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Uncovering a Truth...Weekly Horoscope, June 7, 2021

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for June 7, 2021, until June 13.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Bharani. The Nakshatra demands law and order, being governed by Yama, god of death, destruction and justice.

If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras and what it can bring to your day-to-day experience.

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The Moon in Taurus sets the tone for the week, bringing themes around timing, quality and sustaining life. Ruled by Venus, the planet of relationships, wealth and values, the week can centre around focusing on things that matter most to you.

Taurus energy is slow, it represents reality, the real stuff and the things in life that are about longevity. Taurus energy brings the need for responsibility, reliability, duty and family.

Taurus energy is like that of nature. It’s the fertile, rich soil, tall trees, everything working together, it’s symbiotic. It’s give and take, energy in and energy out. Everything in nature gives and takes, it’s balanced and provides sustainability for life.

When you’re in the energy of Taurus you’re in the arena of high value, in-demand, long term needs and resources. Taurus is the sign of wealth, prosperity and abundance. It’s traditional and works on providing what is needed. It prides itself on being high value, high quality and being the best.

Taurus isn’t flashy, it’s humble, natural and caring. Taurus is not a sign of overnight success. Taurus is the sign that takes its time. It builds upon strong firm foundations that with time provides the evergreen and long term payoffs.

Think real estate, food, restaurants, health products, schooling, agriculture, art, designer clothing. Things that society will always need, want and value. It’s the things that grow in value, as demand increases. It’s more than simple supply and demand, it’s providing you with something that’s of the highest quality. It takes longer to produce, but it provides long term value.

Weeks that begin under the sway of Taurus, brings a need to slow down and consider your actions. It reconnects you with your values, raising awareness over where you invest your time, energy and resources into.

Taurus teaches us what it means to be practical in the pursuit of our dreams. It teaches us how to better use our time, energy and resources. It’s a sign of abundance, values and family. Taurus shows us what we need and how to get our needs met.

The Cow or the Bull is slow, patient, stubborn, but generous and kind. In many ancient cultures, the Cow/Bull is sacred, a symbol of motherhood providing you with all you need. You see the cow always gives more than she takes and this too is part of manifestation and the law of attraction. To be grateful for what you have and to give back, opens you up to the cosmic law of cause and effect.

So the week beginning under Taurus is going to get us all to re-evaluate our lives. To cultivate balance, to question where we give our time, energy and resources and if it aligns with our goals, values and morals.

Taurus is all about responsibility, duty and sustainability. Are you investing your time, energy, money and resources into things that add value or give you nothing back in turn?



The week begins under Bharani, the Lunar mansion of the cosmic Yoni (vagina), meaning creation, rejuvenation and purifying or cleansing. Bharani is governed by Yama, the god of death, and the protector of our dharmas. Dharma, meaning, your highest purpose and the right way of living.

Bharani teaches us that consequences are crucial for every action there’s a result. Without rules the world would descend into chaos, people are mostly selfish and self-involved, for there to not be rules. It’s a time where every bad deed GOES punished.

When we enter Bharani energy we deal with fear over consequences to our past actions. There are certain bounds we have to adhere to or consequences follow. It’s a time that signals a need to clear the clutter from your life, to make space. It’s about stepping up and taking responsibility.

Straight away from having Bharani at the beginning of the week, we know there’s going to be some heavy stuff to deal with, Bharani governs over serious matters. When you give birth to a baby, for example, you’re then responsible for that life for a time, if not the rest of your life. Bharani teaches us the power of our creations, your actions will always have consequences. It’s endings and beginnings like Yama.

As such, this week presents an ending and beginning to perhaps right a wrong. For others, it could indicate someone else’s perspective on something that happened in the past and denote your perception being vastly different, and a need to remedy it.

Someone might be returning back into your life, like the soldier returning home, or it could represent holding onto a relationship that's destructive for your well being... It's a week that'll caution you from impulsive action until you learn more about the situation in its entirety, not just from your single perspective.

In truth, many have remained stagnant and stuck in fear with the uncertainty of what would/could happen if they were to take action. It’s this week you’ll come to realise that the fear you felt before was actually just fear. Fear is not real, it lives only, in the mind, and Mars will give you the courage to see that nothing is stopping you from moving forward, but you.

