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Choices & Closure 💕 Weekly Horoscope, March 22, 2021

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for March 22, 2021, until March 28.

We'll cover this week's Nakshatra, the Full Moon, Moon opposite Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. Sun in Aries, conjunct Venus and Chiron, and then finishing off with the Tarot of the week.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Ardra. The wild Storm, the one who protects those who cannot protect themselves. An Intense stir of emotions.

If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras and what it can bring to your day-to-day experience.

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Moon in Cancer - All the feels!

The Moon in Cancer sets the tone for the week, providing an emotionally intense sort of energy. You see, the Moon rules Cancer, and right now, the Moon is approaching its Full Phase.

The Moon in Cancer, provides the gut instinct, heart and compassion required to make the best possible decisions. Cancer governed by the Moon represents the rise and fall of feelings, truth and knowledge. It’s the three things required for each of us to find the motive behind our actions.

The motive in every cop show or behind every crime is significantly important. It’s what makes us human because none of us does anything without a cause or reason. Evidence is important to convict a person, but equally so, is the intent and motive behind it.

Moon in Cancer is bringing your awareness to something you only subconsciously picked up on and manifests it before your very eyes.

When the Moon is in Cancer, we become a lot more sensitive and receptive to the subtleties around us. It awakens our feelings and gets us to face how we really feel and to acknowledge what we need.

So, when we deal with Cancer energy, we deal with emotions, security and past hangups. Cancer is cardinal, meaning it’s an initiator of change; like the divine mother, it nurtures and brings life into the world, changing the shape of its landscape.

The week, therefore, beginning in Cancer is sure to bring change and revelations your way. It’s an energy that will destroy what was and begin to form a new path.

Cancer rules emotions, making it the sign that can distinguish between the authentic and inauthentic display of affections. You see, Cancer picks up on the micros expressions, energy and body language that your conscious brain doesn’t register. Like a parent that can tell each and every time you lie.

When the Moon is in Cancer we become a lot more aware of the subtleties. Sensitivity arises as we tune in to the world around us and all that goes unsaid.

When you think of Crabs you think of them as being angry or moody. Crabs are pretty touchy, they don’t straightforwardly approach things, they shift side to side.

Cancer is Lunar energy, it’s all we feel based off of what we experience, what’s reflected on to us through the Sun. Moon energy is protective energy, it’s that emotional pull that creates purposeful action. We’re all influenced by what we experience, shaped by each other whether or not we consciously realised it.

So, when we deal with Cancer energy, we deal with the ability to love, to be moved by something/someone outside of ourselves. We seek to protect it, but the cost of love is pain and so, Cancer also shows the vulnerability that comes from loving and being loved.

Cancer is cardinal, meaning it’s an initiator of change; Cancer being the transition from Spring to Summer, it’s all that’s needed to allow things to blossom and grow to the fullest potential.

The week, therefore, beginning in Cancer is sure to bring change around how we feel about certain things, as well as, the home/family and what’s needed to feel safe and secure. It’s an energy that will focus on the roots and what might be holding us back.

Cancer places a lot of value on how we feel. It’s the emotional triggers that play on our heartstrings, that propel us to take action. It’s our basic human needs, love, security and a sense of belonging. Our childhood greatly impacts who we become as adults. Do you still have wounds from the past that still block your way forward?



Ardra being the Nakshatra to set off the week, brings about a surge of energy similar to a thunderstorm. A week that will build the pressure to a point where all is purged and released. An explosion of intense emotion, clearing through the things of the past, to clear a new path, one of clarity, peace and honesty.

Ardra is a Nakshatra that hunts those who prey on the innocent. Rudra is quite the badass, he despises lies and deceit, and like the wild hunt, he rides the dark stormy skies, bringing light to end all darkness. He charges forward, destroying all the evils, exposing and capturing those who prey on the innocent.

Ardra brings light to secrets, hidden things and shows things for how they are, so new foundations can be built. He drives away all evils and destroys the darkness that the evils have cast a stain upon this world.

Ardra will remove all that's not good for you. It will cleanse away your pain and bring true transformation. Like mother nature, Ardra can be scary. It teaches you that the only way is through. It's about overcoming fear, oppression and fighting for what's right.

