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Overcoming the odds! Weekly Horoscope, March 8, 2021

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for March 8, 2021, until March 14.

We'll cover this week's Nakshatra, the Pisces New Moon, Moon conjunct Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. Sun conjunct Neptune and then finishing off with the Tarot of the week.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Purva Ashadha. The invincible one, the one that can overcome any and all obstacles.

If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras and what it can bring to your day-to-day experience.

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Moon in Capricorn - I Will Find a way!

The Moon in Capricorn sets the tone for the week, providing the courage and tenacity to make progress towards your goals. Capricorn governed by Saturn represents strength, consistency and effort, the three things required for each of us to be successful.

Saturn in Aquarius requires us to step outside our comfort zone. It’s a need to test, experiment and search for new and improved ways to reach your goals. Success right now depends heavily on our social connections and interactions as all things, opportunities included come from other people.

When the Moon is in Capricorn we become a lot more focused on our aims, what we truly seek to accomplish and how best we can get there. Capricorn is a mountain climber and anyone who’s climbed a mountain will tell you just how difficult and challenging it can be

So, when we deal with Capricorn energy, we deal with the ability to not quit, back down or surrender. Capricorn is cardinal, meaning it’s an initiator of change; Capricorn being the transition from Winter to Spring, it’s how to let go of the things that have no place in what we’re seeding to grow.

The week, therefore, beginning in Capricorn is sure to bring change around business, work ethic and our aims in life. It’s an energy that will focus on the big picture and to release what doesn’t help us get there.

Capricorn places a lot of value on what we do, our legacy and the mark we leave on the world at large. We are what we most often do. Do you do what’s needed to reach your goals? How committed are you to your purpose?



Purva Ashadha being the Nakshatra to set off the week brings about a courageous and tenacious state of being. A week that will encourage you to create your own battle plan to accomplish your goals.

Anything is possible under the influence of Purva Ashadha, it finds a way to push past any and all obstacles that stand in the way of what you aim to achieve. It’s not so much about wishing and wanting, but more so about making it literally happen.

Purva Ashadha, governed by Venus, it’s about connecting and joining forces with people who possess the skills needed to reach the goal. Think of it as a special ops mission, each person has special skills and when they join forces there’s nothing that can stop them.

Purva Ashadha is the invincible one. They set the goal and carefully plan out every single step of the mission to see it through to fulfilment. Think Oceans 8 (movie), Purva Ashadha prepares, plans and executes with precision and achieves what others deem impossible.

When you deal with the energy of Purva Ashadha, you’re encouraged to begin projects, master your skills and gather all the resources you need to see your project through to success. When you connect with like-minded people, skilled and talented in areas you may not be, you can safely eliminate obstacles you would otherwise face.

To use the example of the Oceans Movie franchise, each ‘job’ requires certain skills. They gather the most skilled people with their diverse skill set and when they come together they form a well-oiled machine that gets the job done.

Teamwork and alliances are often, too, important under this lunar mansion. Joining forces with experts in their fields can help you triumph over anything. I often see under this energy a point of view, perspective, being able to see things from all angles aids in the preparation to achieve one's goals.

A week beginning under Purva Ashadha is about setting your goals and intentions. It’s about careful preparations and planning to see your goals reach completion. Once you know what you want and how best to get there in great detail; you can gather your resources and seek out others to join your team or mission and pool your resources together.

Moon collides with Pluto


On Monday you’ll receive some form of triggered memory or something buried, perhaps a truth you’ve neglected yourself will come to light.

You see, the human brain is an incredible machine. You never truly forget anything, it’s all stored in your brain just waiting to be reassessed like a computer searching for a misplaced file.

When the Moon collides with Pluto each month, you get a dose of cold hard truths, or hidden and forgotten things come back to light. The Moon, in many ways, acts like a heart, and you cannot hide from your true feelings, fears and self.

Whatever is exposed will bring liberation and greater freedom. Don’t be afraid to take action, to follow your heart and to be honest with yourself about what you actually need.

The Moon, when it connects to Pluto, is pushing you towards tapping into your hidden talent, repressed power and towards a change. Allow the pain of not accomplishing your goals drive you towards positive change to make them happen.

