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The ultimate Promise - Weekly Horoscope, May 24, 2021

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for May 24, 2021, until May 30.

We'll cover this week's Nakshatra, the full Moon Eclipses, Saturn Rx. Pluto Rx, Mars opposite Pluto and Mercury Rx in Tropical Gemini.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Chitra. The Nakshatra that brings awareness around authenticity and a requirement to be yourself..

If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras and what it can bring to your day-to-day experience.

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The Moon in Scorpio sets the tone for the week, bringing themes around truth, power and control. Scorpio is the area within the cosmos that deals with secrets and metamorphosis. It’s that place where things go, when you’d rather hide, instead of deal. When you pack too much stuff inside, it’s only a matter of time before it implodes and destruction ensues.

You can think of Scorpio like radiation, or some other chemical compound that in a certain environment is rendered safe or neutralised. When that environment becomes compromised, that’s when it gets deadly and destructive.

Ruled by Mars, the planet of our motivation, energy and strength, and Pluto, the planet of rude awakenings, hades and destruction, the week can centre around dealing with matters as they arise instead of suppressing them.

Scorpio energy is fixed, it aims to preserve what is, it sticks and clings to the power it possesses. Scorpio’s energy brings the need for certainty, knowledge and truth; it's where the power lies.

The Moon in Scorpio, provides the courage required to journey into the dark, to face the fears that hide in the shadows. Scorpio governed by Mars represents the passion, motivation and tenacity to see a mission through. It’s the three things required for each of us to accomplish our goals.

Mars is a soldier, he doesn’t kill because he enjoys it, he does so to fulfil his purpose in protecting his people. The art of war is Scorpio’s forte. Mars is unpredictable, skilled and prepared to take action. Mars is our motivation, it’s always ready, continually training towards a mission and purpose.

Moon in Scorpio is bringing your awareness to something you’ve been repressing. It shows you a ugly truth, the icy cold reality of something that needs to change and now. Scorpio is Ice, it’s deadly, but contains within it deep psychic insight. It’s one of the most intuitive signs and the Moon journeying here is not for the faint of heart.

It’s not something you want, but something that befalls you, out of duty and honour. Scorpio is intoxicating, scary, it’s our shade, where the darkest parts of ourselves are made. It feeds on control, power and winning.

When the Moon is in Scorpio, we become a lot more intense, feelings are heightened and truth seeps out into the open. It awakens us to our truth, to buried things and desires. It creates an opening for healing to commence if only you’re willing to venture into those dark spaces.

So, when we deal with Scorpio energy, we deal with the truth behind all that keeps us stuck, powerless, controlled and obedient. Scorpio is fixed, meaning it keeps things as they are; only like most Ice, it melts if not temperature controlled.

The week, therefore, beginning in Scorpio is sure to bring change and revelations your way. It’s an energy that will address matters of security, protection, control, addiction and the list can go on.

Scorpio rules addictions, liberation, control and power play dynamics. You see, Scorpio picks up on the hidden, and the more carnal nature of a person. It seeks to know what lies behind the mask you wear so well, he seeks to trade in secrets, power and influence.

When the Moon is in Scorpio we become a lot more aware of the subtleties. Temptations arise, the desire to take short cuts and make a deal with the devil, so to speak. It’s reading between the lines, tune in to the world around us and all that goes unsaid.

When you think of Scorpions (the creature), you think of them as being untrustworthy, tricksters and deadly. Scorpions are pretty poisonous, they’re survivalist and not above sexual cannibalism. Scorpions are arachnids, and they’re symbolism is tied to all things we fear. They’re sensitive to light, redise in the dark, hide under rocks, in the sand, and live in deserts and caves. They’re mostly solitary; some can even live upto 800m underground.

A week beginning under the Scorpio, bringing the energy of both Pluto & Mars, is sure to awaken you to a forgotten truth. Perhaps a secret will surface or the past will re-emerge. What’s clear is it will bring a change, an awakening and truth calling for action.



Chitra being the Nakshatra to set off the week brings awareness around authenticity and a requirement to be yourself. To not shape yourself in the image of others or allow others to tell you how to sparkle or be.

“Whenever you think or you believe or you know, you're a lot of other people: but the moment you feel, you're nobody-but-yourself.” “To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else.” - E E Cummings (Sun in Chitra)

Jealousy becomes a big theme under the influence of Chitra, being the jewel of the night's sky. All jewels are beautiful, some are valued above others, like the diamond being the superior gem.