Ardra is about allowing things to change. You need not stay shackled to the story of your past, allow things to evolve, it's the only true constant of life. How do you deal with change?

In my study and research of days and energy falling under this influence, the thing that comes up ALL the time is change and the fear connected to said change. Ardra is about dealing with change and transitions that usually involve standing up for yourself. There are lots connected to the injured, things breaking down, arguments, and something ending for your own good.

Ardra is represented by not just a teardrop but a diamond. A reminder that it's through our hardships that we grow, through the facing of things we'd rather not face that we're shaped into a diamond. It teaches us that rough beginnings lead to brilliant and bright futures. It’s regular rags to riches story, not falling victim to past experiences but using it to propel you into greatness.



We’re officially in spring, the Sun has shifted into Aries for the Spring equinox last week. It’s when you can see the first seeds of intention begin to bloom.

Aries season comes and goes by so quickly, the seeds having been sown, bloom and everything around us changes. It’s this season where things come alive, hope’s restored, everything begins anew as the earth thaws and we all awaken from that Pisces dream.

What goals do you have in mind, energy is fertile and so success is only a matter of when and how far you’re willing to go. It’s fearless, confident and showcasing energy. It’s time for us all to put our best foot forward in the pursuit of our aims and goals.

Sun kisses Venus


Some might think that when these two come together that they produce something harmonious but it’s not so… The Sun is hot, and anything that gets too close to the King risks being burned.

You see Venus wants to be desired, to be the most of everything. In many ways when we think of this lusty planet we can tie it to money and ownership. Its value is tied to its association, like arm candy, having the finest of jewels. It’s a luxurious lifestyle.

Sure the King may provide Venus for a time with this luxury, but the Sun gives it light freely. The Sun does not discriminate, it doesn't shine on some and not on others, the closer you are the more light you receive, but get too close and you’ll get burned.

When we think of the Sun in modern times, we think of those in positions of authority. Government officials, celebrities and people in positions of influence and power. Some things cannot be shared for the risk of losing power and influence.

In old times you correspond the Sun to royalty, and for example, look at what happened to all who got close to Henry the 8th. England is known for its mad Kings, but he defied all laws and rules and made his own.

My point is Venus being so close to the Sun doesn’t give her what she wants. The Sun’s the brightest there is, and how can Venus be worshipped like the goddess she is when she’s hidden by the closeness of her proximity to the Sun.

So right now, Venus is invisible, hidden by the bright light of the Sun. Venus has been hidden since February and will remain so until mid to late May.

What this does show is Venus is in the PROCESS of becoming an evening star as she passes through the Sun birthing a new relationship story.

You can think of it as Persephonies descent down into the underworld. Important things are being seeded right now that will begin to unfold as she arrives in the night Sky come May.

Mars in Gemini


Mars is now in Tropical Gemini, turning that amber light to green, green, go! Mars in Taurus was slow, methodical and forced you to cultivate patience that you didn’t have.

Mars in Gemini is fast, swift and is all about cutting away the negativity and dead weight in your life. It makes everyone a lot more active, an excellent time to begin things. It’s fantastic at starting new health regimes, streamlining your routines and habits for optimal results.

More than that, Mars pushing into Gemini, is going to unleash whatever competitive edge you have. It cheers you on to be and do better. It’s an energy that’s all about connecting, learning and putting things into action.

When Mars is in Gemini, you should feel that life speeds up, inspiration flows, and you get more focused on your goals. If you face a roadblock, you can find a solution in no time.

Gemini is easy-breezy; its mutable energy meaning it allows some room for Mars to cultivate. It can take what you’ve planned for or been working toward and take action or improve upon it.

Let me know if you’d be interested in a separate post dedicated to Mars moving through Gemini for your sign, in the comments below.

Moon opposite Pluto


Tuesday, the Moon will look upon Pluto. I view this as a time of summoning one's inner demons, be what they may... fears, guilt, jealousy or lack of self-control.

It's a transit that occurs at least once a month; its aim is for us to become aware of all that lurks beneath the surface. It's all we'd rather not face that keeps us stuck. And It offers you liberation and total freedom.

How can this situation be better? What needs to change? What is the one thing you can do that can make it better?

