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Better than it ever was...Weekly Horoscope, May 17, 2021

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for May 17, 2021, until May 23.

We'll cover this week's Nakshatra, the ¼ Moon, Moon opposite Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter & Neptune. Sun entering Gemini Season. Jupiter in Pisces and then we’ll finish off with the Tarot of the week.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Punarvasu. The Nakshatra of Renewal, restoring & repurposing.

If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras and what it can bring to your day-to-day experience.

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The Moon in Cancer sets the tone for the week, bringing themes around family, home, security and the past. Ruled by the Moon, the planet of our needs, happiness and feelings, the week can centre around focusing on things that stir emotion in you.

Cancerian energy is changeable, it represents life, the way that the only constant in life, is change. Cancer energy brings the need for comfort, processing of one's experiences in relation to feelings, the past and family.

The Moon in Cancer, provides the gut instinct, heart and compassion required to make the best possible decisions. Cancer governed by the Moon represents the rise and fall of feelings, truth and knowledge. It’s the three things required for each of us to find the motive behind our actions.

The motive in every cop show or behind every crime is significantly important. It’s what makes us human because none of us does anything without a cause or reason. Evidence is important to convict a person, but equally so, is the intent and motive behind it.

Moon in Cancer is bringing your awareness to something you only subconsciously picked up on and manifests it before your very eyes.

When the Moon is in Cancer, we become a lot more sensitive and receptive to the subtleties around us. It awakens our feelings and gets us to face how we really feel and to acknowledge what we need.

So, when we deal with Cancer energy, we deal with emotions, security and past hangups. Cancer is cardinal, meaning it’s an initiator of change; like the divine mother, it nurtures and brings life into the world, changing the shape of its landscape.

The week, therefore, beginning in Cancer is sure to bring change and revelations your way. It’s an energy that will destroy what was and begin to form a new path.

Cancer rules emotions, making it the sign that can distinguish between the authentic and inauthentic display of affections. You see, Cancer picks up on the micros expressions, energy and body language that your conscious brain doesn’t register. Like a parent that can tell each and every time you lie.

When the Moon is in Cancer we become a lot more aware of the subtleties. Sensitivity arises as we tune in to the world around us and all that goes unsaid.

When you think of Crabs you think of them as being angry or moody. Crabs are pretty touchy, they don’t straightforwardly approach things, they shift side to side.

Cancer is Lunar energy, it’s all we feel based on what we experience, what’s reflected on to us through the Sun. Moon energy is protective energy, it’s that emotional pull that creates purposeful action. We’re all influenced by what we experience, shaped by each other whether or not we consciously realised it.

So, when we deal with Cancer energy, we deal with the ability to love, to be moved by something/someone outside of ourselves. We seek to protect it, but the cost of love is pain and so, Cancer also shows the vulnerability that comes from loving and being loved.

Cancer is cardinal, meaning it’s an initiator of change; Cancer being the transition from Spring to Summer, it’s all that’s needed to allow things to blossom and grow to the fullest potential.

The week, therefore, beginning in Cancer is sure to bring change around how we feel about certain things, as well as, the home/family and what’s needed to feel safe and secure. It’s an energy that will focus on the roots and what might be holding us back.

Cancer places a lot of value on how we feel. It’s the emotional triggers that play on our heartstrings, that propel us to take action. It’s our basic human needs, love, security and a sense of belonging. Our childhood greatly impacts who we become as adults. Do you still have wounds from the past that still block your way forward?

The Moon shifts every few days, If you’d like to learn more about the Moon transit Cancer in relation to your Zodiac sign, click here.


The grass isn’t greener, just different!

The week begins under Punarvasu, the Nakshatra of renewal, restoration and repurposing. Punarvasu is about consistently improving upon what already is without focusing upon the flaws, getting bored and starting something brand new for the sake of it.

Punarvasu being the Nakshatra to set off the week brings a certain deja vu, where things tend to repeat themselves. Be it, you go back to something you thought was finished, returning back.

You can find yourself taking a trip down memory lane, wishing on the early days, to go back as before. The past returns and catches up with us or we go back & forth on days under Punarvasu.

