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Weekly Horoscope for January 18, 2021,| All will become clear...

Updated: Jan 23

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for January 18, 2021, until January 24. We'll cover this week's nakshatra, the 1/4 square of the Moon, Sun conjunct Saturn and Mars conjunct Uranus.

The week begins under the nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada. The one that washes away all that's left behind. If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras.

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Washing away so all will become clear | Uttara Bhadrapada

Uttara Bhadrapada brings personal growth, but often there's deception, secrets and truths that require exposure before you can move forward.

I believe each week sets the stage of how the rest will unfold, and under this asterism, there'll be a relationship or an alliance choice that'll need to be made this week.

A key lesson will unlock for each of you, depending on where it falls in your chart. You'll need to do what's right for the ones you love, and that love comes from an unconditional place.

You must wash away all the doubt, confusion and misdirects to uncover the truth behind the deception. There can be a little drama, and you'll have to consider the cost before joining the fight.

Will you face that thing or situation you don't want to face?

The King and the Sensei | Sun conjunct Saturn

When a week begins under this cosmic energy, you know you'll be reviewing your life. You'll be looking back at your accomplishments, the goals you conquered and the ones you didn't.

Often we look back with regrets on things we wished we'd done differently. The truth is, you made those choices, and there are no wrong choices, just lessons.

When the King (Sun), meets the Sensei (Saturn), it'll bring forth the consequences of those choices or actions. Saturn will tell you that "there's no wrong time to make the right choice".

The power of choice is that you can always choose another path or way. In truth, it brought you a necessary lesson. So there's no mistakes or wrong choices, just lessons.

Lessons teach and guide you forward, to find a better way than the path you took to get here. When Saturn and the Sun come together, they ask you to question your why.

There are always expectations, what society wants us to be, what our families or friends expect of us, and what we want and seek for ourselves.

Saturn and the Sun together ask you, what do you want?

Seeing it for yourself | Sun square Moon (¼ square of the Moon)

On January 20, the Sun and Moon square off. The ¼ square Moon is where we all face the first hurdle of what was seeded, at the New Moon.

The New Moon took place on January 13th, If you want to learn more about that cycle, click here.

It's not the time to quit or admit defeat. It's time to push forward, to make adjustments and see it through. Remember to connect to your why, and if you set no intention, think back to what you began a week ago in reflection to the consequence you face now.

You know what you need to do, if you're honest, you know the best right next move. If others cannot yet see what you already do, give it time, for the clouds will part to reveal what was there all along.

It might just be the week you or someone else needs to see it, experience it, to believe it for yourself or themselves. Seemingly impossible or rare things happen every day.

Nothing in this world happens just once! Standby what you want, what matters to you and forgive others for their judgement.

Fighting for Freedom | Mars conjunct Uranus

Whether you follow western or eastern Astrology, the rulerships lead us to the Mars and Uranus Conjunction. The energy will build with an intensity awaiting the arrival of the Moon, on Thursday.

Do you play it safe, and appease the projected fears put upon you? Or do you take the path less travelled and dare to try something unconventional. Computers do run the world now, and they said it would never happen.

Anything is possible this week if you dare to take a stand and fight for what you believe in, to advocate for yourself, your dream and the big picture. Nothing great comes from staying in your comfort zone.

Push those boundaries, bend the rules just a little this week for regrets are only found within the places or things you wish you had the courage to do. Dare to find another way, for there are many paths that can get you to the destination, goal or dream you seek to make come true.

Have a wonderful week. The personal weekly horoscopes for all you who subscribed is now up, you can view it here, or over on Patreon/YouTube Members. I was having some technical difficulties with my internet, but hey, Mercury is in shadow!

If you'd like to subscribe to the weekly horoscope, I offer a subscription on my website for £3, to sign up click here. The weekly horoscope also comes inclusive to the Patreon and YouTube members platform with other added perks.

Until my next post, be well, take a chance on yourself and make the choices that'll provide you with a stepping stone toward your goals.


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