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Progress & Listening... Weekly Horoscope, May 3, 2021

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for May 3, 2021, until May 9.

We'll cover this week's Nakshatra, the ¾ Moon, Moon conjunct Saturn, Jupiter, Neptune & Chiron. Mercury and Venus enter Gemini and then we’ll finish off with the Tarot of the week.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Shravana. The power of Listening and understanding. To connect.

If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras and what it can bring to your day-to-day experience.

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weekly horoscope for May 3-9, 2021, by ask a little witch, witches horoscope


Thinking outside the box!

The Moon in Aquarius sets the tone for the week, bringing themes around equality, inclusivity and tribe mentality. Although ruled by Saturn, the planet of boundaries, traditions and structure, it’s also co-ruled by Uranus the rebellious one, breaking down societal norms in favour of progress and change.

Aquarius energy is odd, it represents theories, trends soon to be discovered and the taboo’s soon to become mainstream. Aquarius energy brings the exploration for truth, diversity and scientific discovery.

It’s freedom in all its forms to be free, to love freely, to have the choice to live the life you have the way you wish to live it. It’s peace, love and freedom. It holds no judgement, it seeks to accept all, to embrace all and to care for all.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re homeless, a CEO, a circus clown or a doctor, when under the sway of Aquarius all these individuals are given the same level of respect, love and forethought.

Aquarius says we’re all one race, human, we’re all expressions of love, unique and perfect as is. Mostly Aquarius seeks to understand, who you are, how you are and why you are what you are. Perhaps that's why they’re often coined, the aliens of the zodiac.

Weeks that begin under the sway of Aquarius, brings change on some level. It could be a perception shift, a new truth that shifts your perspective, meeting someone who defies what you’ve been taught about them.

Aquarius teaches us what it means to be human. It teaches us about change and progress. It’s a sign of innovation and invention for the betterment of society and collective consciousness.

The water bearer carries what we need and gives of itself unselfishly. In the face of suffering it pulls out its own experience of suffering and gives on to the individual something that can ease and aid in the healing of that suffering.

They listen, they understand because the human experience is something we can all relate to. It connects you with a place or tribe that can cultivate a sense of belonging.

It marches to the beat of its own drum, for it’s an individual, unique and doesn’t seek to imitate or mould itself into something that's not authentic to itself. It seeks to learn, to understand to find the truth to solve an issue that can aid others.

The week teaches us all how to be more human. To listen, to understand and see things from alternative perspectives than the limited one we have. It teaches us to be authentic to ourselves and to seek to discover and learn more. It teaches us to seek beyond the boundary lines to see it and experience it for ourselves not just take what’s taught as fact.

Aquarius calls for us all to walk the path less travelled, to think outside the box and to love and learn from all you experience.


To Listen & understand!

The week begins under Shravana, the Nakshatra of listening, hearing and the act of acquiring knowledge. To learn and understand, you must listen; otherwise, you'll not truly understand.

Shravana is wonderful for learning new things and attaining the path to achieve our goals. It’s a Nakshatra that requires movement and action, for progress only ever happens when we move.

Shravana asks for you to question what you know, how you know it and your experience of it. You can read all you want about Paris, study its culture, language and view its art within a book or online. It’s not until you go to Paris, immerse yourself in its culture and have your eyes gaze upon the real art that you will attain the essence and gnosis of Paris.

Shravana teaches you gnosis, it’s more than just listening, it’s witnessing and experiencing for yourself. So, under this mystical Nakshatra, you’ll come to realise the importance of knowing, or asking questions and clarifying our goals.

When we know what we want, we can find the path to our goals fast and driven. When you don’t know what you want, you have no clear path and you’ll get lost. Shravana is about progress. Societies that don’t change, die out. Shravana teaches us how we continue our pursuit of knowing, to reach our goals.

Shravana is the lunar mansion that's in tune with the vibration of sound, many moon natives, have the potential for mediumship, hearing beyond the physical into the spiritual realms.

The week is about breaking boundaries down to connect. It seeks to dissolve the labels that prompt segregation and separation and instead see’s beyond those walls to connect on a human level. It’s about embracing and infusing different cultures, beliefs and religions in search of what’s the same as opposed to what makes us all different.

Shravana will provide the know-how to finding our right path in life. Shravana calls for you to remain open-minded, to not be discriminative, there’s something to learn from everyone and everything.

On weeks such as these, it's the perfect time to learn something or cultivate plans to achieve one's goals. To get to where you're going, you need to know what you're setting out to accomplish. Once you know, you can chart your course and reach your goals.