It might be that you’ve got to check it once, then check it twice, and make space and time for do-overs and second tries.

When we fall under the sway of Punarvasu we fall back into something. It’s actually a time where we become aware of our own repeating patterns of habitual behaviours.

Punarvasu teaches us how to not fall victim to old states of being. It shares with us ways to break the cycle, to free ourselves from the recurring situations that unfold in our lives.

It reminds me of the notion that you cannot control anything but yourself and the way you react to any given situation. It’s the key component in change and transformation to level up and free yourself from the cycle itself.

Punarvasu is about renewal, restoration and repetition. To improve at anything you try and keep trying. It’s about second chances and improving upon the prior, learning your lessons and gaining the desired outcome.

What happens once will almost always have the likelihood of happening again. You can only change or break the cycle when you take different actions or change the way you react.

It might also bring a repeating lesson. You’ve learned something in the past, you’ve got the skills, but now you must put them to use. An example of this would be someone who’s learned about self-defence, has trained but hoped not to use it, has to go back to the training and use what was learned.

So, Punarvasu this week could have you returning back to something you thought was finished and improving or taking another crack at it.



Thursday 19th, May, 20:12 GMT, we have the ¼ Moon under the Zodiac Sign of Leo.


The first quarter Moon is when the Sun and Moon form a 90' angle to each other, forming an astrological aspect called a square. It's the time in the month the Moon will appear in the night sky as a half-circle.


The ¼ square of the Moon is time to take action, make decisions and face obstacles head-on. It's usually the time when you come up against the first obstacle or challenge to the seed planted back at the new Moon. The universe essentially tests you, what are you willing to do to bring your intention to fruition. It is time to work hard to guide your seed to the surface.


The ¼ Leo Moon can come across as self-serving, perhaps stubborn and full of too much pride. Leo is proud, it doesn’t own up to its mistakes for it has a reputation to live up to. It can be more focused on keeping the feel-good feelings alive and neglect the real threat of those pleasures being taken away.

The Sun in Taurus in its challenging aspect to the Moon in Leo is cautioning around responsibility, to not get carried away with the enjoyment aspect but to get to work to sustain it.

On the most mundane level, someone could be playing you like a cheap violin, testing you, playing up to your ego to get you to do something that rationally you shouldn’t.

Taurus is slow and steady, it has a temper but for the most part is cool, calm and collected. Leo is passionate, indulgent and lives up to its public image. Both signs enjoy the finer things, high quality, luxury and decadence. Each sign has a lot of pride and a stubborn streak.

When you think back to the New Moon, you now know that this situation, aka your stubbornness to adapt, change or make adjustments could be the very thing that stands in the way of you receiving what you want.

On the other side of this perhaps someone is undermining your confidence to achieve something that you’re truly passionate about. It might be that someone is telling you when and how to shine and so you’re called to act, to be brave and step outside your comfort zone.

Neither Taurus (Sun) or Leo (Moon) is fearful, in fact, they’re the opposite. The one thing they both are is concerned by what others think of them. In fact, a lot of their confidence stems from others telling them how good they are. Lions have power because of their pride/pack. Bulls also reside within a herd.

The Lion is known to snooze for up to 20 hours, if you want to succeed you need to work for it. Bull’s or Cows only sleep for about 4 hours. I guess in some ways this square is challenging your productivity and putting into action what you know to gain the confidence you need to execute your goals and plans.

Essentially the animal symbology here is stating how hard the bulls work for their long term success and how Lions rely on the group as they sleep most of the day and come alive during party hours when it’s cooler.

If you’ve read my ‘all about the Moon in Astrology’ post, you’ll know that the Sun is the experience, what’s unfolding and the Moon is our reaction and feelings about what we experience.

You can read more about the New Moon later here. I will, of course, discuss the ¼ Moon for each sign in the personal weekly Horoscopes for those who’ve subscribed.



Monday, the Moon will look upon Pluto. I view this as a time of summoning one's inner demons, be what they may... fears, guilt, jealousy or lack of self-control.