Truth. Honesty. And total presence with yourself is needed. You need to call yourself out on any BS. Pluto is raw, and he wants to help you rise out above the ashes, but for that, you need to face the fear, that one thing that's keeping you stuck.

You'll only fail if you quit. Pluto is telling you that you're not a quitter, and whatever you want out of life, you got to be the one to go and get it.

So, yes, once a month, Pluto will resurrect something; it's a royal kick up the butt to make something happen. Master your mind, and it will never tell you that you "can't" do something again.

Anything is possible, and things change all the time. So why not you. It might bring a certain emotional intensity, but it'll pass.

Moon opposite Saturn


Wednesday, the Moon will sit directly opposite the Sensei, Saturn. It's unlikely you'll receive the pat on the back you've been hoping for.

It begs the question of why are you doing what you do? Is it that you seek validation or recognition? Saturn's tough and doesn't want you to show off or feel the need to prove yourself to others. It can come off as cold, but it teaches you that the only opinion that should matter is the one you have of yourself.

Saturn brings tough-love. It trains you, so you don't have to fight or struggle. You fight for life, not for points - Mr Myiagi. It's time you can feel isolated, disappointment through lack of support. In truth, it's just another lesson, so you can learn to stand on your own two feet.

Every month, the Moon sits across from Saturn, and every month you put into practice the lesson Saturn bestows upon you. Sure it can cause conflict at home with authority figures, and it can dishearten you.

Any Sensei will tell you that you never fight when you're emotional. You fight only for life, for what matters most. You fight smart and from the heart, never out of emotions. Saturn looking upon Moon and Moon looking upon Saturn is about cooling off and being your own pillar of support.

You might feel under-appreciated, not supported or unloved. It brings you back to the question, why do you do it?

If you're doing something to get something, then you're not coming from the right space. If you do something, let it be because you genuinely wish to do it, not because you hope to gain something from it. It's through this approach that you avoid disappointment.

Again, don't do anything for points, do only for yourself. It's like vanity metrics on social media, people living for likes, doing things for views, and when it all goes away, they feel as if they have nothing.

You're not a monkey in a circus, doing things for claps and treats. Come from a place true of heart, and the rewards you gain will be better than you can even imagine. When you put good into the world, good finds its way back to you. It needs to be true, though. Allow your actions to come from a place of wanting to do it without expectation for gain.

Moon opposite Jupiter


Thursday and Friday, the Moon will sit across from Jupiter and bask in the hopeful, expansive and feel-good energy. It’s a transit that can expand the heart of even the most cynical person.

As your heart grows twice as big, you feel generous and excited for the future. You could be on the receiving end of some happy news, results, or the first manifestations to a goal begin to come into focus.

Jupiter and the Moon sitting across from one another can help you see the bigger picture or acknowledge an alternative point of view. It’s a highly fertile time. Both Moon and Jupiter grow and expand, and both deal with creation.

It might be a time where things begin to come together, and something you set in motion back when the Moon was with Jupiter (10-11 March), can come to fruition. I think it wise not to promise more than you can keep at this time; remember, it’s a transit that only lasts a couple of days.

People might be more amenable and open, and so it can be a time of manifestation. It can also be when you can overindulge; both planets enjoy indulgence and more of something. You can see where this is taking place in your own chart for more insight. Where does Leo/Aquarius fall in your personal chart?

Moon and Jupiter looking at each other, says, “anything is possible’’. Possibilities are endless, but you need to turn ideas into action if you hope to see results.

Moon opposite Mercury


Saturday, the Moon and Mercury sit across from each other, divided between heart and mind. You can find yourself feeling in a muddle and thinking emotionally.

When the Moon comes to oppose Mercury each month, there needs to be a balance between heart and mind. You might find that you cannot decide upon anything, forever chipping and changing your mind.

You can find yourself either over rationalising everything you feel, talking yourself out of emotions and into rational and practical forethought. On the other side, you can find yourself being overly sensitive, highly emotional and neglecting the facts.

I advise you to write it all down, put a pen to real paper and empty your thoughts and feelings onto the page. Try not to judge yourself, just allow yourself to unravel, and you just might come to realise you already have the exact right thing you needed to hear.

