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Reaching for the Mountain tops - Weekly Horoscope, March 29, 2021

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for March 29, 2021, until April 4.

We'll cover this week's Nakshatra, the 3/4 Moon, Moon opposite Uranus, Moon and Square Neptune. Sun still conjunct Venus and Chiron, ¾ Moon and then we finish off with the Tarot of the week.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Hasta. The skilled one, the one that’s passionate about what they do and what’s to reach their goals asap.

If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras and what it can bring to your day-to-day experience.

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weekly horoscope, march 29, 2021, by ask a little witch,

Moon in Libra - So Relatable!

The Moon in Libra sets the tone, providing a relational feel for the week to be liked and accepted. You see, Venus rules Libra, and right now, Venus is coming off of the Full Moon with Chiron yesterday.

Venus in Aries is wild, independent and bursting with passion. It’s a ball busting, my way or no way, or get the hell out of my way, Venusian type. It deals with winning the game play.

When the Moon is in Libra we become a lot more aware of how others perceive us. It awakens our feelings around belonging, fitting in and being part of the group. Libra is the popular girl in high school; she’s usually only valued by her external materialistic qualities.

So, when we deal with Libra energy, we deal with connections, social interaction and social media. Libra is cardinal, meaning it’s an initiator of change; Libra being the transition from Summer to Autumn, it’s how to sustain what’s grown to last through the winter.

The week, therefore, beginning in Libra is sure to bring change around relations, partnerships and even business. It’s an energy that will focus on mutual benefit and joint interest to release what no longer aligns with our values.

Everything in life comes through others. Libra’s archetypal energy can place a lot of value on what others think, feel and believe about us. Libra is Venus, and Venus is LOVE!

When you’re around people who inspire, motivate and support us, we get a lot further ahead in life than going it alone. More than ever, in the age we live in, it’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know and what you can do.

The future insight reading by ask a little witch



Hasta being the Nakshatra to set off the week, brings about an entrepreneurial spirit, to work hard but smart. A week that will encourage you to master your skill set to streamline it.

Successful and wealthy people sell results, not time. They get really good at something and then sell their method, way or result. Hasta reminds you that your life can be whatever you want it to be; you just need to use your time wisely.

Hasta, governed by Moon, is about the kind of motivation that stirs passion and breeds inspiration. When you do what you love, you lose all sense of time. When you’re passionate about what you do, it cultivates purpose and motivation, allowing you to flourish.

Hasta is an expert in their field. To be an expert at anything, you need a keen sense of perception, an alert mind and awareness. You have to acknowledge and pay note to the fine details. It’s always the details that determine value, like buying a knock off design or the real thing.

When you deal with the energy of Hasta, you’re encouraged to be inquisitive, investigate and always remain curious. When you’re curious, you find things that you otherwise would not have found.

Your fate is in your hands, quite literally in the actions, choices and things you believe. In Hasta, there’s no ‘can’t’; in life, there’s always a way to get from point A to point B. You just have to be tenacious enough to figure it out.

Time often, too, is a factor under this lunar mansion. How do you spend your time? What tasks in your daily life bring little reward (joy, results, monetary advancement or satisfaction)? It’s time this week to release the stuff that wastes your time.

Instead, spend time cultivating your skill, your interests and things that bring you joy. Perfect your art, dig deeper, ask questions and remain curious about the possibilities all around.

Libra Full Moon


The entire week, last week, built up to the Full Moon cycle, March 28, 2021 at 19:48 GMT, the Full Moon.

The Full Moon is when the Sun and Moon form a 180' angle to each other, forming an astrological aspect called an opposition. It's the time in the month the Moon will appear at its most full in the night sky.

The Full Moon is when something comes to a completion, you gain awareness over something you could not see before. Full Moons awaken us to our feelings and all we've been suppressing and neglecting over the month.

A Full Moon under the influence of Libra is likely to bring up matters around doing what's right, justly, moral and with principle. It also might reflect matters around contracts, promises and commitments.