It's a transit that occurs at least once a month; its aim is for us to become aware of all that lurks beneath the surface. It's all we'd rather not face that keeps us stuck. And It offers you liberation and total freedom.

How can this situation be better? What needs to change? What is the one thing you can do that can make it better?

Truth. Honesty. And total presence with yourself is needed. You need to call yourself out on any BS. Pluto is raw, and he wants to help you rise out above the ashes, but for that, you need to face the fear, that one thing that's keeping you stuck.

You'll only fail if you quit. Pluto is telling you that you're not a quitter, and whatever you want out of life, you have to be the one to go and get it.

So, yes, once a month, Pluto will resurrect something; it's a royal kick up the butt to make something happen. Master your mind, and it will never tell you that you "can't" do something again.

Anything is possible, and things change all the time. So why not you. It might bring a certain emotional intensity, but it'll pass.



Tuesday, the Moon will sit directly opposite the Sensei, Saturn. It's unlikely you'll receive the pat on the back you've been hoping for.

It begs the question of why are you doing what you do? Is it that you seek validation or recognition? Saturn's tough and doesn't want you to show off or feel the need to prove yourself to others. It can come off as cold, but it teaches you that the only opinion that should matter is the one you have of yourself.

Saturn brings tough love. It trains you, so you don't have to fight or struggle. You fight for life, not for points - Mr Myiagi. It's time you can feel isolated, disappointed through lack of support. In truth, it's just another lesson, so you can learn to stand on your own two feet.

Every month, the Moon sits across from Saturn, and every month you put into practice the lesson Saturn bestows upon you. Sure it can cause conflict at home with authority figures, and it can dishearten you.

Any Sensei will tell you that you never fight when you're emotional. You fight only for life, for what matters most. You fight smart and from the heart, never out of emotions. Saturn looking upon Moon and Moon looking upon Saturn is about cooling off and being your own pillar of support.

You might feel under-appreciated, not supported or unloved. It brings you back to the question, why do you do it?

If you're doing something to get something, then you're not coming from the right space. If you do something, let it be because you genuinely wish to do it, not because you hope to gain something from it. It's through this approach that you avoid disappointment.

Again, don't do anything for points, do only for yourself. It's like vanity metrics on social media, people living for likes, doing things for views, and when it all goes away, they feel as if they have nothing.

You're not a monkey in a circus, doing things for claps and treats. Come from a place true of heart, and the rewards you gain will be better than you can even imagine. When you put good into the world, good finds its way back to you. It needs to be true, though. Allow your actions to come from a place of wanting to do it without expectation for gain.



Wednesday, the Moon will sit across from Jupiter and bask in the hopeful, expansive and feel-good energy. It’s a transit that can expand the heart of even the most cynical person.

As your heart grows twice as big, you feel generous and excited for the future. You could be on the receiving end of some happy news, good results or the first manifestations of a goal begin to come into focus.

Jupiter and the Moon sitting across from one another can help you see the bigger picture or acknowledge an alternative point of view. It’s a highly fertile time. Both the Moon and Jupiter grow and expand, and both deal with creation.

It might be a time where things begin to come together, and something you set in motion back when the Moon was with Jupiter (4-5 May), can come to fruition. I think it’s wise not to promise more than you can keep at this time; remember, it’s a transit that only lasts a couple of days.

People might be more amenable and open, and so it can be a time of manifestation. It can also be when you can overindulge; both planets enjoy indulgence and more of something. You can see where this is taking place in your own chart for more insight. Where does Leo/Aquarius fall in your personal chart?

Moon and Jupiter looking at each other, says, “anything is possible’’. Possibilities are endless, but you need to turn ideas into action if you hope to see results.



I wanted to dedicate an entire post to this specific transit, which is almost complete (should be done on Tuesday eve). However, to give a little insight here for the weekly horoscope. Jupiter entered Pisces on Thursday 13, May in the late PM (UK time).

Jupiter is a planet that protects, guides and educates us through experience. Wherever Jupiter goes he presents us with opportunity, abundance and growth.