All diamonds are forged, they undergo massive amounts of pressure, they’re designed and carved into the beauty they become, a lot of work goes into their becoming.

It’s easy to look at something or someone at the end of the journey and project onto it. Most fail to realise how long it’s taken them to reach that position. A gentle reminder this week to not compare your beginning to someone else's middle.

Chitra is governed by Mars, it works hard, it fights and it trains through sheer courage and force to reach its goal. Chitra is a real beauty. As you know, beauty comes from inside, the work we do, transforms the external, so that we can reveal the beauty that was there all along.

Beauty is within all things, neither form of beauty is more nor less than the others; it's just in the eyes of the beholder.

You can become a star, you can reveal the diamond within and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to achieving. But, Chitra is not shallow, its quality, it’s earned its place, it works daily to maintain it’s prestige.

So, before you set yourself up for a goal, ask yourself what realistically is needed for you to achieve it. Second, are you willing to work consistently towards achieving it. Third, why do you want it?

Are you determined and dedicated enough to put in the effort to get it. When you’re dealing with Mars you have to earn it. It will not be given, and quite frankly if it was you’d not appreciate it anyway, it’ll be just another thing you get bored of and discard a week or two later.

Chitra energy is a fantastic time to consider your health and fitness goals, to dream up and then realistically access what the journey will be like. Chitra is known as being the best! But to be the best you have to commit yourself to it 100%, and work consistently to maintain it.

Everyone wants the best-cut diamond. Ruled by Mars, to become a navy seal takes 24 weeks intense training followed up to 30 months training after that, and only 1% complete it. Only 1% meet their goals because only 1% has the determination, motivation and consistency to persevere through it. Navy seal training is supposed to be the most intense type of training someone can undergo.

It’s saying to be authentic with yourself about why you want it. If the why is strong enough there’ll be very little to sway you off course. Stay clear from comparing yourself to others, what others have and what you wish you had. Make sure what you want, is what YOU want, not because it’s on-trend. Chitra really asks you to know yourself.

Example, Big butts are in right now, 10 years ago it was all about the boobs. It’s all about having big lips but what happens when that ideal then changes, because it will. It’s about staying true to you, what’s beauty to you and why?

The beauty lies within, and those you hold up high are just a reflection of your own inner beauty. If nothing else this Nakshatra teaches body positivity, and it embraces and flaunts sensuality.

How can you show love to yourself now, fall in love with the journey of you transforming into the perfect diamond or pearl that lies beneath?



Chitra and the Moon to set off the week are governed by Mars. Mars, the planet of war, courage and Independence is journeying through the Tropical Sign of Cancer. Cancer being the space in the sky that references our feelings, home and security.

Mars represents our pursuit and motivation towards the goal we have in mind. It represents our energy and will to accomplish and see something through. It represents our skill in conjunction with Mercury, but Mars is our strength.

When Mars makes his journey into the depths of Cancer we can all become a little more so emotionally driven. We feel the need to safeguard what’s ours and who we love most in the world. In some ways this initiation can activate past issues, resurrecting them in a way that brings out a defensive edge in us all.

Mars in Cancer can feel like an invasion of the most sacred part of ourselves. It activates the fight within us all, like a mama bear protecting her cubs, it’s almost instinctual.

It can bring a lot of activity, heat and energy into the homeland, home space and family. It’s a time where we seek out our independence and yet feel conflicted to follow a path that appeases the roots from where we came.

It can be the experience where everyone has an agenda, where you’re picking up on others peoples repressed rage and anger in an aim to manipulate or control others.

In ways, the connection between Mars entering the energy of Cancer can awaken and trigger past memories from where we’ll feel compelled to take action. In other ways, we may become increasingly sensitive to threats around our action, threats to the family, home or our sense of safety.

Cancer typically gets coined the same as home, because Cancer shows where we feel most comfortable, safe and protected. It’s also the mother archetype, the nurturer and caregiver energy. However, it doesn’t mean that collectively the home is under attack and in need of protection when Mars transits the sign.

From a more collective standpoint, it could show that there’ll be some enforcement to the people of the homelands. It might be encouraged to take a vaccine, for example, there could be limitations around what you can and cannot do.

It’s certainly not advised to drive angry or emotional during this time, and Mars represents machinery, vehicles and weapons. There can also be a fight for justice around past actions. It’s again not a time to act irrationally even though we can all be emotionally driven right now.