The Moon also looks towards Neptune, giving the confirmations that tasks that begin today (on Monday), can aid you in turning dreams into a reality. Don’t be afraid of change, the change is necessary for future progress.

Moon hugs Saturns


Tuesday/Wednesday, the Moon hugs and connects with Saturn, the wise one. It’s the next step in taking action, with some sage advice given to you from the Sensei himself, Saturn.

When the Moon and Saturn connect each month, it can bring a disconnect from emotions and provide tough love to accomplish something you truly desire. You have to meet the universe halfway, and Saturn will give the cue for you to put something into action.

If you want results Saturn says you need to be first, consistent, second, have a plan and three, follow your plan. Mainly it’s all about the first step, consistency, your results are based on what you do consistently.

The Moon also trines Mars on Tuesday another push for you to initiate a plan and begin consistently to work towards putting the plan into action.

The Moon The North Node/Rahu


The Moon will loosely Trine Rahu, the North Node of the Moon, on Wednesday, which is a promising sign that the universe is willing to align you to what you desire most.

A Trine in astrology is an easy flow of energy, it's supportive, and it's helpful for those who work their magic under this influence.

Think of a trine as a magical portal allowing the energy to pass through unencumbered. Like magic, it's not something you see, but its energy will be present if you wish to take action upon it.

When the nodes are involved, you know that there are Karmic forces at play. Something that was always supposed to be will come into being.

You 'wanting what you want' is meant to be, you're supposed to have it, and if you follow the signs, be consistent and do the work you'll have it.

It's a magical aspect of a magic spell being completed. It's a sign for you to work your own magic and take this lunar cycle seriously. It's likely to initiate an experience you're supposed to have to manifest or align you to something more than you can imagine right now.

Moon Conjunct Jupiter


On Wednesday, we have the Moon merging with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, growth and opportunity. Both energies are fertile and promote growth and with just a few short days before the New Moon, I feel there could be inspired ideas and divine guidance with what will be seeded, come through today.

It’s energy depending on where it takes place for you natally can manifest in various ways. It can come in the form of a surprise gift being given. I might even appear as a chance opportunity or finding the information you’ve been searching for.

Jupiter with the Moon is always welcomed as it provides guidance, hope and inspiration. It opens up new doors and possibilities for something more, better and improved.

Pay attention on Wednesday for something pleasantly unexpected.

Venus crosses the Nodes


Venus on Wednesday will sit crossing the nodes of the Moon, Rahu and Ketu, the north/south nodes of the Moon.

Important things are being put in place cosmically when it comes to relationships. Throughout March Venus is chasing the Sun, from where she’ll eventually pass through birthing new relationship stories.

The energy from the previous week is still with us, the Jupiter/Mercury Connection bringing certain people on our radar that can help us to grow and expand.

Venus when she sits in mystical and magical Pisces and looks across to the nodes of destiny is a sure signal of manifestation in the works. Remember that the universe is delivering you the guidance, knowledge and people that can help turn your goals into a reality.

Mars in Gemini


Mars is now in Tropical Gemini, turning that amber light to green, green, go! Mars in Taurus was slow, methodical and forced you to cultivate patience that you didn’t have.

Mars in Gemini is fast, swift and is all about cutting away the negativity and dead weight in your life. It makes everyone a lot more active, an excellent time to begin things. It’s fantastic at starting new health regimes, streamlining your routines and habits for optimal results.

More than that, Mars pushing into Gemini, is going to unleash whatever competitive edge you have. It cheers you on to be and do better. It’s an energy that’s all about connecting, learning and putting things into action.

When Mars is in Gemini, you should feel that life speeds up, inspiration flows, and you get more focused on your goals. If you face a roadblock, you can find a solution in no time.

Gemini is easy-breezy; its mutable energy meaning it allows some room for Mars to cultivate. It can take what you’ve planned for or been working toward and take action or improve upon it.

Let me know if you’d be interested in a separate post dedicated to Mars moving through Gemini for your sign, in the comments below.

Sun kisses Neptune


Wednesday is truly a magical day, with the nodes activated by Mars and Venus. Also, with Venus, Sun, Moon and Neptune coming together for the magical Pisces New Moon (Saturday).

