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Brokering Peace... Weekly Insight, January 11, 2021.

Updated: Jan 23


Hey loves, we begin the week under the nakshatra of Mula. The one that roots run deep. If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras.

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The week begins under Mula connecting to Venus, bringing you to a solution to an old problem. It’s time to get to the bottom of things, untangle the mess, and allow something to flourish once and for all.

Things have a way of repeating themselves until you learn the lesson and move past it. Mula is the roots, the origin point of something. It’s the why behind the things we do. It can bring us back to an event or situation that changed things for you. The week allows you to shift your perspective on the matter, and to discover the truth behind what happened.

When you think all is lost, the week connects you with a person, place or information that can solve the problem you face. The New Moon will join Pluto this week, further exposing truths and bringing something hidden into the light. A chance for change and liberation.

The week presents us all with an opportunity to move forward. It allows for new growth and requires us to cut away the dead things through shining a light on them and having honest conversations.

There are just two questions to ask yourself this week. What is it you want? Why do you want it? An opportunity can present itself and could lead you right in the direction of what you want.

It might be a great time to meet up and clear the air. Jupiter in Shravana will provide a listening ear to ensure you’re heard, remember to listen to what the other has to say. Brokering peace, reconciliation and finding your inner zen will be necessary. Honesty is crucial, and finding the truth could allow you to pull out the root of the issue, liberating you and freeing you to connect the way you want.

Be mindful of what crops up from now until the end of January as these themes will repeat when Mercury is Retrograde. Need I say it, but honesty is the best policy because lies made now will come out into the open when Mercury Turns Retrograde at the end of January.

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