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WEEKLY HOROSCOPES | THE 12 SIGNS (for subscribers)

Updated: Feb 28

Hey Lovebugs & Oracles, I'm wishing you a wonderful week ahead please be sure to check your sun, Moon and Rising signs for a full overview of what this week is likely to bring. If you haven't already please do check out the full post here.


Your values might not be aligning with what you hope to call into your life this week.. You might also find a surprise expense or someone trying to tell you how to manage your time or budget. If someone is trying to block you, find another way, there's always more than one way to get to the same destination or goal.

The energy for you Aries begins in your 1st house. It's a week that your energy is on fresh starts, new beginnings and seeing your intentions through to manifestation. You're transitioning this week to get things in motion. It might even bring about a serendipitous event. You're making your way into new territory as the Moon passes through your first house, setting the tone for the entire month. You can begin to build upon something that's been blocked for so long.


In order for you to see your aspirations realised you need to ensure your habits align. If what you’ve been doing is not proving successful try a different approach. The only one standing in your way is you!

The energy takes place within your 12th house. So your focus is likely on habits that need breaking, catching up on rest and finishing things off, before you even think about starting anything new. Getting closure, making a plan and clearing things up to create space and a fresh slate to start something new and move forward.


The point of conflict is that you need to create more space in your life for the intention to bloom. The ¼ Moon is asking that you commit to ending something, to releasing the fear surrounding what you’re asking to enter your life.

Gemini, your energy takes place in the 11th house. It's a week that can bring about a wish fulfilment or something that you've wanted to do, could now come to fruition. Make sure that there's a balance between what you give and what you take. Finding group support or getting inspired will prove significant. Having an accountability partner or group and people to bounce ideas off of, or even share a common interest, will help you bring your goals to fruition and provide a baseline to build upon. Gemini doesn't neglect the opportunities you have right now.


Everything in life comes through others, and so the need this week is to branch out to mingle, for opportunity strikes outside your comfort zone. Community and group connections can triple your success, and keep you accountable to your goals. There is strength in numbers, so build yours...

The week's energy sets place in your 10th house. Naturally, it's all about work this week. Important people at work, in the office and authority figures, are likely paying attention to you more so than usual. It might even be that they expect more of you this week. A raising of demand and focusing on how you're being seen is likely. What do you hope to accomplish? It's a very goal-focused week, or your mind is very task orientated.


Leo creating more of a balance in your life is what’s calling for your attention this week. Expectations rise as you’re asked to behave in a certain way, your commitments are tested… pass the test by aligning your actions to what you agreed upon.

The energy sets the stage within your 9th house. Perhaps events will unfold this week that'll expand your views and perceptions on things. It could be a week where you're focused on your goals and aspirations. Essentially, you're in plan mode, thinking for the future, planning a trip, thinking of learning something new or just wanting to manifest big this week. The message focuses on your long term goals, keeps a big picture perspective, and opens your mind to alternative approaches to get to the same goal or destination.


Return on investments!!! What’s working and what's not working? This week cut back or eliminate the things in your schedule or plan that do not bring you a return on your investments, i.e time, energy or money. Focus on what’s currently working to save time and try a new strategy.

The energy begins within your 8th house. It's a week that's full of unexpected changes and most likely a surprise or two. Mercury will be in your 6th house, making you more susceptible to stress, just ensure you don't let something slip you'll later regret. It's also vital to add that if you've been neglecting yourself or health, this could be a week of consequences to the neglect. Expect to have things change this week, remain as flexible as possible. It might even be a good time for you to think about the changes you'd like to make to ensure you don't have to rely on someone.


An old skeleton may emerge from the closet this week. Sharing and deepening your commitment will see your manifestation to fruition. You’ll be surprised at how cathartic a confession and honest conversation can make you feel.

The energy begins within the 7th house. It brings a focus on those you love the most. The week highlights your promises, commitments and all your connections and their expectations. It's a week filled with your personal or intimate relationships. It's all about them. It might also highlight a focus on promises and commitments made and how to fulfil them and improve your relationships overall.


An issue could resurface when it comes to the home, family or living situation this week. Someone might be blocking your path forward with something and so you’re called to branch out and do it for yourself.

The energy sets the week within your 6th house. It might be a week where you're not feeling on top of your A-game. Scorpio, you should be paying particular focus to your health and wellbeing this week. It's not advised to push too hard, or fast but think sustainable and long term. You could find yourself dealing with unnecessary drama or trying to solve a conflict. If however there's been a habit you've been eager to break, this week would be ideal for putting systems in place to see it through.


Instead of Working harder, try working smarter, by implementing a new strict routine that will help you to manifest what you seek. It’s time to commit to a schedule, nip that bad habit in the bud and take action towards fulfilling your tasks and routines to see your intention come to fruition.

Sagittarius the energy begins in your 5th house. You might feel more creative, inspired and full of love this week. A week that takes place here could stir emotions of the heart as well as thinking about the stuff you want to manifest or breath life into. It's a week that's romantic, so make sure you pamper yourself, draw a bath, light some candles, go on a date or take yourself out on a date, embody and embrace love this week.


The universe goes where your energy flows, and you’re trying to control your inner flow which is blocking the abundance from flowing. Step into gratitude and allow love to guide you through. Step into the joy or passion of something instead of placing your focus on what the end result will be or what you’ll get. Be present.

Capricorn, the energy this week takes place in your 4th house. It's a week that'll make you focus on matters of security, property, home and family. It's about getting to the bottom of matters and creating a stronger foundation to build upon; you might be re-examining your foundations, family or living dynamics and thinking about things you can put in place to stabilize what you're trying to build in your life.


The potential block right now can be found in the home space, connected to the past or involves those you live with… overcome with conviction and commitment to the goal you set for yourself. You have more control and power than you realise.

The energy begins within the 3rd house. So, Aquarius, expect to be busy, busy, busy this week. The energy might be a little hectic; you've got a lot to do, running errands, an endless to-do list and the need to keep up with your routines and schedules. It might be that the week will connect you with someone online or a focus on the time you spend online or going from place to place to cut out wastefulness to streamline your progress.


The invitation to step out of what’s familiar and comfortable to break a bad habit or unhealthy routine to promote freedom and healing. Something or someone in your immediate environment could either be blocking you or not being forthcoming with what they know.

The energy begins within your 2nd house. It's likely a week where you're paying attention to your financial situation. Matters around expenses, budgeting and utilizing your resources could come up for reflection. Money could be of high priority this week as to ensure you're getting your finances in order.

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