The Sun connects to Neptune in this way only once a year. The Sun represents you, your soul or ego, the part of which you aspire and shine to be. Neptune is your subconscious, your access to the spiritual, divine and inspiration.

When the Sun and Neptune draw closer, of which, they spend the week together in close proximity, is going to bring you signs and synchronicities.

Your intuition heightens, spirit the divine will present signs and perhaps even converse with you in your dreams during this week. The trouble is depending on you, and how you deal with Neptune energy it might also bring confusion.

When we deal with Neptune we deal with all that's not seen. Neptune is the higher vibration of Venus, it’s unconditional love, inspiration, spirituality, faith, magic and creativity.

My advice for this week and this Neptune energy is to pay attention to your vision. Write it all down. If you find yourself daydreaming, distracted by the thought of something, write it down. If you find weird little coincidences jot it down.

The Sun/Neptune energy will be present on the Pisces New Moon, a moon to set the intention for your dreams, to plant seeds for the seemingly impossible and allow Spirit to guide and align you to it.

Moon Joins Mercury


Wednesday/Thursday Moon and Mercury join together. It's the time of the month when heart and head are aligned towards a common goal.

I would say it can be one of those times where what you feel pours out of you, and instantly manifest in your day-to-day. It’s a wonderful time to start a gratitude journal, begin an affirmation routine or other law of attraction technique.

You might be more inclined to say things out loud and talk freely about what your wants and needs are. If ever you wanted to know what someone really thinks about something you could use a day like today (wed-Thurs), to get an uncensored answer.

You might notice that people feel more inclined to express what matters most to them today. You too might feel you want to spend time doing more of what brings you joy and get easily vexed when others take you away from it.

What matters most to you? Attention is going into how you feel, what matters most, and are your needs, and the needs of those you love, being met?

A great time to talk, negotiate and compromise but not the best time for you to make commitments.

Moon Square Mars


Thursday we also have the Moon in conflict with Mars. It’s when you can feel restless, wanting to take action and yet, are you taking the right next step or just impulsively jumping into the fire?

Moon also looks to Uranus, the planet of unexpected changes and new information. Part of why you might feel compelled to jump into action could be because you become privy to new info that changes your perspective on something.

When Mars and Moon square, they are acting from an emotionally frustrating place. It’s great to connect to your why and for it to fuel you further toward your goals, but Mars is sharp and hot, and often there are consequences to the actions you make.

You must remember Mars is a soldier, a courageous warrior, so discipline and a battle plan are needed for any warrior to be victorious. Hold your horses, try not to rush into anything.

Moon conjunct Venus


Friday, the Moon connects with Venus, before the New Moon takes place on Saturday. The vibe is incredibly feminine, and I coin it as the opening scene to every rom-com or love story.

The Moon sure enough joins with Venus once a month, pointing to a new chapter or the beginning chapter to your love story. It’s the setting off point from where you grow, adapt and evolve.

Both Moon, and Venus, represent women or feminine expression. The Moon you could say is the mother, while Venus is the Maden. It’s part of the female path, each cycle revealing a lesson that instils wisdom for the next.

When Moon and Venus come together, they deal with your needs and values. Moon is what is needed to sustain one's life, and Venus is our desires that make the experience enjoyable.

So, it begs the question, what is missing from your life right now, and how can you make it more enjoyable?

People make life worthwhile, they partake in the experience, they support, inspire and encourage us to grow and experience more in our lives.

Love and happiness are what makes life enjoyable, and sure money can provide certain ease and freedom, but it’s the people that touch our hearts.

It’s the experiences we have and who we have them with, that leaves a mark, that we take with us, when we depart this earth.

Pisces New Moon


I’ll be posting a separate post about this New Moon in Pisces later on in the week. I just wanted to let you know that the New Moon will take place on Saturday 13, 10:21 am GMT.

It’s quite a magical New Moon, being that Venus and Neptune are involved.

A New Moon is when the Sun and Moon kiss or connect in the sky. It symbolises a beginning or fresh start that seeds something that will begin to grow and manifest in our world.