Mars can of course cause discord around the homeland people, or people you live with and even in the family overall. It’s not the best time to operate machinery, use knives or weapons if you’re suffering from trauma or emotional upsets as accidents can be more common under this sign.

It’s important to remember that Mars is an individual, and individuals should be allowed to make choices for themselves. If someone has opposing views or beliefs don’t fight about it, simply know they’re allowed their views as you’re allowed yours. Mars can be very forceful and heated in the pursuit of its goals. The way you cool that is by not adding more fuel to the fire. Be mindful of your actions and take a few deep breaths before you commit to a path of action.


Pluto, the co-ruler of Scorpio, is currently retrograde. Pluto went Rx April 27 and will be retrograde until October 6, 2021. So, what does this mean?

We already know that Scorpio energy is pretty repressed, it’s all secrets, mystery and keeping things locked down tight. So, Pluto, the god of the underworld is now retrograde and retracing his steps back to something.

It’s like when you die and you cross over. Only you’re left at a way station until they can process you so you can move on. Retrogrades in general create this unresolved issue, a delay or a cog in the wheel that slows you down.

Now, Pluto is already a super slow moving planet. It’s the planet of rude awakenings that just keep coming. When a planet is moving forward in motion, we experience its energy in a more tangible external way. When it’s Rx we turn that energy inward.

Pluto is psychological, it’s fear and change, but fear really only resides within our minds. So, if you cannot see fear, is fear real? You see we fear what we cannot control, we fear what might happen, but it might NOT happen.

Pluto requires you to become present with what you fear. Be present with what you avoid, suppress and hide away to deal with at some other time. Let’s face it, you say you’ll deal with it later, but do you?

Pluto is coming to collect on your suppressed stuff. When Pluto Rx, it's like a recurring nightmare, the obsessive thinking and triggered memory playing on repeat. He wants you to deal with it.

Winston Churchill said “If your going through hell, keep going”. The only way to liberation is going through it.


‘The ultimate promise’

In the UK the Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will take place on May 26, at 12:13 pm. If you click here, you can find what time it’ll be happening for you.

The Eclipse is going to be at 5’26 Tropical Sagittarius, joined with the South Node, Ketu, under Anuradha Nakshatra. Sidereally, it falls under Scorpio at 11’16.


Glad you asked. Basically, a Lunar Eclipse is when the Sun, Earth and Moon align in a straight line connecting to one of the two nodes of the Moon.


The Nodes, North (Rahu) and South (Ketu), are the intersection points where the Moon crosses the Earth's orbital plane (the ecliptic). The Ecliptic is a 7-degree latitudinal band, a pathway that planets travel through.

Twice each month the Moon crosses the Ecliptic on opposite sides of Earth creating the New and Full Moons. So, When the Moon crosses the Ecliptic at the same time as a Full Moon, there in connecting to one of the nodes you get an Eclipse.


The Eclipses in Astrology often mark a powerful time of massive change. The only time the Sun and Moon lose power throughout the year, is during the occurrence of an Eclipse.

During an eclipse for a short period of time, their light is stolen casting a shadow of darkness upon us. The Nodes deal in fate, destiny and karma, and nobody is above it, you cannot buy your way out or trade it. It just is.

You can think of Eclipses as paying the piper or divine realignment.


The Eclipse is with the South Node of the Moon, Ketu. When the Eclipse is triggered by Ketu, it’s when things begin to fall away. The South Node is a spot of what feels safe yet unfulfilling and simultaneously keeps you stuck. Growth requires movement after all, you cannot grow if you remain stuck.

When an Eclipse is activated via Ketu, it brings forward toxic habits, old wounds, outdated beliefs and ancestral connection. Ketu is without a head, it’s about following what feels right, what you know to be right and not what you think or are led to believe.

Ketu strips you from all falsities, illusions created dissolve and you almost have an allergic reaction to things that are not for you and harm your inner self.

Eclipses have long been connected to spirit possession, and under the guise of Ketu, it’s an open vessel for those spirituality inclined and could be more susceptible to psychic attack. In the same way a planet in direct connection to the nodes within a chart are possessed by the nodes.


So, Sagittarius Eclipses with the South Node of the Moon… They bring an awakening of wisdom, to truth and knowledge. Over the past year we’ve all updated our views and perspectives on the world.

Sagittarius is big picture stuff, it’s the pursuit and preservation of knowledge, in a way that's free and accessible to all. We’ve seen massive changes around the laws and regulations that go against our freedom of speech, freedom of movement and only sharing the information that best supports the narrative.

