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Growing your Wealth | Weekly Horoscope, May 10, 2021

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for May 10, 2021, until May 16.

We'll cover this week's Nakshatra, the New Moon, Moon conjunct Uranus, Lilith, Rahu & Mars. Mercury and Venus in Gemini. Jupiter entering Pisces and then we’ll finish off with the Tarot of the week.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Ashwini. The Nakshatra of how to become wealthy, popular and influential.

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Taking your time!

The Moon in Taurus sets the tone for the week, bringing themes around timing, quality and sustaining life. Ruled by Venus, the planet of relationships, wealth and values, the week can center around focusing on things that matter most to you.

Taurus energy is slow, it represents reality, the real stuff and the things in life that are about longevity. Taurus energy brings the need for responsibility, reliability, duty and family.

Taurus energy is like that of nature. It’s the fertile, rich soil, tall trees, everything working together, it’s symbiotic. It’s give and take, energy in and energy out. Everything in nature gives and takes, it’s balanced and provides sustainability for life.

When you’re in the energy of Taurus you’re in the arena of high value, in demand, long term needs and resources. Taurus is the sign of wealth, prosperity and abundance. It’s traditional, and works on providing what is needed. It prides itself on being high value, high quality and being the best.

Taurus isn’t flashy, it’s humble, natural and caring. Taurus is not a sign of overnight success. Taurus is the sign that takes it’s time. It builds up on strong firm foundations that with time provides the evergreen and long term payoffs.

Think real estate, food, restaurants, health products, schooling, agriculture, art, designer clothing. Things that society will always need, want and value. It’s the things that grow in value, as demand increases. It’s more than simple supply and demand, it’s providing you with something that’s of the highest quality. It takes longer to produce, but it provides the long term value.

Weeks that begin under the sway of Taurus, brings a need to slow down and consider your actions. It reconnects you with your values, raising awareness over where you invest your time, energy and resources into.

Taurus teaches us what it means to be practical in the pursuit of our dreams. It teaches us how to better use our time, energy and resources. It’s a sign of abundance, values and family. Taurus shows us what we need and how to get our needs met.

The Cow or the Bull is slow, patient, stubborn, but generous and kind. In many ancient cultures the Cow/Bull is sacred, a symbol of motherhood providing you with all you need. You see the cow always gives more than she takes and this too is part of manifestation and the law of attraction. To be grateful for what you have and to give back, opens you up to the cosmic law of cause and effect.

So the week beginning under Taurus is going to get us all to re-evaluate our lives. To cultivate balance, to question where we give our time, energy and resources and if it aligns with our goals, values and morals.

Taurus is all about responsibility, duty and sustainability. Are you investing your time, energy, money and resources into things that add value or give you nothing back in turn?


Reaching Your Goals, Swiftly!

The week begins under Ashwini, the Nakshatra of how to become wealthy, popular and influential. Ashwini is about reaching your goals swiftly and so the week will provide the clues for you to do just that.

The Nakshatra’s teach us a lot about life, they show up all around us, in books, on TV, in life circumstances and situations. Ashwini teaches us how to utilize what we got to build more of it. It’s the classic law of attraction. It’s the lunar mansion on how to manifest what we desire.

Ashwini shows us how to grow in influence, to become more wealthy and grow our assets and increase our power. It shows us that we attract more of who we are and what we already got. Why? It’s simple, we don’t want the things we already have, there’s no restriction or doubt in the things we’ve already accomplished and got.

So, Ashwini says to leverage your assets and skills. To use what you got to maximise your returns. You have to be liquid, fluid, be ready to go and step up at any given moment. You have to go where the assets are. Essentially, you have to find your audience, the people who need what you got, and then you showcase your skills.

Ashwini shows you that to build influence you connect with people who already have it. When you join forces with someone you double your efforts and maximise your results.

Ashwini is the symbol of the twin horses, it’s the fastest way to get from point A to point B. It’s about accepting what you got and sharing it to build and cultivate more of it. It requires you to be mobile, flexible and willing to go in search of those who need what you got.

Ashwini serves as a reminder that we all have something that someone else can benefit from. It’s just about having the courage to put yourself out there to share it. When you share it, more people will rally behind you and there you can build your following, your influence, power and wealth potential.

Eventually, you can cash in on your skill, invest in something else and repeat the cycle. Ashwini shows us how to grow in power, influence and wealth. It shows us how best we can accomplish our goals in life.


‘The Seed to Prosperity’

On May 11, 19:59 UK time we have the Taurus New Moon. The New Moon that plants the seed to prosperity and abundance.