Whatever was holding you back will no longer be doing so. Allow the courage to empower you in the direction of your truest aims not as a free pass to do as you please. Remember Yama is judging your actions so, don’t act immorally, you know what is right and you know what is wrong, don’t do something just because you think, nobody's watching, because someone is always watching.



Monday brings emotional surfing when the Moon joins with Uranus. When the Moon and Uranus connect, is when your heart and your higher mind meet in the middle. I’d usually say this is an emotional surfing type of situation, where you ride the wave and allow it to get you to where you’d like to be.

Truth is, this is going down in Taurus, and so you’re more dealing with situations around ownership and feeling not good enough. It could play out around a major disagreement or misunderstanding where someone says something out of haste or insecurity.

Uranus rules Aquarius, and Aquarius is heavy with Saturn energy, especially as Mercury is Rx in Gemini. Communications are offline, and furthermore, everyone is triggered by their own fears around being interesting and enough.

Life is changing, this trickles down into every single area of life. Everyone is holding on to something or trying to keep something afloat, it’s an idealised or hypothetical idea that may or may not play out.

Taurus is stubborn, it digs its heels in, likes tradition, and likes to know what to expect. When you deal with Uranus, you never can really know what to expect. Things are changing and evolving, and that can be scary. You cannot stop your own growth and evolution.



Late Monday and into Tuesday things turn up a level or two on the intensity scale. When the Moon passes over Lilith awakening your's and others fears, insecurities and jealousy. The very thing you may have been avoiding is likely to present itself for you to face.

Whatever you’ve been suppressing, keeping under wraps is about to be unleashed, and you’re going to come from a place of defence.

There’s something that you’re not dealing with, and it will require your attention. To come to terms with it, you need to stop, and consider both sides, and check your facts, data and resources. Under the sway of the Sun in Gemini, everyone is unclear as to what facts are in fact, facts, unwilling to allow any non-bias alternative points of view.



Mars and Pluto come into exact opposition with each other, which could be potentially explosive for us all. Mars the God of War going to battle with the lord of the underworld? Nothing good ever comes from that!

When we see this in a natal chart it can point to a victim/survivor mentality. Someone having undergone something traumatic where there was a victim(s). I’ve seen rape victims charts, charts of people who’ve been robbed, abused or attacked.

It’s not to say this is going to happen to you, I’m talking about natal positions. Collectively, this could prove to be more a public thing, where someone or an undercover group attacks another. Mars dominant people are very passionate, they don’t do well with the processing of emotions, and so, they swing off the deep end, and that results in violence.

When you couple this with Pluto Rx energy, all the repressed and stored up stuff finally reaches breaking point. Something is likely to snap and create a volcano level eruption. In saying, destruction on a mass scale. Mars represents the army, soldiers, defence, and Pluto is top secret, undercover, psychological warfare stuff.

Not going to lie it’s not a transit I’d like to see, with Pluto Rx, Saturn Rx and Mercury Rx, between eclipses and people, generally acting emotionally and irrationally. People who work underground, in mines, in protective, security fields or with dangerous weapons I’d practice caution. Don’t dismiss someone's murderous impulses, pay attention to mass changes in behaviours.

It’s just a lot of powerful energy that's building and people being easily manipulated to do something under duress. I just don’t get great vibes about it. Now obviously this transit has been in effect for a while and will continue to be so for the majority of June.



June 10, at 11:52 UK TIME, we have the New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Tropical Gemini 19 '47, under Mrigashira, conjunct Mercury Rx. To find what time the Eclipse is happening for you, and if it’s visible, click here.


Glad you asked. Basically, a Solar Eclipse is when the Sun, Moon and Earth align in a straight line connecting to one of the two nodes of the Moon.


The Nodes, North (Rahu) and South (Ketu), are the intersection points where the Moon crosses the Earth's orbital plane (the ecliptic). The Ecliptic is a 7-degree latitudinal band, a pathway that planets travel through.

Twice each month the Moon crosses the Ecliptic on opposite sides of Earth. So, when the Moon crosses the Ecliptic at the same time as a Full (lunar)/New Moon (solar), therein connecting to one of the nodes you get an Eclipse.