Matters might seem a little crazy, but talking to yourself, being your own therapist, you can come to hear the things you needed to hear all along. What lies between the heart and mind, but the voice, a suggestion to talk it out.

Usually, when Moon and Mercury sit across from each other, we lack common sense. We can find ourselves lacking understanding.

Moon opposite Neptune


On Saturday, the Moon dances with Neptune, the planet of mystique, magic, spirituality and romance. Awakening from the spell cast upon us, illusions begin to dissipate as everything around us stops spinning. We can finally start to catch our breath and see things clearly.

Under this influence, you can be easily fooled, deceived and tricked into believing something that may not be what you think it is. On more positive notes, you enter into the world of possibility, where faith and trust are required to see you through.

When the Moon looks upon Neptune, It can make anyone a little hypersensitive and loopy. You might pick up on other peoples subtleties where you usually would not. The Moon and Neptune can create a lot of confusion, but you awaken as if from a dream once the transit has passed.

Libra Full Moon


The entire week is building to this cycle of the Moon, March 28, 2021 at 19:48 GMT, the Full Moon.

The Full Moon is when the Sun and Moon form a 180' angle to each other, forming an astrological aspect called an opposition. It's the time in the month the Moon will appear at its most full in the night sky.

The Full Moon is when something comes to a completion, you gain awareness over something you could not see before. Full Moons awaken us to our feelings and all we've been suppressing and neglecting over the month.

A Full Moon under the influence of Libra is likely to bring up matters around doing what's right, justly, moral and with principle. It also might reflect matters around contracts, promises and commitments.

Libra is a sign that, of course, is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, value and relationships and commitments of all kinds. It’s a Full Moon that holds the symbolism of relationships, as involving others which often require compromise, the fulfilment of commitment out of a sense of duty and honour.

Under the sway of Hasta, it can bring forth the divide between doing what’s right and honourable versus doing what's easy and perhaps not so moral.

We have the Sun in Aries (with Venus & Chiron) with the Moon in Libra. Aries/Libra energy is very much you v me dynamic. To lead or to follow, what I want v what you want and give and take.

Aries is fiercely independent, Libra can be somewhat in early years co-dependant. There’s a notion that one loses himself when they, become a them, or an us in a relationship. You want to be able to do what you do, and yet now, there’s others to consider in the equation.

So the Full Moon is dealing with relationship dynamics. The ruler of the Moon is with the Sun and also joined by Chiron. Chiron is an asteroid connected to old wounds that shape us that we spend our entire lives healing and working through.

When you love another, and if you do it properly, you lose a little piece of yourself to that other person. The price of love is pain, to experience love you have to open yourself up, it’s the ultimate vulnerability.

The world is a contrasting, dual place of opposites. If there was no day there’d be no night. If there was no sadness there’d be no happiness. If there was no heartbreak they wouldn’t be love.

The Full Moon is bringing your awareness I believe to a recurring pattern that manifests in your relationships. We all have them, and the Moon is helping you to move past them. It’s why I believe this can be a Full Moon for closure.

You see, Venus since February has been hidden, there’s something that’s going on that you’re not yet aware of in the realm of all things Venus. This is why the past Full Moon also connected with relationship and love themes. It’s a full Moon to bring closure, healing, gaining of truth and clarity so you can move forward.

With the Sun/Venus/Chiron being ruled by Mars and Mars connected to Rahu, it’s necessary to break free and into a new direction. Things must evolve, adapt, grow and shift. It's required for survival and the progression of humanity.

I’ll post more about the Full Moon later in the week. You can find what it means for each sign generally here on the website. I will of course, discuss in the personal weekly Horoscopes for those who’ve subscribed.



This week's primary energy is the Two of Wands, the card of choices, commitments and follow through on what you decide. Think of the Two as the manifestation of what last week ignited. The flame of a candle, lighting the pathway into the unknown having presented you the path to choose from.

When the Two of Wands comes about something is motivating you to take action. It’s traditionally a card of choices, the rise of an opportunity but will you stay or go? Which path best connects you to your most important thing?