Taurus is the place within the cosmos that deals with life, the real stuff. It’s how we do and sustain life. It’s what we value, invest our time, energy and resources into and it’s all that provides us with what we need.

What is a New Moon?

A New Moon happens when the Sun and Moon join together in the night sky. Once they kiss and connect they plant the seed of all that will bloom over the coming few weeks to the Full Moon.

Taurus New Moon

So, if New Moon’s are the fertile seeds being planted firming in our lives. Then, Taurus is the wealth and abundance that’s soon to manifest and grow.

Remember I said that Taurus is all that’s REAL, it deals with tangible, material and physical things in life. It also deals with patience, time and cultivation.

It’s not the New Moon where things magically fall into your lap. It is a New Moon for you to plan, build and find the best next steps in making your dreams a reality.

Taurus brings the energy of a Cow, not a billy goat, it’s cautious, calm, calculating and precise with it’s actions. The energy is slow, not fast, it’s not looking for instant success, it looks instead for long term sustainability.

What the New Moon in Taurus brings

During the New Moon, energy can slow down and things begin to get quiet. As she grows over the coming weeks we all begin to question, reflect and access, what we invest our time, energy and resources in, and if they align to our values and provide value to us.

Let’s say you really want to buy something and are in search of the funds to claim it. The New Moon will show you where you can save so you can get it. So many people in the western world say they don’t have money for certain things and yet they can somehow find a way to get the latest iPhone, sneakers or new trending beauty item.

It’s all a matter of values, if you want something bad enough you find a way to swing it. There’s no difference with claiming your dreams.

Now Taurus falls in different spaces for each sign so we can discuss what it means for you, click here for your sign’s New Moon insight.



On Tuesday the Moon and Uranus connect, where your heart and your higher mind meet in the middle. I’d usually say this is an emotional surfing type of situation, where you ride the wave and allow it to get you to where you’d like to be.

Truth is, this is going down in Taurus, and so you’re more dealing with situations around ownership and feeling not good enough. It could play out around a major disagreement or misunderstanding where someone says something out of haste or insecurity.

Uranus rules Aquarius, and Aquarius is overloaded with energy, especially as Mercury is slowing to halt and will turn direct later in the week. Communications are offline, and furthermore, everyone is triggered by their own fears around being interesting and enough.

Life is changing, this trickles down into every single area of life. Everyone is holding on to something or trying to keep something afloat, it’s an idealised or hypothetical idea that may or may not play out.

Taurus is stubborn, it digs its heels in, likes tradition and to know what to expect. When you deal with Uranus, you never can really know what to expect. Things are changing and evolving, and that can be scary. You cannot stop your own growth and evolution.



On Tuesday things turn up a level or two on the intensity scale. Moon passes over Lilith awakening yours and others fears, insecurities and jealousy. The very thing you may have been avoiding is likely to present itself for you to face.

Whatever you’ve been suppressing, keeping under wraps is about to be unleashed, and you’re going to come from a place of defence.

There’s something that you’re not dealing with, and it will require your attention. To come to terms with it, you need to stop, and come at it practically under the sway of the Sun in Taurus, everyone is butting heads unwilling to see alternative points of view.



Thursday, The Moon and Rahu join together. It's the time of the month when important information aligned to our purpose and destiny is brought to us.

Rahu being the place in the chart of growth, purpose and what we’re searching for, it’s like the true north of our life. Rahu transits each house once every 18 years and so when the Moon connects each month it provides you a key to unlocking the purpose of the house it transits.

Of course, there’re major markers like the eclipses, but we also have the Moon connect over the 18 months of being in the sign that offer us clues and markers on the map of our personal growth.

Pay attention to what takes place during this time, ideas, thoughts, repeating signs, patterns or consequences and synchronicities. See where the road leads you… be prepared to take detours, and adjustments to your plans.


Diving Sparks of Inspiration

I want to dedicate an entire post to this specific transit, which will go live on Thursday. However, to give a little insight here for the weekly horoscope. Jupiter will enter Pisces on Friday 14, May in the early AM (UK time).

Jupiter is a planet which protects, guides and educates us through experience. Wherever Jupiter goes he presents us with opportunity, abundance and growth.

Naturally, Pisces falls in different places in our lives Astrologically, of which will be covered in that later post. Pisces overall is a place within the cosmos that represents spirituality, compassion and healing.

If you have any planets under the Tropical sign of Pisces then you can be sure to feel the benefic effects of this transit. It’ll only be for a few Months before it retrogrades back into Aquarius toward the end of july.