Stick to your morals, standing up for what you believe in and honour what’s right and human. Topics around Race and racism can come up a lot during this Nakshatra.

If nothing else the week will show you the power of Listening and understanding. To connect.

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Monday, 3, 20:50 GMT, we have the third quarter Moon under the Zodiac Sign of Aquarius.

The third quarter Square of the Moon is the final 90' aspect the Moon makes to the Sun before beginning a new cycle. It points to the final lessons or part of the story. Where you overcome the challenge that gets to the fresh start or the thing you want.

It points to the week's energy encouraging you to remove all that's standing in your way. What's not working in your life anymore? It's time to release, heal and move past the stuff that's taking up space in our lives.

We're entering into a fixed square, being under tropical Aquarius Moon and Taurus Sun. We deal with tradition and freedom. Aquarius governed by Uranus seeks to search for something outside the norm. Taurus ruled by Venus seeks to stay inside the comforts of what’s expected, safe and familiar.

It’s the fast lane conflicting with the slow and steady way. It’s the conventional, expected and attached path versus the unconventional, unexpected and detached path. It’s family values versus the alternative lifestyle and group values.

Something that personally comes up during this square energy is themes around religion and homosexuality. Many old religions have some twisted views on being gay, but when this square comes up it manifests in a way to have your beliefs and still practice love and acceptance to those who don’t fit into your way of life.

Essentially the Aquarius/Taurus fight is about going to church, but accepting those within your family who don’t align or live by the morals of your practicing religion. Most religions at their core tell people to love one another. Love doesn’t hate, love is acceptance even if someone doesn’t live by your standards.

Now, of course, I’ve given a religious example, it can relate to all areas of life that you have Taurus and Aquarius axis. I’ve given the example of family standards and then the child who has an alternative lifestyle than the one born into.

The moral here is that for progress to happen there needs to be change and movement. There needs to be understanding and acceptance. To accept doesn’t mean you have to live your life the way someone else does. It simply means to support and show love for the choice of life the individual has chosen separate to the familial way.

When we reflect back to the New Moon in April, the quarter Moon and the Scorpio Full Moon last week, we can say that the week will help you see what’s standing in your way of progress.



Monday, the Moon hugs and connects with Saturn, the wise one. It’s the next step in taking action, with some sage advice given to you from the Sensei himself, Saturn.

When the Moon and Saturn connect each month, it can bring a disconnect from emotions and provide tough love to accomplish something you truly desire. You have to meet the universe halfway, and Saturn will give the cue for you to put something into action.

If you want results Saturn says you need to be first, consistent, second, have a plan and three, follow your plan. Mainly it’s all about the first step, consistency, your results are based on what you do consistently.


Busy as Bee

On Tuesday 4, May, Mercury the planet of our mind, communication and information enters into Gemini the place in the Zodiac of choices.

Gemini energy is rapid, fast and busy as a Bee in summertime. Gemini is the place in the cosmos of choices and consequences of said choices. It’s the Zodiac sign of talking, gossip, information sharing and social media.

Mercury is coming home to the Zodiac Sign of Gemini, being as Mercury rules Gemini. A signal that life is about to bloom with activity, and information and life is sure to get busy.

Wherever Mercury goes your mind follows. The area that Gemini falls within your personal chart is about to get a boost of activity as perspectives shift and choices are soon to be made.



On Tuesday/Wednesday, we have the Moon merging with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth and opportunity. Both energies are fertile and promote growth and with less than a week before the New Moon, I feel there could be inspired ideas and divine guidance with what will be seeded, come through today.

It’s energy depending on where it takes place for you natally can manifest in various ways. It can come in the form of a surprise gift being given. I might even appear as a chance opportunity or finding the information you’ve been searching for.

Jupiter with the Moon is always welcomed as it provides guidance, hope and inspiration. It opens up new doors and possibilities for something more, better and improved.



Thursday, the Moon and Neptune Kiss, it’s during this time you set your intention for the future free and have faith you’ll reach it. Of course, you’ll have to follow the signs, meet the universe halfway to make it happen.

When Moon and Neptune get close, intuition, insights, dream messages come through like a strong Wifi signal. Pay attention to the things that keep coming up, be it on TV, thoughts, images, symbols, situations look for the patterns and see where they lead you.


On Saturday, sensitivities can heighten as the Moon and Chiron kiss (conjunct).

The Moon visits Chiron every 28 days in it’s connecting aspect and also provides a release to let go of things that we’ve been too hard on ourselves with. We can feel partially triggered by a reminder of what happened once before.

