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Weekly Insight | May 11, 2020, | A New Opportunity



FOR MAY 11 2020....

This week things start to fall into place as you try something you’ve never tried before. This change will improve everything and will even bring a growing success and recognition with time as long as you stick to the plan.

 A new opportunity will provide the solutions you need but will come in many steps or parts. The changes you’re thinking of making are definitely for the better and will make your life a whole lot more enjoyable as a result, HOWEVER...

I also see that for many people, friendships are likely to change and shift. As you make these adjustments and try new things, not everyone will be as supportive as you would have thought they’d be. Allow those who undermine you feed the fire within to accomplish what you’ve set out to do.

 With Saturn Rx (another post to follow), you should expect small hurdles to overcome... it’s just the universe testing to see if you really want it and how much. Trial and error, everything improves with time.

Perhaps, some will see certain friendships as limited and only knocking their confidence. Much like last week, question what your connections cost you? It will alas allow you to cultivate new friendships who share a similar interest and may have some sound advice for this journey you’re about to embark upon.

Everything you accomplish this week is planting seeds for the arrival of a mentor or authority figure within your niche or industry that you’ve yet to meet. It’s here I feel that new connections can be made giving you inspiration and further growth for this next phase.

Venus goes retrograde (read more), Jupiter and Saturn will also #retrograde this week (posts to follow)

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