Libra is a sign that, of course, is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, value and relationships and commitments of all kinds. It’s a Full Moon that holds the symbolism of relationships, as involving others which often require compromise, the fulfilment of commitment out of a sense of duty and honour.

Under the sway of Hasta, it can bring forth the divide between doing what’s right and honourable versus doing what's easy and perhaps not so moral.

We have the Sun in Aries (with Venus & Chiron) with the Moon in Libra. Aries/Libra energy is very much you v me dynamic. To lead or to follow, what I want v what you want and give and take.

Aries is fiercely independent, Libra can be somewhat in early years co-dependant. There’s a notion that one loses himself when they, become a them, or an us in a relationship. You want to be able to do what you do, and yet now, there’s others to consider in the equation.

So the Full Moon is dealing with relationship dynamics. The ruler of the Moon is with the Sun and also joined by Chiron. Chiron is an asteroid connected to old wounds that shape us that we spend our entire lives healing and working through.

When you love another, and if you do it properly, you lose a little piece of yourself to that other person. The price of love is pain, to experience love you have to open yourself up, it’s the ultimate vulnerability.

Full Moon transit through houses, by ask little witch

The world is a contrasting, dual place of opposites. If there was no day there’d be no night. If there was no sadness there’d be no happiness. If there was no heartbreak they wouldn’t be love.

The Full Moon is bringing your awareness I believe to a recurring pattern that manifests in your relationships. We all have them, and the Moon is helping you to move past them. It’s why I believe this can be a Full Moon for closure.

You see, Venus since February has been hidden, there’s something that’s going on that you’re not yet aware of in the realm of all things Venus. This is why the past Full Moon also connected with relationship and love themes. It’s a full Moon to bring closure, healing, gaining of truth and clarity so you can move forward.

With the Sun/Venus/Chiron being ruled by Mars and Mars connected to Rahu, it’s necessary to break free and into a new direction. Things must evolve, adapt, grow and shift. It's required for survival and the progression of humanity.

You can find what it means for each sign generally here on the website. I will of course, discuss in the personal weekly Horoscopes for those who’ve subscribed.



We’re officially in spring, the Sun has shifted into Aries for the Spring equinox last week. It’s when you can see the first seeds of intention begin to bloom.

Aries season comes and goes by so quickly, the seeds having been sown, bloom and everything around us changes. It’s this season where things come alive, hope’s restored, everything begins anew as the earth thaws and we all awaken from that Pisces dream.

What goals do you have in mind, energy is fertile and so success is only a matter of when and how far you’re willing to go. It’s fearless, confident and showcasing energy. It’s time for us all to put our best foot forward in the pursuit of our aims and goals.

Sun kisses Venus


Some might think that when these two come together that they produce something harmonious but it’s not so… The Sun is hot, and anything that gets too close to the King risks being burned.

You see Venus wants to be desired, to be the most of everything. In many ways when we think of this lusty planet we can tie it to money and ownership. Its value is tied to its association, like arm candy, having the finest of jewels. It’s a luxurious lifestyle.

Sure the King may provide Venus for a time with this luxury, but the Sun gives it light freely. The Sun does not discriminate, it doesn't shine on some and not on others, the closer you are the more light you receive, but get too close and you’ll get burned.

When we think of the Sun in modern times, we think of those in positions of authority. Government officials, celebrities and people in positions of influence and power. Some things cannot be shared for the risk of losing power and influence.

In old times you correspond the Sun to royalty, and for example, look at what happened to all who got close to Henry the 8th. England is known for its mad Kings, but he defied all laws and rules and made his own.

My point is Venus being so close to the Sun doesn’t give her what she wants. The Sun’s the brightest there is, and how can Venus be worshipped like the goddess she is when she’s hidden by the closeness of her proximity to the Sun.

So right now, Venus is invisible, hidden by the bright light of the Sun. Venus has been hidden since February and will remain so until mid to late May.

