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Weekly Horoscope, January 25, 2021, | Seeking & Searching!!!

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for January 25, 2021, until January 31. We'll cover this week's nakshatra, the Full Moon in Leo, Sun conjunct Saturn/Jupiter and Mercury going retrograde.

The week begins under the nakshatra of Mrigashira. The one that’s always searching. If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras.

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This week in astrology, January 25, 2021,, by Ask a Little Witch, Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius, Full Moon in Leo,



The week begins with the Moon kissing the North Node, unlocking important information for the weeks ahead. Rahu, the planet of destiny stretches us beyond the boundaries we reside within and under the Nakshatra of Mrigashira, what you're looking for is beyond the boundary lines. We must step outside of our comfort zones to find what we seek this week.


Mrigashira is represented by the Doe, of which resides in the in-between worlds. A Deer spends their time in the fringe, not entirely in our world, but on the outskirts of a forest.

When the week sets the tone under this asterism, it points to a need to seek, search and investigate further. Whatever you perceive to have lost, can be found if you're willing to step deeper into the forest, into the unknown.

Many of you are likely feeling the effect of Mercury in shadow. It's preparing for it's retrograde at the end of the week. We're slowing down, as the energy is preparing to turn inwards. There's a saying that states we already know all we need to know. During these energy shifts, we'll be reminded of just that.

Mrigashira, asks you to keep on with your search for the answer you're looking for, can be found. Like a Deer, scared to journey further into the depths of the lush forest and equally afraid to journey into the realm of humankind, you're required to make the journey.

The week of January 25, is about bringing two opposite things together to improve something. Perhaps the solution you seek requires two parts to join, to forge the answer you're looking for.

Yearly Horoscopes 2021, yearly guides by ask a little witch, covering Mercury Retrograde 2021



Last week we already experienced the power of Sensei with the King, revealing essential lessons to aid you to reach your goals. Naturally, if you neglect the wise counsel of Saturn, you reap those consequences for Sensei in Shravana requires you to listen, not talk.

Did you think you knew all you had to know on the subject matter, situation or issue, that came up last week, to challenge you? Monday began with Saturn and Sun meeting together. Things get brought into perspective, before pushing through into the rest of the week.

If you missed last week's weekly horoscope, in summary, I said that when Saturn and Sun join, you're asked to review your life. What's working and what's not? You should stop doing things that do bring you closer to your goals.

It's stupid to do the same thing over again, knowing it's not making your stronger or permitting your growth, it's only keeping you stuck, and you are not a tree, you have legs, you're not supposed to be stuck.

The week's lesson is carried over into this week, to help you make the right choices moving forward.



Around the middle of the week, the Sun crosses paths with the missionary Jupiter, divulging new insights and inspiring you further on your journey.

When Jupiter and the Sun cross paths in life, it's often a time when we receive what feels like divine intervention. You might learn something important, that proves essential later on. It could be that someone reaches out, and they have what you need to proceed along your path.

The missionary offers you something more than you already have, they bring you something that will expand your perspective, viewpoint or even just shine a light of awareness at a situation you've been dealing with recently.

Bringing it back to the theme of the week in search and seeking, it just might be Wednesday through Friday, perhaps Saturday, depending on where you are in the world, that brings you this saving grace, that presents the information or knowhow to whatever you've been looking for.



It's around the same time that Jupiter's influence begins to be drawn in, that the Moon will look upon Pluto. I view this as a time of summoning one's inner demons, be what they may... fears, guilt, jealousy or lack of self-control.

It's a transit that occurs at least once a month; its aim is for us to become aware of all that lurks beneath the surface. It's all we'd rather not face that keeps us stuck. And It offers you liberation and total freedom.

How can this situation be better? What needs to change? What is the one thing you can do that can make it better?

Truth. Honesty. And total presence with yourself is needed. You need to call yourself out on any BS. Pluto is raw, and he wants to help you rise out above the ashes, but for that, you need to face the fear, that one thing that's keeping you stuck.

You'll only fail if you quit. Pluto is telling you that you're not a quitter, and whatever you want out of life, you got to be the one to go and get it.

So, yes, once a month Pluto will resurrect something, as a royal kick up the butt to make something happen. Master your mind, and it will never tell you that you "can't" do something again.

Anything is possible, and things change all the time. So why not you. It might bring a certain emotional intensity, but it'll pass.



Venus is the planet of relationships, values, desire and money colliding with Pluto has been known to reveal someone's deepest darkest secrets, desires or thoughts.

A transit in astrology that can transform one's relationships, resurrect lost passion, dare to ask for your needs to be met, or break something off that's toxic.

The main thing I see here is power plays, manipulation to get what one wants, or even secrets are exposed, like blackmail or revenge for being wronged.