Naturally, Pisces falls in different places in our lives Astrologically, which will be covered in that later post. Pisces overall is a place within the cosmos that represents spirituality, compassion and healing.

If you have any planets under the Tropical sign of Pisces then you can be sure to feel the benefic effects of this transit. It’ll only be for a few months before it retrogrades back into Aquarius toward the end of July.

You can think of this transit as a divine spark of inspiration, guiding towards a fulfilling purposeful experience.


Gemini Season, the time to share, connect and set things in motion.

When we think of Gemini we can think of the Twins. The gift to be able to see things from both perspectives simultaneously. It’s a time where we’re learning new things, information and data are being shared at rapid rates.

Now, obviously, Gemini is the sign by which we begin to make changes and adjustments to plans already conceived. It points to the transition from Spring into Summer. It’s where our landscapes are entering into full bloom and we can begin to enjoy the abundance of all that’s now available.

Right now we’ve got the North node, Rahu, in the Sign of Gemini. Rahu is the energy by which we see trends, progress and out of the box futuristic ideas. It’s a space from where we’re experiencing the eclipses, a signal of massive change.

There’s massive changes around our communities, where we go and who we interact with. It’s our local environments, neighbours, teammates and friendships. It’s how we connect, interact and share news and information.

We also have Mercury, Venus and Lilith's energy in the same sign with Rahu.

Lilith is sure to bring fear around changes to the internet, means of connection and communication. Fears in regards to choices we make, having those choices dictate where we belong. Insecurities over friendships and the role we play in our communities. You can scroll further down to read about Venus and Mercury in Gemini.

Gemini is the sign of free-thinking, always taking in and updating the opinions and data with the new and latest information. Gemini is the mind, it’s Mercury and Mercury is neutral, to play devil's advocate.

When we enter into Gemini Season we’re looking at what we know, and how we know it. We’re asked to check our sources and update where we stand with this new information. Gemini season is about refreshing our minds, engaging in new learning experiences and opening ourselves up to new interesting people within our communities (locally and online).

The question we should all ask ourselves during this time is how can I form an unbiased opinion on what I know. It’s looking into both sides of the argument and forming your own opinions.

Themes around and connected to social media, news, public transport, local communities, the places you go on the regular are all likely to appear during this season. It’s also a time of listening twice as much as you speak.

Communicate, connect and share with the world and be mindful of the choices you make. Life gets busy in Gemini, as the bees are off pollinating in full swing.



On Tuesday 4, May, Mercury the planet of our mind, communication and information entered into Gemini the place in the Zodiac of choices.

Gemini energy is rapid, fast and busy as a Bee in the summertime. Gemini is the place in the cosmos of choices and consequences of said choices. It’s the Zodiac sign of talking, gossip, information sharing and social media.

Mercury is coming home to the Zodiac Sign of Gemini, being as Mercury rules Gemini. A signal that life is about to bloom with activity, and information and life is sure to get busy.

Wherever Mercury goes your mind follows. The area that Gemini falls within your personal chart is about to get a boost of activity as perspectives shift and choices are soon to be made.



On Sunday, 9, May, Venus the planet of relationships, values and desires entered into the Mercurial sign of Gemini.

Gemini is the place of childlike wonder, flowers in their first bloom and the choices we make. So, when Venus comes into Gemini we vibe with the power of choice when it comes to relationships, friendships and exchanging of ideas and information.

Gemini as a sign is often seen as being fake, two-faced and flighty. Although I can see why it would appear this way, Gemini is not fake or two-faced, Gemini can just see things from both sides. They see the potential in all options, sides and can full-heartedly resonate with each perspective.

Gemini is an information monster, hungry to learn more and know more. What with this always flowing of new data their opinions and stances dance and change alongside all they learn and experience.

Venus when she’s in Gemini is about choosing who you commit to, who you associate with and the consequences that arise due to the alliances you make.

Venus this week will only visit the first Nakshatra before she enters into the creativity of Rohini where jealousy themes can manifest. Krittika is more Solar, wanting to connect to see what options there are to decide which is the best and right fit for her.

