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Inspiration Strikes | Weekly Horoscope, November 30, 2020

Updated: Jan 24

Hey loves, we begin the week under Rohini, the favourite lunar mansion that aids and promotes rapid growth. If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras.

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We begin the week with the Lunar Eclipse under Rohini, falling under Tropical Gemini 8’ degrees, and Sidereal Taurus 14’ co-joining Albebaren, the eye of the Bull, a fixed star connected to Archangel Michael.

I have written a full blog post about the Eclipse over on my website blog if you’d like to check that out >> here

The week speaks of something suddenly building up while something else falls away. Uranus, aspecting the Sidereal ruler of the Moon, Venus, and Tropical ruler Mercury is joined with Sun, Juno and Ketu. It speaks of a battle to innovate and bring something new, to liberate, while at the same time purging the foundation of something else you need to build what is coming, yet still in its beginning phases.

I believe the week is infused with tremendous creativity for creation. Our dream worlds can come to life in some way, perhaps receiving messages from our subconscious or spirit and the divine through our dreams. It feels like a truly inspired week.

Moon will make aspects with Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn Thursday and Friday, pointing to the most tension-filled days. First awakening you to something you neglected to see or deal with. Then showing you the way forward but also making you hesitant to act until we embark into the weekend when we have a beautiful trine of Sun, Moon and Mars.

The universe always provides us with what we need to get out of any situation, but it is us that has to act upon, notice the sign and follow the path.

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I am wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

Much love & thanks for clicking


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