ago it was all about the boobs. It’s all about having big lips but what happens when that ideal then changes, because it will. It’s about staying true to you, what’s beauty to you and why? The beauty within those you hold up high is just a reflection of your own inner beauty. If nothing else this Nakshatra teaches body positivity and embraces, flaunts sensuality. How can you show love to yourself now, fall in love with the journey of you transforming into the perfect diamond or peal that lies beneath?

Set your goal in a day or two... tonight just visualise, script, envision what the path would look like. Remember with Mercury Rx, it’ll enable you to break the habits that block your goals. Keep things realistic, anything is possible. If you work at anything, you’ll reach your target. You only fail if you quit, and Chitra doesn’t quit.

The first Mercury Rx through houses will be up next week.

Happy New Moon in Tropical Libra. If you’d like to become a member you can check out the link here. For personal sessions click here. If you enjoyed this post send it out to a friend who’s into this stuff, I’d be eternally grateful.

Thanks so much for reading, let me know in the comments where this New Moon is falling for you and what are you thinking of setting the intention for?


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