You can think of this transit as a divine sparks of inspiration, guiding towards a fulfilling purposeful experience.



Sunday is a powerful and motivational day, the Moon collides with Mars having spent some time with the node of destiny earlier in the week.

We all can find the courage needed to push forward and smite the negativity and blockages that stand in our way. The Moon colliding with Mars is about strength and tenacity to do what is needed to reach our goal and cut away all that stands to hold us back.

If you do not address the stuff that came up earlier in the week, then I’m afraid this energy can be like a loaded gun. You’ll feel the pressure building so intensely that you won’t be able to contain it, and it can lead to a leakage of explosive emotional reactions.


Taurus Season, the time to maintain and continue to build what began during Aries Season.

When we think of Taurus we can think of the Bull. The protector, a hard worker and one that fights for what is theirs. Taurus is methodical, it’s habitual and sticks to the traditions set out.

Now, obviously, Taurus is the sign by which we sustain and maintain our lives. It points to the foundational structures from what society is built upon.

Right now we’ve got Uranus the planet of innovation, change and evolution moving through this space. Essentially we’re seeing more of a conscious approach to food, health and ways of life. The new normal is dawning, with technology becoming a fully-fledged part of society.

Material money swapped out for technological currency, computers taking jobs of humans, smart homes, smart cars, more people than ever-growing their own food, becoming increasingly aware of where and how our food is produced. Learning more about mass consumerism and new tech being introduced as part of everyday life.

So, we know that we only experience 7 Taurus seasons for the duration of Uranus moving through a single sign. We know that this one is sure to bring forth perhaps the next phase of our new normal.

We have Uranus, Lilith, Mercury, Sun and Venus all situating in the Taurus sign beginning the week. Lilith's energy is sure to bring fear around changes to the systems by which we live our lives. Perhaps fears over the vaccine and pressures to conform.

Taurus is the sign of tradition and here we’re forging the new standard of life. By traditions, I'm referring to food, health, schooling, public service, policing, government and hospitals, religion is still a fundamental pillar, but not used as much as a defining control system as it was during history.

When we enter into Taurus Season we’re looking at our routines, values and habitual behaviours. It’s a wonderful time to create change and break out of limiting and toxic cycles. However, Taurus is a follower of that of which was initiated during the previous season. It sticks to the rules, the mainstream and has a lot of faith in the tried and true even with Uranus uprooting and creating new foundational pillars.

The question we should all ask ourselves during this time is whether or not we’re living our morals and standards. Themes around money, security, food, shelter, family and protecting what’s yours are all themes to appear during this season. It’s also a time of hard work and working towards your goals, to that long term vision.


Busy as Bee

On Tuesday 4, May, Mercury the planet of our mind, communication and information entered into Gemini the place in the Zodiac of choices.

Gemini energy is rapid, fast and busy as a Bee in summertime. Gemini is the place in the cosmos of choices and consequences of said choices. It’s the Zodiac sign of talking, gossip, information sharing and social media.

Mercury is coming home to the Zodiac Sign of Gemini, being as Mercury rules Gemini. A signal that life is about to bloom with activity, and information and life is sure to get busy.

Wherever Mercury goes your mind follows. The area that Gemini falls within your personal chart is about to get a boost of activity as perspectives shift and choices are soon to be made.



Mars, the planet of War, courage and Independence is journeying through the Tropical Sign of Cancer. Cancer being the space in the sky that references our feelings, home and security.

Mars represents our pursuit and motivation towards the goal we have in mind. It represents our energy and will to accomplish and see something through. It represents our skill in conjunction with Mercury, but Mars is our strength.

When Mars makes his journey into the depths of Cancer we can all become a little more so emotionally driven. We feel the need to safeguard what’s ours and who we love most in the world. In some ways this initiation can activate past issues, resurrecting them in a way that brings out a defensive edge in us all.

Mars in Cancer can feel like an invasion of the most sacred part of ourselves. It activates the fight within us all, like a mama bear protecting her cubs, it’s almost instinctual.

It can bring a lot of activity, heat and energy into the homeland, homespace and family. It’s a time where we seek out our independence and yet feel conflicted to follow a path that appeases the roots from where we came.

It can be the experience where everyone has an agenda, where you’re picking up on others peoples repressed rage and anger in an aim to manipulate or control others.

In ways the connection between Mars entering the energy of Cancer can awaken and trigger past memories from where we’ll feel compelled to take action. In other ways we may become increasingly sensitive to threats around our action, threats to the family, home or our sense of safety.