It’s like the Library at brakebills, where only those select few have access to the books deemed most dangerous. To the point of controlling all magic and who’s allowed to practice it.

Shouldn’t people have the power to choose for themselves? As with all things you can use your knowledge or good or bad. All because someone might do the wrong thing doesn’t mean everyone will.

Information is sacred, especially since everything is becoming so censored and monitored. The gate keeping of true knowledge in favour of spinning a narrative to best fit the outcome that powers seek.

Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter a guide, guru and teacher. Jupiter is protection, taking in the burdens of others so they don’t have to shoulder them alone. Jupiter is not the Planet that tells you what to think or what to do, but gives you information you need to make the best choice for yourself.

Jupiter is in Pisces of which I’m still working on the final signs interpretations. I do have a general overview on my Jupiter through house page on my website, you can view it here.

Naturally on a personal level these will activate different parts of each of life maps (birth charts), highlighting a release and changing of one's ways to make room for the New Moon Solar Eclipse in June.

If you’ve read my ‘all about the Moon in Astrology’ post, you’ll know that the Sun is the experience, what’s unfolding and the Moon is our reaction and feelings about what we experience.

You can read more about the New Moon here. I will, of course, discuss the Lunar Eclipse for each sign in the personal weekly Horoscopes for those who’ve subscribed.


The Eclipse falls under Anuradha, a Saturn influenced Nakshatra. Saturn went Rx May 23, and will be retrograde until October 11, 2021.

When Saturn is Rx is when the sensei tests us, how much have you learned about what you’ve experienced? How strong is what you’ve built up until this point?

Saturn when it entered Aquarius (late last year), it tested the foundations from which everything in the last 30 years was built. It can break shit down, to rebuild stronger and better. Saturn is the planet of longevity and what it builds is intended to last.

Think of Saturn as an architect revisiting her creation, testing to ensure it’s strong and secure. When it goes Rx it tests what you’ve built, the reinforcements you’ve made to see if they can really stand the tests of time.

Saturn Rx says STOP BUILDING. It wants you to restructure, re-establish and strengthen what you’ve built up until this point. In architecture the foundations are always the longest to build, if you have weak foundations the entire thing will fall down. Saturn wants to ensure this doesn’t happen so he presents you with a sort of quality control check. A test and lesson from something that you’ve experienced.


May 30, through to June 23, Mercury will go Rx from 24’43 -16’08 degrees of Tropical Gemini, under Mrigashira the searching Nakshatra.


I’ve made a Video that goes in depth with the blessing that Mercury Rx can bring and all you need to know about it, I’ll link it here to view.

To summarize for the purpose of this post, Mercury Rx is similar to a computer having a software update or upgrade.

Essentially, you flip to your less dominant side of the brain, so Mercury can process the last season's collection of data and you get a perspective shift.

If you haven’t checked the video, I urge you to have a read through the Mercury Rx post I created here on my website. I even talk through each of the house placements and link an in depth video where you can see how it’ll manifest for you.

View the blog post here.


When Mercury goes Rx, it’s actually in connection with Venus, the Planet of relationships, love, money and desires. Gemini is ruled by Mercury the Planet of the mind, so we can all find ourselves thinking back to a past relationship, intimate or strictly platonic.

Gemini is the sign that rules the mind, it’s what we think and talk about. It’s busy, friendly, neutral and thirsty for knowledge. Mercury going Rx here, can help you track down lost and forgotten things. Things like forgotten memories, recalling old conversations and even finding mementos connected to the past.

Mrgashira is a Nakshatra that searches for something, whatever you perceive to have lost, can be found if you're willing to step deeper into the forest of the unknown. Mrigashira is all about seeking, searching and investigating further. The answer you need is sure to arrive under the sway of Mrigashira.


To summarise, this week is powered up! Intensity off the Richter scale, my best advice is to ground yo-self! People will be acting crazy, Eclipse season is upon us and if you know many Gemini/Sagittarius people they are bonkers, I say that with love!

Reject what’s harmful to your inner well being, stay true to yourself and don’t allow others to sway you. Instead, seek the truth for yourself.

I assure you the Jupiter post will be finished this week… this Eclipse is hitting hard (opposite my Moon and gemini energy), I’m super spacy, weird AF, and sleep is like being awake, so bare with me.

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live a little later, on the website + Patreon. Click here to view the weekly Tarot.

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