Vulnerability rises up when Chiron is activated, but at the same time it provides the key to personal growth and our own evolution.

When Chiron and Moon join together the internal world can feel raw and triggered. Wounds from the past can be triggered, that test us to see if you’ve moved past such things. A time we’re called to forgive and forget so we might allow ourselves to heal and move forward.


Last Tuesday we officially entered into Taurus Season, the time to maintain and continue to build what began during Aries Season.

When we think of Taurus we can think of the Bull. The protector, a hard worker and one that fights for what is theirs. Taurus is methodical, it’s habitual and sticks to the traditions set out.

Now, obviously, Taurus is the sign by which we sustain and maintain our lives. It points to the foundational structures from what society is built upon.

Right now we’ve got Uranus the planet of innovation, change and evolution moving through this space. Essentially we’re seeing more of a conscious approach to food, health and ways of life. The new normal is dawning, with technology becoming a fully-fledged part of society.

Material money swapped out for technological currency, computers taking jobs of humans, smart homes, smart cars, more people than ever-growing their own food, becoming increasingly aware of where and how our food is produced. Learning more about mass consumerism and new tech being introduced as part of everyday life.

So, we know that we only experience 7 Taurus seasons for the duration of Uranus moving through a single sign. We know that this one is sure to bring forth perhaps the next phase of our new normal.

We have Uranus, Lilith, Mercury, Sun and Venus all situating in the Taurus sign beginning the week. Lilith's energy is sure to bring fear around changes to the systems by which we live our lives. Perhaps fears over the vaccine and pressures to conform.

Taurus is the sign of tradition and here we’re forging the new standard of life. By traditions, I'm referring to food, health, schooling, public service, policing, government and hospitals, religion is still a fundamental pillar, but not used as much as a defining control system as it was during history.

When we enter into Taurus Season we’re looking at our routines, values and habitual behaviours. It’s a wonderful time to create change and break out of limiting and toxic cycles. However, Taurus is a follower of that of which was initiated during the previous season. It sticks to the rules, the mainstream and has a lot of faith in the tried and true even with Uranus uprooting and creating new foundational pillars.

The question we should all ask ourselves during this time is whether or not we’re living our morals and standards. Themes around money, security, food, shelter, family and protecting what’s yours are all themes to appear during this season. It’s also a time of hard work and working towards your goals, to that long term vision.



Friday, Mars the planet of War, courage and Independence will begin its journey through the Tropical Sign of Cancer. Cancer being the space in the sky that references our feelings, home and security.

Mars represents our pursuit and motivation towards the goal we have in mind. It represents our energy and will to accomplish and see something through. It represents our skill in conjunction with Mercury, but Mars is our strength.

When Mars makes his journey into the depths of Cancer we can all become a little more so emotionally driven. We feel the need to safeguard what’s ours and who we love most in the world. In some ways this initiation can activate past issues, resurrecting them in a way that brings out a defensive edge in us all.

Mars in Cancer can feel like an invasion of the most sacred part of ourselves. It activates the fight within us all, like a mama bear protecting her cubs, it’s almost instinctual.

It can bring a lot of activity, heat and energy into the homeland, homespace and family. It’s a time where we seek out our independence and yet feel conflicted to follow a path that appeases the roots from where we came.

It can be the experience where everyone has an agenda, where you’re picking up on others peoples repressed rage and anger in an aim to manipulate or control others.

In ways the connection between Mars entering the energy of Cancer can awaken and trigger past memories from where we’ll feel compelled to take action. In other ways we may become increasingly sensitive to threats around our action, threats to the family, home or our sense of safety.

Cancer typically gets coined the same as home, because Cancer shows where we feel most comfortable, safe and protected. It’s also the mother archetype, the nurturer and caregiver energy. However, it doesn’t mean that collectively the home is under attack and in need of protection when Mars transits the sign.

From a more collective stand point, it could show that there’ll be some enforcement to the people of the homelands. It might be encouraged to take a vaccine for example, there could be limitations around what you can and cannot do.

It’s certainly not advised to drive angry or emotional during this time, and Mars represents machinery, vehicles and weapons. There can also be a fight for justice around past actions. It’s again not a time to act irrationally even though we can all be emotionally driven right now.

Mars can of course cause discord around the homeland people, or people you live with and even in the family overall. It’s not the best time to operate machinery, use knives or weapons if you’re suffering from trauma or emotional upsets as accidents can be more common under this sign.