Cancer typically gets coined the same as home, because Cancer shows where we feel most comfortable, safe and protected. It’s also the mother archetype, the nurturer and caregiver energy. However, it doesn’t mean that collectively the home is under attack and in need of protection when Mars transits the sign.

From a more collective stand point, it could show that there’ll be some enforcement to the people of the homelands. It might be encouraged to take a vaccine for example, there could be limitations around what you can and cannot do.

It’s certainly not advised to drive angry or emotional during this time, and Mars represents machinery, vehicles and weapons. There can also be a fight for justice around past actions. It’s again not a time to act irrationally even though we can all be emotionally driven right now.

Mars can of course cause discord around the homeland people, or people you live with and even in the family overall. It’s not the best time to operate machinery, use knives or weapons if you’re suffering from trauma or emotional upsets as accidents can be more common under this sign.

It’s important to remember that Mars is an individual, and individuals should be allowed to make choices for themselves. If someone has opposing views or beliefs don’t fight about it, simply know they’re allowed their views as you’re allowed yours. Mars can be very forceful and heated in the pursuit of its goals. The way you cool that is by not adding more fuel to the fire. Be mindful of your actions and take a few deep breaths before you commit to a path of action.


Making a Choice

On Sunday, 9, May, Venus the planet of relationships, values and desires entered into the Mercurial sign of Gemini.

Gemini is the place of childlike wonder, flowers in their first bloom and the choices we make. So, when Venus comes into Gemini we vibe with the power of choice when it comes to relationships, friendships and exchanging of ideas and information.

Gemini as a sign is often seen as being fake, two-faced and flighty. Although I can see why it would appear this way, Gemini is not fake or two-faced, Gemini can just see things from both sides. They see the potential in all options, sides and can full-heartedly resonate with each perspective.

Gemini is an information monster, hungry to learn more and know more. What with this always flowing of new data their opinions and stances dance and change alongside all they learn and experience.

Venus when she enters into Gemini is about choosing who you commit to, who you associate with and the consequences that arise due to the alliances you make.

Venus this week will only visit the first Nakshatra before she enters into the creativity of Rohini where jealousy themes can manifest. Krittika is more Solar, wanting to connect to see what options there are to decide which is the best and right fit for her.

Venus, Mercury and Rahu all sitting here is going to bring rise and awareness over our choices. It will magnify the desires, present more options and temptations in hopes to align us all with what is in alignment with our soul growth and life path.



This week's primary energy is the Five of Cups Tarot, a card of upsets and disappointments.

When the Five of Cups appears it’s clear that we’re all trying to hold onto something that’s past it’s expiration date. You see disappointments lie in expectations, hopes of what could be. We have no control as to what other people say or do, we only have control over ourselves.

The Five of Cups popping up as this week's Tarot is simply saying to focus on what you have, what is and what you can control. Things didn’t pan out or go as we expected them to, and that's okay.

Jupiter is shifting signs and so what will be will be, and what’s meant for you is far greater than anything you’ve already had.

The Second card pulled was the Ten of Wands, in answer to the situation or challenge of most importance for the week.

The Ten of Wands is calling for you to not give up on your dreams, but perhaps try a new approach. Maybe you’ve been taking on more than you fair share and so it calls for you to prioritise what’s most important.

The Ten of Wands is an exhausting card, you’ve come a long way, so don’t start looking back now. You have more ahead of you than behind you, so keep motioning forward.

If you’ve been pushing yourself hard then it might be a calling card to lay down those rods and take a breather. Don’t over complicate things this week.

The High Priestess appeared in response to the advice for the week.

The High Priestess asks for you to spend time with yourself, to really trust and listen to what your own inner guidance system is telling you. It’s not a time or place to be super critical, for your intuition senses things your intellect cannot yet see or comprehend.

The Advice she shares is that you’re in a place of transition and for you to trust and journey into what your feelings are trying to tell you.

Don’t think about what you feel, just allow the feelings to tell you. You’re being granted secret knowledge, hidden knowledge, allow your intuition to guide you forward.

It’s about knowing what’s best for you, not what others want or expect of you. Slow down and reflect on what you’ve learned and consider your options, research and investigate further before making a decision or taking action.

The advice when it comes to a big choice or dilemma, is to trust and allow your inner voice to guide you forward.

Learn from past experiences for there is no decision to be made right now. If something feels off, head the warning, note the sign and take the omen, for you’re most likely right.

To summarise, this week will call for you to focus on what you have, work with it to build yourself up. You’ll be given the clues to accomplish your goals swiftly, but perhaps you need to find a new and simple approach to getting it done.

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Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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