What this does show is Venus is in the PROCESS of becoming an evening star as she passes through the Sun birthing a new relationship story.

You can think of it as Persephonies descent down into the underworld. Important things are being seeded right now that will begin to unfold as she arrives in the night Sky come May.

Mars in Gemini


Mars being the ruler of the Sun, the external influences in our lives & Venus the ruler’s ruler of the Moon is important to bring up again this week.

Mars is in Tropical Gemini, turning that amber light to green, green, go! Mars in Taurus was slow, methodical and forced you to cultivate patience that you didn’t have.

Mars in Gemini is fast, swift and is all about cutting away the negativity and dead weight in your life. It makes everyone a lot more active, an excellent time to begin things. It’s fantastic at starting new health regimes, streamlining your routines and habits for optimal results.

More than that, Mars pushing into Gemini, is going to unleash whatever competitive edge you have. It cheers you on to be and do better. It’s an energy that’s all about connecting, learning and putting things into action.

When Mars is in Gemini, you should feel that life speeds up, inspiration flows, and you get more focused on your goals. If you face a roadblock, you can find a solution in no time.

Gemini is easy-breezy; its mutable energy meaning it allows some room for Mars to cultivate. It can take what you’ve planned for or been working toward and take action or improve upon it.

Let me know if you’d be interested in a separate post dedicated to Mars moving through Gemini for your sign, in the comments below.

Moon Opposite Uranus


The Moon dances with Uranus on Tuesday, bringing a shock to the system or just something surprising. It gives vibes of a jack in the box or walking through a haunted house, a classic jump scare around any corner experience.

It's another transit that can make you take action without much forethought, especially as Mars is in Gemini. It's a flight or fight response, how you respond in the moment.

Uranus is moving through Bharani, the one that's about death, judgement and consequences of actions. I would advise against taking short cuts right now. Mercury always works with Uranus and as Mercury is about to enter Aries, you should check sources, instead of impulsively jumping into something that could get you in trouble later on.

Blind trust or faith in someone could lead you down the wrong path. There are no shortcuts, ignore anyone who tries to sell you one.

Mercury conjunct Neptune


The beginning of the Week Mercury and Neptune collide, or you could say that Mercury jumps in at the deep end of the pool. Perceptions shift and things can be a little dreamy for a while.

Mercury is the planet that rules our processes, our mind and communication. Neptune is the planet of spirituality, muses and intuition. When these two collide it’s best to honor your instincts, but also try not to get swept along into something that isn’t even what you want.

Mercury when he mixes with Neptune, can blend rational thought processes with the realm of infinite possibility leaning into pseudosciences.

An easy example of this is time travel, Einstein says it's theoretically possible to travel into the future, because time is relative. You can learn more about that elsewhere.

Everything's impossible until it's in fact possible. Neptune when mixed with Neptune takes the improbable and makes it probable. So what you get in the real world when the time of year comes for these two to connect it an out of the box opinion that shifts your perspective reality.

Truth is adjustable, is what these two planets when together teach us. There was once a time when everyone thought it was preposterous the thought of robots or machines running the world. Fast forward, 2021, with technological advancements, and almost everything is run by robots in some way.

Moon Opposite Mars


An opposition is an aspect where something is either being mirrored or projected onto you. It's a powerful aspect that makes you come face to face, in a way to defend or confront a situation.

Usually, oppositions directly manifest within relationships. It's a heated conflict, where two people are not seeing eye to eye, and you feel torn to choose.

Mars is a warrior; he defends at any cost; he has a code and abides by it. When you deal with Mars energy, you deal with sharp, hot and cutting situations. Fights can break out, things can break, you're impulsive with your actions, and it's best to not drive when under this energy.

Moon tangos with Mars on Friday, bringing up feelings of frustration, anger or wanting to take action. What you want and what someone else wants might clash around this time.

Passion can arise, but also, your actions can hurt someone else's feelings, so tact is very much needed. All in all, someone or a situation is likely to test your patience, learn from this experience.