The Eclipses in Astrology often mark a powerful time of massive change. The only time the Sun and Moon lose power throughout the year is during the occurrence of an Eclipse.

During an eclipse for a short period of time, their light is stolen, casting a shadow of darkness upon us. The Nodes deal in fate, destiny and karma, and nobody is above it, you cannot buy your way out or trade it. It just is.

You can think of Eclipses as paying the piper or divine realignment.


The Solar Eclipse is with the North Node of the Moon, Rahu. When the Eclipse is triggered by Rahu, it’s when things begin to evolve in strange ways. The North Node is a spot of what feels new and exciting. It deals with illusion, mystery, trickery, Maya, materialism, all the stuff those in the west strive toward. It’s technological advances, aliens, the weird and unusual.

When an Eclipse is activated via Rahu, it brings opportunity for rapid growth, a powerful change and to align you with a desire. Rahu is without a body, it’s about ideas, possibility, intellect, and the mind.

Rahu encourages you to pursue things that are considered fringe or taboo. Rahu breaks societal norms, it’s innovation, progress and fulfilment of something deemed out of reach or possible. Think conspiracy theories, the stuff people call people who have a vastly otherworldly point of view. It’s these things proving true, where the truth was kept hidden.

Eclipses have long been connected to spirit possession, and under the guise of Ketu, it’s an open vessel for those whose spirituality inclined and could be more susceptible to psychic attack. In the same way, a planet in direct connection to the nodes within a chart are possessed by the nodes.


The Eclipses have been active on the Gemini and Sagittarius axis. The axis that deals a lot with information, beliefs, communication and experience.

Interestingly, June is the month that the Pentagon will release everything they know about UFO’s, something that has been long protected, denied and squashed.

We’re very much in the information age, technology advancements and the need to control such things as fast as the news and information is capable of spreading around the world.

The Gemini Solar Eclipse in many ways is about uncovering a truth. It falls under Mrigashira the Nakshatra of searching and seeking truth and answers in the unknown.

Now, Solar Eclipses are dangerous to the eyes, and the physical well being, so as amazing as it might be to see, it’s advised to not look directly at the eclipse. A night within a day that brings a marker of great change.

I’ll discuss the potential influences this will have for each sign over on my paid horoscope page & Patreons later on.


May 30, through to June 23, Mercury will go Rx from 24’43 -16’08 degrees of Tropical Gemini, under Mrigashira the searching Nakshatra.


I’ve made a video that goes in-depth with the blessing that Mercury Rx can bring and all you need to know about it, I’ll link it here to view.

To summarize for the purpose of this post, Mercury Rx is similar to a computer having a software update or upgrade.

Essentially, you flip to your less dominant side of the brain, so Mercury can process the last season's collection of data and you get a perspective shift.

If you haven’t checked the video, I urge you to have a read through the Mercury Rx post I created here on my website. I even talk through each of the house placements and link an in-depth video where you can see how it’ll manifest for you.

View the blog post here.


When Mercury goes Rx, it’s actually in connection with Venus, the planet of relationships, love, money and desires. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the Planet of the mind, so we can all find ourselves thinking back to a past relationship, intimate or strictly platonic.

Gemini is the sign that rules the mind, it’s what we think and talk about. It’s busy, friendly, neutral and thirsty for knowledge. Mercury going Rx here can help you track down lost and forgotten things. Things like forgotten memories, recalling old conversations and even finding mementoes connected to the past.

Mrgashira is a Nakshatra that searches for something, whatever you perceive to have lost, can be found if you're willing to step deeper into the forest of the unknown. Mrigashira is all about seeking, searching and investigating further. The answer you need is sure to arrive under the sway of Mrigashira.



On Friday, we all can feel protective of our hearts as passion and inspiration heightens as Mars enters into Leo.

Mars, the planet of war, courage and Independence is journeying through the Tropical Sign of Leo. Leo is the space in the sky that references our talent, creation and entertainment.

Mars represents our pursuit and motivation towards the goal we have in mind. It represents our energy and will to accomplish and see something through. It represents our skill in conjunction with Mercury, but Mars is our strength.