It’s a card that’s all about making plans and thinking to the future of where you want to be. What does that future look like to you? Naturally, our choices are ours and ours alone but for most there’ll be people that we’ll consider when making the final decision.

The Two of Wands is about making moves that’ll align you to that goal or vision your have for yourself. It’s staying with what's comfortable or stepping into the unknown, into infinite possibilities.

Will you walk the path less traveled or follow in the footsteps of what’s safe and familiar?

The Second card pulled was the Hierophant alongside the Knight of Wands, in answer to the situation or challenge of most importance for the week.

The Hierophant when in the position of a challenging situation suggests that you may need to break certain traditions or change the way of doing things.

The Knight of wands speaks of seizing the opportunity in front of you, for it won’t be here for long. It’s about going on an adventure, it feels risky, you’ll be in a place or environment that’s new, unfamiliar and nothing is certain in the unknown.

The Hierophant with the Knight of Wands in a challenge and representing the situation is in finding the middle ground. Don’t be too impulsive where as you do little to no research and don’t be so cautious that you block a really great thing.

The Hierophant by nature follows the structures, standards and traditional ways that have been long established in our culture or society. It represents the structures and pillars by which our society and culture adhere to like: Religions, Governments, Laws, regulations, Schooling, Medical fields etc.

In the position of a challenging situation, the old way is not going to work for you. It’s about needing to evolve to the point of stepping out of your comfort zone, to find your own way.

The Knight of Wands, is perhaps edging on the realm of being well informed and not simply winging it. When you travel to countries like Egypt, or the east, there’s customs and ways you need to be aware of so as to not offend or get yourself into trouble.

Societies that don’t evolve to the current mainstream social morays, die out. As we, as humans evolve, we get more intelligent our awareness and perceptions shift along with it and so should the old ways be innovated and evolve along with us.

The Hierophant coming up is suggesting that you should think out of the box, and to put your own spin on things. You have not got to completely neglect what you believe, or abolish your traditions but tweak them to better fit you and your path.

The situation might be that you’re being too rigid, too by the letter and literal where you should be looking at the structure or system as a guideline for how to do something not the ONLY way to do something.

You should seek to find a path that fits you, and allow the family, social construct or group to catch up with you. Your family's wounds and trauma do not need to be or play a part in your life. You shouldn’t feel obliged to partake in traditions, toxic cycles and patterns that end up fueling and feeding the curses on our generation.

We can simply decide to tell a new story. Instead of focusing on the way it should be, what was wrong and this is the only right way to go about it and how you do it… You can focus instead on the solution and become it. Break the cycle by choosing something different.

Example. You don’t have to follow the bible word for word, letter for letter to be a ‘'good’' Christian. Keeping to the main tenets of being a good and decent human while encouraging and allowing yourself to journey into your own spirituality doesn’t take away your faith it adds to it.

What might be best for all that’s involved and does it most importantly align to your most important thing?

The Knight of wands can be impulsive, he seeks to be free to experience and go without limitations. The fact the Hierophant also popped out, is asking that you make sure your actions are in alignment with what you value.

It’s important to not run away simply because it’s the easy option. Also, to not stay in a situation that feels restrictive and not what you want for your future.

The King of Swords appeared in response to the advice for the week. The advice the King of Swords offers is about rationally considering the options available. You need to be honest with yourself and your aims.

The King of Swords represents justice, truth and honour. It brings you the answers, knowledge and advice needed to reach your desired goal or outcome. Knowledge is power, and so it advises that you get better informed of the decisions you’re making.

The King of Swords is calculating, to rule you need to be well informed of what’s going down in your business. It’s weighing the cost of or the cost not of, doing something.

Much like the Full Moon, it’s about doing what’s right. The King of Swords is justice and aligns his action according to his values. So if it’s all a matter of values, morals and truth, what choice or decision aligns you with yours?

When you know what you want and why you want it, you have the clarity to know which path will provide you with the results you seek.

To summarise, this week will ask you to commit to a path. You’ll come to acknowledge a truth that perhaps you somehow knew all along but finally have the proof to provide you closure needed to move forward.

It’s likely to be an emotionally charged week, one that will provide you the answers you seek and healing to boot.

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live a little later, on the website. If you enjoyed this post please feel free and share it!!

Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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