Bringing back to the theme of the week in wanting to be liked and valued. Someone could be controlling your actions, maybe through manipulation. They might be trying to take away your choice to choose.

Moon Square Neptune


Sunday, the Moon sits uncomfortably crossed to Neptune. The energy that has come to light, what has begun to grow is not as you imagined it to be. You can plant a perfect seed, but that image on the front of the pack is just it’s potential.

The reality of this new start, beginning or intent has to be nurtured back in the mutable energy of Pisces. There needs to be an open flexible approach to allow it to ebb and flow as the divine intended it to be.

The Moon looking across to this is that something is not being seen in its true light, there’s confusion or a dismantling of fantasy. We all think we want something, to get it, and then change our minds or want something else.

The Moon/Neptune is about applied knowledge with intuitive action or leaps. Nothing is ever as simple as you think it should be. Try not to be tempted away or distracted by other things. Instead, focus your energy back to the moment of what you’re still aiming to grow.

All because something is not as you imagined it to be, under this false light or perception, it doesn’t mean it cannot be better than imagined with a little time, attention and TLC.

Moon Square Sun


The Third quarter square of the Moon takes place Sunday 4, 11:02 GMT (click here to convert to your time zone).

The third quarter Square of the Moon is the final 90' aspect the Moon makes to the Sun before beginning a new cycle. It points to the final lessons or part of the story. Where you overcome the challenge that gets to the fresh start or the thing you want.

It points to the week's energy encouraging you to remove all that's standing in your way. What's not working in your life anymore? It's time to release, heal and move past the stuff that's taking up space in our lives.

We're entering into a Cardinal square, being under tropical Capricorn Moon and Aries Sun. We deal with ambitions and shaping things to our will, and both Capricorn/Aries are ruled by Saturn/Mars, both planet’s of strength, determination and tenacity.

What's coming up here is a lot connected to how we go about accomplishing our goals and aims. In some ways, Capricorn/Aries have a lot in common, both have the dexterity to see something happen through to completion. At times both these signs can become selfish, single minded and throw out principles and feelings to get what they want.

There is one big difference, one is Earth while the other Fire. One is impatient and the other focused on the long game.

When we reflect back to the New Moon in February, the quarter Moon followed by the Libra Full Moon last week, we can say that the final lesson lies within focus on the big picture.

If you recall, the New Moon was all about making the impossible, possible. Over the past month, we've come to find the key in turning that dream or goal into reality.

Albert Einstein said ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge, a gentle reminder to not aim to small this New Moon. For everything seems impossible until it’s possible.

The idea that while we were under Pisces energy our imagined spilled into the physical. The ¼ taught us that our past need not be our future. The Full Moon showed us that relationships are key for anything to grow.

The ¾ Moon is calling for you to align your actions with the motive behind the action. Why? Why do you want to achieve this, what are you hoping to gain? What does not having it mean? What does having it mean?

These questions will keep you aligned to your goals, as long as your consistent, determined and always aligned to your most important thing… you’ll reach your goal, it’s only a matter of when.

Remember that purposeful actions are tied to both Capricorn and Aries. Capricorn is connected to a practical well thought out plan of action (Earth) while Aries to ability to execute said action (fire).

To manifest what you set the intention for, your plan toward it has to be 'clear and consistent', and you have to have the stamina to take action to manifest your goal.

The thing is, with Cardinal energy, like Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, it's always changing and birthing the new. When you constantly start and stop things you never reach your goals, consistency is key.



This week's primary energy is the Ace of Cups, the one of love. It’s an abundance of feel-good, feelings, that make everything brighter, sweeter and more fragrant and vibrant.

Weekly Tarot for March 29 2021 by ask a little witch, Ace of Cups, The Empress, The World Tarot

When the Ace of Cups pops up it almost always points to the start of something new, be it love, relationships, a new creation, connection or project.