When Mars makes his journey into the royalty of Leo we can all become a little more proud, boastful, and self-driven. We feel the boost of vitality to protect, procreate, show off and claim what our hearts desire.

Mars in Leo can feel like a live-action show, the need to perform, create, play, dance and make stuff happen. Leo’s are natural performers, they've the capacity to do well when the heat is on, and it’s time to take action.

It can bring a lot of activity, heat and energy into the romantic field, it can bring increased attention towards your children, projects or creative outlets. It’s a time where we seek out inspiration, we want to play, laze about and do what lights us up.

It can bring experiences where everyone wants to be seen, heard and receive their ‘atta-boy/attagirl. Leo is the Lion, proud, in charge, fierce and the best in every word of the sense. So when Mars moves here we can get a little stuck in our egos, blind by our creations and yet we have a lot more energy and endurance for fun, play and creativity.

In some ways, the connection between Mars entering the energy of Leo can awaken and trigger what our hearts yearn for and what we truly desire. To the point where we feel compelled to take action. In other ways, we may become increasingly aggressive to threats around our actions, threats to children, our projects, relationships and sexual performance or endurance.

Leo typically gets coined the place we shine bright and receive attention for something we do. It’s also the celebrity or royalty archetype, the influencer, attractive and desirable energy.

Mar’s being a warrior, soldier, attacking and forceful energy can bring some discord towards your whole sign Leo house. Mars in Leo will demand some attention. Leo can get frustrated and angry as a result of lack of attention and action with the house it transits in your personal chart.

Collectively the Leo energy deals with celebrities, people in public positions, influencers, people who entertain on some level. Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun is seen, which means that Mars activities are going to be seen, acknowledged and paid attention to.

In Astrology Leo gets bunched with the same associations as the fifth house. These are things in connection to leisurely activities, hobbies, art, business, talents, children, sex, love, dating and the early stages of a relationship. The fifth house is a house of fun, it’s all that brings joy into our lives.

However, it doesn’t mean that collectively everyone's relationships, children, businesses and projects are under attack and in need of protection when Mars transits the sign.

From a more collective standpoint, it could show that there’ll be some enforcement to the way people run their brands, businesses and monetise their crafts. It might bring about more entertainment opportunities to do more things that we all enjoy. It could bring the possibility of being recognised. Your actions will likely be noticed.



Saturday, Moon and Venus join together and bring love, enjoyment and a good time for all.

Venus is the planet that represents our values, desires, tastes and money. She, of course, is the goddess of love and relationships, both of which are the ultimate resource in life. After all, everything in life, and all things come through others.

Moon is the experience, it’s what we need, it’s comfortable and deals with emotions. The Moon is the divine mother, nurturing, wise and can create life. It’s all we feel based on what we experience.

So, when the two benefic planets like Venus and Moon join together (conjunct), you can expect it to bring a day of love, emotional fulfilment and total bliss. Even though the day is governed by Saturn, which can sometimes bring about themes of duty, responsibility and boundaries, it should still tick the weekend off to a wonderful start.



Sunday, Mars and the Moon join together where powerful emotions lead to powerful actions. Sunday, therefore, is a powerful and motivational day, the Moon collides with Mars having spent some time with the node of destiny, Mercury Rx & the Solar Eclipse earlier in the week.

We all can find the courage needed to push forward and smite the negativity and blockages that stand in our way. The Moon colliding with Mars is about strength and tenacity to do what is needed to reach our goal and cut away all that stands to hold us back.

If you do not address the stuff that came up earlier in the week, then I’m afraid this energy can be like a loaded gun. You’ll feel the pressure building so intensely that you won’t be able to contain it, and it can lead to a leakage of explosive emotional reactions.


June is a reactive Mars Month, and this week we have the Solar Eclipse initiating an unexpected change and the uncovering of truth. We also have Mars entering into Leo, the seat of royalty, celebrity and influence.

The week is likely, to begin with, some heavy stuff to contemplate, as the moon shrinks in anticipation of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse. Fears, insecurities and past hangups can all be triggered. Ultimately the week feels to be building up to a truth being revealed, something that was hidden for a long time coming to light.

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live tomorrow, on the website + Patreon (run from Tuesday-Tuesday). If you enjoyed this post & would like to support the site please feel free to share it.

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