When you deal with Pisces energy you deal with magic, dreams, creativity and healing. Pisces are notoriously known as escapist, neither here nor there, but reside in the in-between. Daydreaming, aloof and lost in their own imagination.

So, a New Moon under this energy has the capacity to spill over the imagined, into the real world. In theory, turning your visions into a real full-fledged manifestation.

Albert Einstein said ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge, a gentle reminder to not aim to small this New Moon. For everything seems impossible until it’s possible.

Again, I’ll post more about this New Moon later this week & give a little insight as to what it means for each sign in the personal weekly Horoscopes for those who’ve subscribed.



This week's primary energy is the Six of Swords, the card of hard choices and a journey into something unknown.

The Six of Swords is about moving forward and starting fresh. When you move outside of your comfort zone it can be scary because you’re pushed into something unknown and uncertain. The point with the Six of Swords is you’ve overcome the obstacle, and now you must move past it and move forward.

When the Six of Swords appears it calls you to be intentional with what you carry with you on this next chapter of your life. To begin again you need to create space for the seeds to take root and that means leaving what no longer serves behind you.

The card really embodies starting over, without the constant reminders and to give yourself the best chance at success you need to leave the past in the past. You’re moving away from the chaos and turbulence and to a place of greater harmony and peace.

The Sixes in Tarot are journey markers, passages of time and the act from getting where you are to where you want to be. The Six opens you up to new possibilities and potential. How do you wish to proceed?

The Six of Swords invites you to leave behind all that’s not working for you in pursuit of something new. Leaving behind people, places and toxic situations that held you back is the best cause of action.

The choice is yours to say stuck or to push forward into new territory. It usually pertains to a difficult choice, but one of which you know in your heart and mind is the best next step forward. You're being called to venture into the unknown, pulled forward and that means leaving something, someone or a situation behind.

The Second card pulled was the Hermit in answer to the situation of most importance for the week.

The path forward may initially be a lonely one. When you set out and immerse yourself into a new environment or situation it takes some time to become accustomed.

The focus here is on the work at hand, it’s in establishing new routines and a sustainable lifestyle to see your goals come to fruition. I mean you can look at your personal chart and see which house the Zodiac sign of Virgo takes place for more insight into the specifics or what's being evolved.

The New Moon this week takes place in the opposite sign, Pisces. To make anything real you need a plan, you need to take action on your plan, and you need consistent habits to see you accomplish your plan.

The Hermit is withdrawn, it’s searching and seeking the path forward which means this week you too should focus on yourself, the goal and the plan. Virgo energy or the energy of this Hermit card needs time alone, to focus without distractions.

Perhaps for some, this is about research, searching for truth, a mentor or guide to help you align your goals. It’s about connecting to your motive, the why behind what you want to bring into your life. It’s about removing the noise and chaos of other people's energy and just to take time for yourself this week.

The Knight of Wands appeared in response to the advice for the week. The advice this Knight offers is about stepping into the unknown, into something uncertain and exploring with curious and open eyes and mind.

The Knight of Wands is about daring to go where others don’t. It’s about stepping outside of your comfort zone. In fact, the card really confirms the first card drawn, in moving forward.

Try not to look at all you’re leaving behind or losing, but instead, all you’ll gain, see and experience. Align your action to the reward, not to your point of pain from the past.

The Knight of Wands requires you to believe in yourself, your talent and your skills. It calls for confidence and courage to expand your horizons. It asks for you to connect to your passions, to your why, and allow it to motivate and drive you towards your aspirations.

So, the tarot says you’re moving towards your goals and leaving behind the troubles of your past. It requires a plan of action, to anticipate and align your actions purposefully. Mostly, though, it requires you to be open, flexible and to adapt to all you find and discover this week.

yearly horoscope by ask a little witch,

To summarise, this week will ask you to commit to a path and cultivate a plan that can help you reach the destination you seek. It's a reminder to not give in, but to keep moving forward towards what you seek.

If you don't know how to do something, find someone who does. Focus on your expertise, skills and talents and connect with others who have skills you don’t. Create a plan to reach your goals and follow through on it.

The New Moon in Pisces will align you with what you need, so head to the guidance and follow the signs to turn your vision into a reality.

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live a little later, on the website. If you enjoyed this post please feel free to share it!

Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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