Venus, Mercury, Lilith and Rahu all sitting here, is going to bring rise and awareness over our choices. It will magnify the desires, present more options and temptations in hopes to align us all with what is in alignment with our soul growth and life path.


Monday until Friday this week Venus connects with Lilith and Rahu under the Lunar Mansion of Rohini. It’s important to keep your fears and insecurities in check during this time. Venus will demand a lot more attention and if she doesn’t get it she can make irresponsible choices that can manifest in ways to bring those fears and vulnerabilities to life.



Mars, the planet of war, courage and Independence is journeying through the Tropical Sign of Cancer. Cancer being the space in the sky that references our feelings, home and security.

Mars represents our pursuit and motivation towards the goal we have in mind. It represents our energy and will to accomplish and see something through. It represents our skill in conjunction with Mercury, but Mars is our strength.

When Mars makes his journey into the depths of Cancer we can all become a little more so emotionally driven. We feel the need to safeguard what’s ours and who we love most in the world. In some ways this initiation can activate past issues, resurrecting them in a way that brings out a defensive edge in us all.

Mars in Cancer can feel like an invasion of the most sacred part of ourselves. It activates the fight within us all, like a mama bear protecting her cubs, it’s almost instinctual.

It can bring a lot of activity, heat and energy into the homeland, home space and family. It’s a time where we seek out our independence and yet feel conflicted to follow a path that appeases the roots from where we came.

It can be the experience where everyone has an agenda, where you’re picking up on others peoples repressed rage and anger in an aim to manipulate or control others.

In ways, the connection between Mars entering the energy of Cancer can awaken and trigger past memories from where we’ll feel compelled to take action. In other ways, we may become increasingly sensitive to threats around our action, threats to the family, home or our sense of safety.

Cancer typically gets coined the same as home, because Cancer shows where we feel most comfortable, safe and protected. It’s also the mother archetype, the nurturer and caregiver energy. However, it doesn’t mean that collectively the home is under attack and in need of protection when Mars transits the sign.

From a more collective standpoint, it could show that there’ll be some enforcement to the people of the homelands. It might be encouraged to take a vaccine, for example, there could be limitations around what you can and cannot do.

It’s certainly not advised to drive angry or emotional during this time, and Mars represents machinery, vehicles and weapons. There can also be a fight for justice around past actions. It’s again not a time to act irrationally even though we can all be emotionally driven right now.

Mars can of course cause discord around the homeland people, or people you live with and even in the family overall. It’s not the best time to operate machinery, use knives or weapons if you’re suffering from trauma or emotional upsets as accidents can be more common under this sign.

It’s important to remember that Mars is an individual, and individuals should be allowed to make choices for themselves. If someone has opposing views or beliefs don’t fight about it, simply know they’re allowed their views as you’re allowed yours. Mars can be very forceful and heated in the pursuit of its goals. The way you cool that is by not adding more fuel to the fire. Be mindful of your actions and take a few deep breaths before you commit to a path of action.



On Friday, the Moon dances with Neptune, the planet of mystique, magic, spirituality and romance. Awakening from the spell cast upon us, illusions begin to dissipate as everything around us stops spinning. We can finally start to catch our breath and see things clearly.

Under this influence, you can be easily fooled, deceived and tricked into believing something that may not be what you think it is. On more positive notes, you enter into the world of possibility, where faith and trust are required to see you through.

When the Moon looks upon Neptune, It can make anyone a little hypersensitive and loopy. You might pick up on other peoples subtleties where you usually would not. The Moon and Neptune can create a lot of confusion, but you awaken as if from a dream once the transit has passed.


To summarise, this week will call for you to update, renew and improve upon what is. Gemini Season is fast approaching and even with Mercury beginning slow ready for its Retrograde, there’s lots here we need to process.

Listen more than you speak this week and really process what you know and how you know it. It’s a week for self-improvement and making what you already have better than ever. Don’t let slow progress knock you off your game, work with what you have!

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live a little later, on the website + Patreon. Click here to view the weekly Tarot.

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Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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