Truth is essential, and keeping things locked down, suppressing your inner nature to please another is damaging to your soul. It's times like these where an honest, open and safe discussion about what's been weighing on you can liberate and reconnect creating deeper intimacy.

It's important to note that love is not control, it's balance, and so don't be surprised if your relationships enter into a mini-crisis. It's not permanent, but it'll invite a need to come clean before someone else reveals it.

Your fears are not reality. Whatever you're scared about when it comes to your venus related situations, it's only a by-production of your imagination. When Pluto/Venus collide, it brings up a need to be vulnerable but a fear over rejection.

There's not a loss here, just a change that needs instigating.



A few days before Mercury goes retrograde we have the Full Moon in tropical Leo, under the Nakshatra of Pushya.

Illustration: Lisa Sterle | Modern Witch Tarot

A Full Moon in Leo is going to bring up matters of pride, love and romance. If you think about it, Leo is governed by the Sun, the idea that all revolves around the Sun.

Leo will fall somewhere in your astrology charts, but your Leo house shows great importance because much of our identity is wrapped up within it. The Leo Full Moon will bring real awareness over all you want, need and desire this week, it'll also enable you to let go of what you don't.

I'll be posting a dedicated post to the Full Moon in a couple of days, but if you'd like to see where the Full Moon will be for your zodiac sign and a brief insight as to what the full Moon in the houses means for you, click here.

The cards I selected for the Full Moon were Five of Cups, Seven of Cups and the Queen of Wands.

It looks as though the energy is bringing an end to a relationship, and that with the prior astrological energies already discussed, building, you'll finally be able to see a situation for what it is, and with clarity, to make a choice, the right choice, for you.

You'll come to realise you cannot make someone do something they do not want to do. Manipulation will not work, coercion will not work, and neither will blackmail.

You desire love in its purest form, trickery into love, is not love. You'll realise you deserve more. You deserve all you want and more; it just might not come in the package you've stamped onto a person.

Under this Full Moon, you realise that you've wasted your energy and placed unrealistic expectations on a person or situation. You know if you want to make something happen, you have to take action.

Lessons are learned, with the Sun and Jupiter conjunction. Things fall into place, and you're able to honour and see what your heart truly wants and needs, especially in relationships.

Embrace the energy of Leo, be confident and clear; let someone know how you feel. If you wait for the right time, you just might miss an opportunity.

Mercury is slowing down and will retrograde just a few short days after this Full Moon. It's time to learn from past mistakes and claim what your heart is calling for.

Recall, all I said above with the rejection fear-based mentality lives only in your mind, not reality. You won't know for sure unless your willing to be vulnerable, open and honest.

Your past doesn't have to dictate your future.


JANUARY 30/31 - FEBRUARY 20/21

If you follow me on YouTube, you'd likely already see my' Blessings of Mercury Retrograde for 2021' video.

So, you know that I genuinely feel Mercury Retrograde's purpose is not to bring about chaos, for three weeks, three to four times a year, but to instead aid us in aligning to our purpose in manifesting what we seek most.

the blessing of mercury retrograde, Mercury retrograde 2021, ask a little witch

I'll be dedicating a series of upcoming blog posts to Mercury Retrograde over the coming weeks, if you'd like to stay updated make sure you've joined the newsletter, at, join the circle.

What I do want to say for this week, as Mercury will not retrograde until the very end of the week, is that things in our external world are about to slow down.

Mercury rules a lot of stuff; in this day in age, Mercury runs practically everything. It's technology, navigation systems, business, gadgets, communication, trade, traffic, transportation and I mean the list goes on.

Knowing that things are slowing down, I want you to just prepare for this, as people are switching the way they operate. The energy of Mercury draws inside, to process, update and upgrade. Again if you haven't already check out my video, above, it covers everything. I will, at some point, create a post laying everything out.

Mercury Retrogrades are not a time to fear, but a time to slow down. When we're always switched on, pressing forward and not processing, our minds get burnt out, overworked and so we're asked to pause. Everything in life is about balance, and the transit will teach you a lot about that.

Whatever issues you've already been facing this month, Mercury Retrograde will enable you to find the solutions to those issues. Sometimes we just need a fresh perspective and a chance to look at things from another angle.

If you want to learn about what Mercury retrograde means for you, and what the Mercury retrograde effects are, what Mercury Rx is upgrading and updating in 2021, check out your yearly guide on my store, I go into detail about all the retrogrades and what they mean for your sign.

yearly guides for 2021, by ask a little witch, yearly horoscopes 2021,

For now, I'll sign off. I'll be posting more posts about Mercury Retrograde and the Full Moon this week so please stay tuned in.

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live a little later, on the website, Patreon and YouTube members.

Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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