It’s important to remember that Mars is an individual, and individuals should be allowed to make choices for themselves. If someone has opposing views or beliefs don’t fight about it, simply know they’re allowed their views as you’re allowed yours. Mars can be very forceful and heated in the pursuit of its goals. The way you cool that is by not adding more fuel to the fire. Be mindful of your actions and take a few deep breaths before you commit to a path of action.


Making a Choice

On Sunday, 9, May, Venus the planet of relationships, values and desires enters into the Mercurial sign of Gemini.

Gemini is the place of childlike wonder, flowers in their first bloom and the choices we make. So, when Venus comes into Gemini we vibe with the power of choice when it comes to relationships, friendships and exchanging of ideas and information.

Gemini as a sign is often seen as being fake, two-faced and flighty. Although I can see why it would appear this way, Gemini is not fake or two-faced, Gemini can just see things from both sides. They see the potential in all options, sides and can full-heartedly resonate with each perspective.

Gemini is an information monster, hungry to learn more and know more. What with this always flowing of new data their opinions and stances dance and change alongside all they learn and experience.

Venus when she enters into Gemini is about choosing who you commit to, who you associate with and the consequences that arise due to the alliances you make.

Venus this week will only visit the first Nakshatra before she enters into the creativity of Rohini where jealousy themes can manifest. Krittika is more Solar, wanting to connect to see what options there are to decide which is the best and right fit for her.

Venus, Mercury and Rahu all sitting here is going to bring rise and awareness over our choices. It will magnify the desires, present more options and temptations in hopes to align us all with what is in alignment with our soul growth and life path.



This week's primary energy is the Six of Cups Tarot, a card of nostalgia, childhood and memories connected to an earlier time.

When the Six of Cups appears you know that there will be a memory activation taking place. You’ll be more reminiscent, reflecting back on simpler and perhaps happier times.

It might even indicate that someone from your past or childhood could resurface and seek to reconnect during this time. It’s where you connect and revisit that safe space, a place that brings a feeling of comfort and happiness your way.

There’s themes around a homecoming, needing to come face to face with aspects of your past. It might be an ex drops by or texts you out of nowhere. It could be you feel pulled back to an old stomping ground. It’s a time where you’re gaining awareness at the passing of time.

You might be thinking back to childhood in general, reflecting on your hopes and dreams. You might come across keepsakes and old photographs that trigger forgotten feelings. It’s a very intuitive card, so if someone pops in your mind out of nowhere, reach out and reconnect.

The Second card pulled was the Five of Wands, in answer to the situation or challenge of most importance for the week.

The Five of Wands is calling for you to step up, not shy away. It’s time to show others EXACTLY what your made of, and just how high value you are… It’s a dog eat dog world right, and you have to earn your place and position.

The Five of wands is a card of competition, everyone wants to be the best, win and get their accolades. The Five of wands is a constant battle, things are always in a state of change and all because you won last time doesn’t mean you’ll win again, unless… you keep up with your training.

The Wands element is fire, fires hot and if you don’t use it correctly you risk getting burned. The 5 of Wands is about strategy, conserving and using your resources so you don’t burn out or use it all up before you reach your goal.

The 5 of Wands is about maintaining a schedule, keeping up with your training and perhaps even getting a mentor or coach who can help you level up. It’s time to be assertive, to enter yourself into the game, to work towards your goals with focus and determination.

Sometimes, being a 5 card, it can bring conflict and arguments where two people are competing and clashing for the same thing, recognition, reward, goal or attention. Everyone wants to be the best, and having a worthy opponent can actually help you increase your skill and ability.

Perhaps you're just feeling frustrated, like it’s impossible to get where you want to be. Then the 5 of Wands is saying daily, focused effort towards your goals, getting a mentor, learning and training daily and you’ll soon see an abundance of results coming in.

Don’t let failure or an old rivalry stop you from playing the game. Connect to your why, and allow your passion, drive and ambition to carry you the rest of the way.

The Emperor appeared in response to the advice for the week.

You know what it takes to succeed, to be a winner, and the week calls for you reclaim your power and take charge. You might come across some opposition, perhaps a challenge that’ll ask for you to stand your ground.

Be brave in the pursuit of what you’re trying to build in your life. Honor yourself by not getting sidetracked and remain committed and dedicated to the task.

To summarise, this week will require you to listen and remain open minded. It’s deliverance is in aid to align you to your purpose. To help you to break free of limited beliefs and the shackles or chains of the past that keep you stuck. It’s about freedom in all its forms.

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live a little later, on the website. If you enjoy these posts please feel free to share it!

Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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