It speaks of something that will burst your heart wide open, an event or situation that fills you up inside. New feelings emerge and begin to grow, think of it as a baby card… when you’re of a certain age you cannot help but feel that magical feeling when you hear a baby laugh. In its essence, this is the Ace of Cups energy.

The Ace of Cups is like a door opening, an omen or marker that someone of significance is soon to enter your life. When you love, truly love someone, you lose a tiny piece of yourself to that person, forever marked by the connection.

The Ace of cups is opening you up to something that will renew and begin again a new relationship story and cycle in your life. Be open to receive what the universe is guiding you towards today, this week, this month, just be open.

The Second card pulled was the Empress, in answer to the situation or challenge of most importance for the week.

The Empress points to relationships, the dominant Venusian energy of love, lust, those carnal and primal urges. As a situation, you could be dealing with relationships, with the start of something new and even pregnancy when it comes to the Empress.

Venus is connected to the evolutionary instinct of enjoyment. It favours strength and beauty above all things. Venus creates her beauty through pruning that of which is weak. There’s a harshness to her and an allure.

Venus is sexual energy, its objective beauty, its virility, eroticism and violence. Venus therefore can deal with those more obsessive, possessive qualities.

The reason I bring up some of Venus’s more dark associations is this is concerning a situation and potential challenge. So Venus, as represented by the Empress, could invite something passionate into our lives, but one that usually changes.

Venus is attracted to Mars and Sun, but although both of these can protect and devour her the way she seeks to be, neither can nurture nor provide her with her truest needs.

I believe this to be a reminder to check yourself at the door when it comes to your ego and the relationships you invite into your life. Be clear with your wants and needs, and then objectively conclude whether the one you find yourself with is capable and want to be that for you.

The situation and challenge could present as simple as insecurity over one's objective beauty. Not feeling attractive, fit, desirable or worthy enough for the one you seek. Venus energy can be very jealous, and there’s such a premium on beauty and pretty privilege that one is constantly comparing themselves to others.

The Moon began the week under a Lunar ruled nakshatra, and as such a reminder that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Everyone has different tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes. Try not to place yourself inside a box or a label that you think others put you in.

A situation around trying to control others or the outcome of a connection. Trust and allow things to unfold, the way in which it was intended to. Enjoy and embrace what is, and hold no expectation for the destination. Align your actions to the path of growth, if there’s no promise of growth change your direction.

You only control yourself and your actions. So consciously create the future you seek by making the right choices that lead you to your most important thing.

Sometimes when the Empress appears here in this position you can find yourself focused on the material, or external factors, the objective or superficial.

Venus is like a diamond, seeks to be in the presence of other beautiful things. In the time we live in, it's easy to portray something as having substance, when it’s merely only on the surface, like someone wearing a mask or playing a part.

The challenge is seeking to look beneath the surface and to find the substance. Not all that glitters is golden.

The World TAROT appeared in response to the advice for the week.

The World offers the advice that change is coming, you soon will reach a goal and then set off to unfold a new life story or chapter in your life.

A reminder that the past does not need to be your future. That what was once fixed and certain is beginning to change and take new shape.

The Advice the World offers in regards to this challenge is to focus on your most important thing. Focus on your goals, aspiration and objectives.

Whatever issues you face, you can always decide to make a change, to improve upon what is, nothing is final. The only certainty of life is that everything changes, so embrace a change.

Your effort will pay off.

A message that you can take the lessons from the past and allow them to guide you forward. It’s about making better choices, forward-focused and considering what's really important.

The advice is to focus on the long term, the place you’re striving to reach and aligning your actions and choices accordingly. You can have what you want, seek and desire if you put in the effort, time and dedication in having it.

The world card says you can have it all, just look at the bigger picture.

To summarise, this week will ask you to connect to your why, why you want what you want. You’ll come to acknowledge the clarity you need in relationships, being more mindful of those you connect with during the week.

It’s time to get focused on your vision, your goal and what you’re striving for and allow it to drive you forward.

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live a little later, on the website. IF YOU ENJOYED this post please feel free to SHARE!

Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch