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Trust your instincts - Weekly Horoscope May 31, 2021

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for May 31, 2021, until June 6.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Shravana. The Nakshatra asks us to listen to receive the answer we seek.

If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras and what it can bring to your day-to-day experience.

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The Moon in Aquarius sets the tone for the week, bringing themes around equality, inclusivity and tribe mentality. Although ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries, traditions and structure, it’s also co-ruled by Uranus the rebellious one, breaking down societal norms in favour of progress and change.

Aquarius energy is odd, it represents theories, trends soon to be discovered, and the taboo’s soon to become mainstream. Aquarius energy brings the exploration for truth, diversity and scientific discovery.

It’s freedom in all its forms to be free, to love freely, to have the choice to live the life you have the way you wish to live it. It’s peace, love and freedom. It holds no judgement, it seeks to accept all, to embrace all and to care for all.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re homeless, a CEO, a circus clown or a doctor, when under the sway of Aquarius all these individuals are given the same level of respect, love and forethought.

Aquarius says we’re all one race, human, we’re all expressions of love, unique and perfect as is. Mostly Aquarius seeks to understand who you are, how you are, and why you are what you are. Perhaps that's why they’re often coined, the aliens of the zodiac.

Weeks that begin under the sway of Aquarius, bring change on some level. It could be a perception shift, a new truth that shifts your perspective, meeting someone who defies what you’ve been taught about them.

Aquarius teaches us what it means to be human. It teaches us about change and progress. It’s a sign of innovation and invention for the betterment of society and collective consciousness.

The water bearer carries what we need and gives of itself unselfishly. In the face of suffering it pulls out its own experience of suffering and gives on to the individual something that can ease and aid in the healing of that suffering.

They listen, they understand because the human experience is something we can all relate to. It connects you with a place or tribe that can cultivate a sense of belonging.

It marches to the beat of its own drum, for it’s an individual, unique and doesn’t seek to imitate or mould itself into something that's not authentic to itself. It seeks to learn, to understand, to find the truth, to solve an issue that can aid others.

The week teaches us all how to be more human. To listen, to understand and see things from alternative perspectives than the limited one we have. It teaches us to be authentic to ourselves and to seek to discover and learn more. It teaches us to seek beyond the boundary lines to see it and experience it for ourselves, not just take what’s taught as fact.

Aquarius calls for us all to walk the path less travelled, to think outside the box and to love and learn from all you experience.



The week begins under Shravana, the Nakshatra of listening, hearing, and the act of acquiring knowledge. To learn and understand, you must listen; otherwise, you'll not truly understand.

Shravana is wonderful for learning new things and attaining the path to achieve our goals. It’s a Nakshatra that requires movement and action, for progress only ever happens when we move.

Shravana asks for you to question what you know, how you know it and your experience of it. You can read all you want about Paris, study its culture, language and view its art within a book or online. It’s not until you go to Paris, immerse yourself in its culture and have your eyes gaze upon the real art that you will attain the essence and gnosis of Paris.

Shravana teaches you gnosis, it’s more than just listening, it’s witnessing and experiencing for yourself. So, under this mystical Nakshatra, you’ll come to realise the importance of knowing, or asking questions and clarifying our goals.

When we know what we want, we can find the path to our goals fast and driven. When you don’t know what you want, you have no clear path and you’ll get lost. Shravana is about progress. Societies that don’t change, die out. Shravana teaches us how we continue our pursuit of knowing, to reach our goals.

Shravana is the lunar mansion that's in tune with the vibration of sound, many moon natives have the potential for mediumship, hearing beyond the physical into the spiritual realms. When you listen you learn more than when you talk so much you learn nothing.

The week is about breaking boundaries down to connect. It seeks to dissolve the labels that prompt segregation and separation and instead see’s beyond those walls to connect on a human level. It’s about embracing and infusing different cultures, beliefs and religions in search of what’s the same as opposed to what makes us all different.

Shravana will provide the know-how to find our right path in life. Shravana calls for you to remain open-minded, to not be discriminative, there’s something to learn from everyone and everything.

In weeks such as these, it's the perfect time to learn something or cultivate plans to achieve one's goals. To get to where you're going, you need to know what you're setting out to accomplish. Once you know, you can chart your course and reach your goals.

Stick to your morals, standing up for what you believe in and honour what’s right and human. Topics around Race and racism can come up a lot during this Nakshatra.

If nothing else the week will show you the power of Listening and understanding. To connect.



Monday brings tough love and sage advice when the Moon collides with Saturn. We can feel oppressed by the boundaries we feel trapped within. The next step in taking action is in knowing that your choices have very severe consequences.

When the Moon and Saturn connect each month, it can bring a disconnect from emotions and provide tough love to accomplish something you truly desire. You have to meet the universe halfway, and Saturn will give the cue for you to put something into action.

If you want results Saturn says you need to be consistent, have a plan and follow your plan. Mainly it’s all about the first step, consistency, your results are based on what you do consistently. Systems are ancient; it takes a while to find its weakness to chip away at it enough to get the change, and the result you seek.

It’s a cold feeling, not knowing who you can trust, who might be an ally and who might be a fox. Saturn is about regular, habitual behaviours, it’s paying attention. To get what you want sometimes you have to do the hard thing, and it’s rarely easy. What gets you through is staying committed to the long term result and knowing it’ll all be worth it.



Tuesday the Sun conjuncts Rahu, the planet of unexpected, fated, out of the box and alien encounters. You see, Sun only joins with each of the Nodes once a year, it’s a power opening where something of significance is activated in our lives.

The Sun represents our experience, and when it joins Rahu, the portal that activates destiny, karma, and the unexpected, we can be surprised by the day’s events. Now, the Sun will be close to Rahu for a while, so the next few weeks are going to play an important role in an upcoming event.

What I will say is that we all can be pulled into things that we ordinarily wouldn’t do. Rahu in so many ways is temptations, it's an illusion, and the promise of doing this one thing could somehow solve everything else. Keep a handle on yourself, and any indulgences you may have because Rahu is no friend of the Sun.

In fact, Rahu swears eternal vengeance upon the Sun and Moon for betraying him and cutting him in half, so ya know, archaic stuff. Of course, here in the west, we’re all too familiar with selling your soul to the devil for power, wealth and influence… and in that case, I say, the devil is in the details. Not to mention Mercury is Rx and agreeing to anything you should be careful.



Wednesday, 2 June, at 8:24 UK time, we have the third quarter Moon under the Zodiac Sign of Pisces.

The third quarter Square of the Moon is the final 90' aspect the Moon makes to the Sun before beginning a new cycle. It points to the final lessons or part of the story. Where you overcome the challenge that gets to the fresh start or the thing you want.

If you haven’t checked last week's weekly horoscope I’ll link it here, as I talk about the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius. It’s important because we’re still in between eclipses, and the ¾ is a purging Moon that will usher in the Solar Eclipse in Gemini next week.

The Sun in Gemini is looking for answers. It’s questioning everything, needing to know, impatient and eager to learn the way. In its aspect to Moon in Pisces, which requires us to not be looking, searching, but to be present, to listen and feel. When you listen to what your instincts are telling you, that’s what it means to truly know.

When we seek to know the meaning of this and that, we miss the essence of it. All we need to know, we already do, yet we still need evidence to believe what we already know instinctively.

Isn't it maddening? That we as a species need the data, facts and someone to say it’s true, to believe something as true. Pisces is intuitive, it’s receptive to the Spirit, and all it has to offer. So, this ¾ Moon is more about trusting yourself, than what your data resources are showing you.

Remember, the Eclipse will come next week. The Sun is Eclipsed, the truth you seek, the facts can be spun in such a way that could have you going against your better judgements. Trust in what your instincts tell you. Like a mother that knows something is wrong with her child, and acts. You must act for yourself.

Letting go is a big part of the ¾ Moon, it’s releasing the stuff that is not getting you where you want to be. It’s in trusting yourself, following what your instincts are telling you.


Wednesday afternoon, Venus enters the sign of Cancer. Venus is the planet of love, relationships, values and wealth. Cancer is the environment of the home, family, security and our roots. We all might be a little needy right now.

So, what does this mean for matters of the heart? It means that you can no longer deny what you know deep down to be true. It means that you need to be honest with how you feel because those feelings will get really hard to control and hide in the sign of Cancer.

Venus in Cancer is about feeling comfortable, vulnerable yet safe to express your heart. Relationships begin to focus on family matters, the past, our history and the home. Whether this brings a family situation into a relationship or perhaps your needing, to be honest with what you need when it comes to relationships.

Venus could inspire us all to make the home space a little more beautiful and homely. Bringing plants into the home, doing some sprucing up, gardening, buying some art or anything really that makes the home more enjoyable and pleasing to be in.

Mainly though relationships take on a needy, sensitive and touchy edge. We all need to come clean with what we need and what we feel intuitively about our partners, friends and family. It’s about nurturing, listening and comforting because emotions can get rocky as things get triggered for us all.



Thursday, Venus and Jupiter are in perfect alignment to open up doors of love, abundance and good fortune. Both planets connect to wealth, Jupiter is generosity, while Venus is all we value and brings pleasure to our lives.

So, when Jupiter and Venus align within a magical trine it allows the gold at the end of the rainbow to be seen. It permits relationship growth, a gift, celebrations, and feel-good vibes to rain down upon us.

When we look upon trines, we can view them like the weave of magic, permitting things to pass through, like a stream or a river flowing; its energy is always there, pouring into each other.

So, you could say this aspect feels like the lifting of a deep depression. It’s that spark that lifts your spirits and washes over you. It’s seeing something that moves your body, mind and spirit. It’s hearing a song at the exact right moment. It’s that feeling when stars align, and everything feels right. It’s the moment you catch yourself in a moment.


May 30, through to June 23, Mercury will go Rx from 24’43 -16’08 degrees of Tropical Gemini, under Mrigashira the searching Nakshatra.


I’ve made a video that goes in-depth with the blessing that Mercury Rx can bring and all you need to know about it, I’ll link it here to view.

To summarize for the purpose of this post, Mercury Rx is similar to a computer having a software update or upgrade.

Essentially, you flip to your less dominant side of the brain, so Mercury can process the last season's collection of data and you get a perspective shift.

If you haven’t checked the video, I urge you to have a read through the Mercury Rx post I created here on my website. I even talk through each of the house placements and link an in-depth video where you can see how it’ll manifest for you.

View the blog post here.


When Mercury goes Rx, it’s actually in connection with Venus, the planet of relationships, love, money and desires. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Planet of the mind, so we can all find ourselves thinking back to a past relationship, intimate or strictly platonic.

Gemini is the sign that rules the mind, it’s what we think and talk about. It’s busy, friendly, neutral and thirsty for knowledge. Mercury going Rx here can help you track down lost and forgotten things. Things like forgotten memories, recalling old conversations and even finding mementoes connected to the past.

Mrgashira is a Nakshatra that searches for something, whatever you perceive to have lost, can be found if you're willing to step deeper into the forest of the unknown. Mrigashira is all about seeking, searching and investigating further. The answer you need is sure to arrive under the sway of Mrigashira.



On Friday, sensitivities can heighten as the Moon and Chiron kiss (conjunct).

The Moon visits Chiron every 28 days in its connecting aspect and also provides a release to let go of things that we’ve been too hard on ourselves with. We can feel partially triggered by a reminder of what happened once before.

Vulnerability rises up when Chiron is activated, but at the same time, it provides the key to personal growth and our own evolution.

When Chiron and Moon join together the internal world can feel raw and triggered. Wounds from the past can be triggered that test us to see if you’ve moved past such things. A time we’re called to forgive and forget so we might allow ourselves to heal and move forward.



Saturday, Mars and Pluto come into exact opposition with each other, which could be potentially explosive for us all. Mars the God of War going to battle with the lord of the underworld? Nothing good ever comes from that!

When we see this in a natal chart it can point to a victim/survivor mentality. Someone having undergone something traumatic where there was a victim(s). I’ve seen rape victims charts, charts of people who’ve been robbed, abused or attacked.

It’s not to say this is going to happen to you, I’m talking about natal positions. Collectively, this could prove to be more a public thing, where someone or an undercover group attacks another. Mars dominant people are very passionate, they don’t do well with the processing of emotions, and so, they swing off the deep end, and that results in violence.

When you couple this with Pluto Rx energy, all the repressed and stored up stuff finally reaches breaking point. Something is likely to snap and create a volcano level eruption. In saying, destruction on a mass scale. Mars represents the army, soldiers, defence, and Pluto is top secret, undercover, psychological warfare stuff.

Not going to lie it’s not a transit I’d like to see, with Pluto Rx, Saturn Rx and Mercury Rx, between eclipses and people, generally acting emotionally and irrationally. People who work underground, in mines, in protective, security fields or with dangerous weapons I’d practice caution. Don’t dismiss someone's murderous impulses, pay attention to mass changes in behaviours.

It’s just a lot of powerful energy that's building and people being easily manipulated to do something under duress. I just don’t get great vibes about it. Now obviously this transit has been in effect for a while and will continue to be so for the majority of June.



Sunday, Juno the asteroid of commitments and promises will be in opposition to the Sun. It’s generally a time where we can face the facts of our prior agreements and if they’re still valid.

What have you agreed to that now you’re in two minds about? What have you gotten yourself into that now, you want out? Be cautious of commitments made right now, need I say it, but Mercury is Rx. It’s not a time anyone ever really stuck to what they agree to under this influence.


To summarise, this week is volatile at best. Moving into a new calendar month and being ruled by Mars for June. It feels as though underground movements, forces and setting things into motion take something by storm. We’re between eclipses and we’re still searching for answers that we already know.

The week is about listening, trusting in what your instincts are telling you. It’s about honesty and asking for what you need. Try not to suppress or hide your true feelings; you could miss out on something spectacular if you do.

The Jupiter post is now up, it’s in-depth as promised… As I already said last week, my apologies for all the delays. I know it’s not a new thing, I’m very twelfth house and it’s activated right now with these Eclipses, Mercury Rx adds in, It’s hitting hard.

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live tomorrow, on the website + Patreon.

Lastly, if you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it on the links above, I'd be eternally grateful.

Have a lovely week

Kerry-ann | @askalittlewitch

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