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Weekly Horoscope, February 8, 2021, | A New Future

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for February 8, 2021, until February 14.

We'll cover this week's Nakshatra, the New Moon in Aquarius, Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde. Moon conjunct Pluto, Saturn and Mercury Retrograde, and then finishing off with the card of the week.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Mula. The one that's about getting to the roots and how everything in life has a starting or origin point.

If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras and what it can bring to your day-to-day experience.

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This week in Astrology by ask a little witch, weekly horoscope February 8 2021

Moon in Capricorn


The Moon in Capricorn sets the tone for the week, providing a can-do sort of energy. You see, Saturn rules Capricorn, and right now, Saturn is changing the way we do or approach things, under the influence of Aquarius.

Leon Megginson said ‘It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but It is the one most adaptable to change’. Saturn in Aquarius is all about innovation, evolution and adapting.

So, whatever your goal maybe this week, it’s about adapting and making a change in order to succeed. Moon in Capricorn is not a quitter, and we’ve all been learning how to adapt given the global situation.



Mula being the Nakshatra to set off the week, is about digging for the answers, for they reside underground or deep in the roots. Essentially the week asks you to drawback to when the situation or one like it first took place.

It's about connecting to the seed, that leads to the growth of the roots that produced the situation. Everything we experience is a direct consequence of something we did or choose prior. So, if we return to the root, we find the why and with that, make new choices that free us from past mistakes.

Mula is governed by Ketu, and the south node right now is under Sagittarius, asking us to question our beliefs. After all, we only experience things we believe are possible, and sometimes it's those limiting beliefs that keep us stuck.

When you change your perception on a situation, event or memory your entire world shifts. When we enter vibrationally into the Mula energy, we're asked how to evolve and adapt to ensure optimal success?

Mercury Retrograde 2021


As you know, Mercury went retrograde at the end of January. We're now embracing all that’s resurfacing for us within the Aquarian realm of truth, friendship and morals.

I made a post about the specific transit here, and you can also find my other resources like house placements here, linking to personal videos curated for each sign. Most of all if you haven't checked out the video of 'The Blessings of Mercury Retrograde 2021', you should, it'll give you a new perspective of how to work with EVERY Mercury RETROGRADE.

If you'd like to check out all the retrogrades, Saturn, luck, opportunity and Destiny transits for 2021 you can view my 'Yearly guides' here. You can enter the coupon code ‘Valentines’ for 10% off.

Mercury Rx Passes through the Sun


Monday, we have Mercury passing through the Sun, which can create exhaustion, mental fatigue and a need to stop, reflect and review what's working and not working right now.

Whether you want to or not you'll want to check in with yourself at the start of the week. You might have felt this energy begin to build over the weekend. There is something you've been doing that needs to adapt, change or be eliminated.

Depending on what Mercury Rules for you, your natal placement can provide a clue as to what's up for review overall. The energy beginning with this can carry on throughout the week where you need to adapt and make changes to align further with your long term goals.

Moon collides with Pluto


On Tuesday you’ll receive some form of triggered memory or something buried, perhaps a truth you’ve neglected yourself will come to light.

You see, the human brain is an incredible machine. You never truly forget anything, it’s all stored in your brain just waiting to be reassessed like a computer searching for a misplaced file.

When the Moon collides with Pluto each month, you get a dose of cold hard truths, or hidden and forgotten things come back to light. The Moon, in many ways, acts like a heart, and you cannot hide from your true feelings, fears and self.

Whatever is exposed will bring liberation and greater freedom. Don’t be afraid to take action, to follow your heart and to be honest with yourself about what you actually need.

Moon hugs Saturns


Wednesday, the Moon hugs and connects with Saturn, the wise one. It’s the next step in taking action, with some sage advice given to you from the Sensei himself, Saturn.

When the Moon and Saturn connect each month, it can bring a disconnect from emotions and provide tough love to accomplish something you truly desire. You have to meet the universe halfway, and Saturn will give the cue for you to put something into action.

If you want results Saturn says you need to be first, consistent, second, have a plan and three, follow your plan. Mainly it’s all about the first step, consistency, your results are based on what you do consistently.

Moon Meets Mercury Rx


Thursday, Moon will meet with Mercury, who right now, as you know, is in retrograde. It’s another transit that can bring rise to repressed memories, forgotten dreams and familiar feelings.

It’s during this time you’ll want to consciously review what matters most to you. What are your goals, and are you making time to turn your dreams into a reality?

It’s perfectly normal for life to get in the way, take us off course, or direct us off our path. It’s Mercury Rx that’ll re-align you with your path, and get you to clearly see what’s working and in most cases not working and how you can make adaptations to get things on track.

Mercury Rx, is not the villain, he wants you to slow down, check-in with yourself and really ask yourself what your hopes, wishes and dreams are for the future?

Moon Square Mars


Thursday we also have the Moon in conflict with Mars. It’s when you can feel restless, wanting to take action and yet, are you taking the right next step or just impulsively jumping into the fire?

When Mars and Moon square, they are acting from an emotionally frustrating place. It’s great to connect to your why and for it to fuel you further toward your goals, but Mars is sharp and hot, and often there are consequences to the actions you make.

You must remember Mars is a soldier, a courageous warrior, so discipline and a battle plan are needed for any warrior to be victorious. Thursday is also the New Moon, a time of quiet reflection, to establish the seed you wish to plant and not a time of immediate action, but patience and forethought as to the best next step.

Aquarius New Moon


Thursday, 11, 7.05 pm GMT, we have the New Moon in Aquarius under Dhanishta. The New Moon in Aquarius brings ingenuity and adapting to outer circumstances.

When the New Moon takes place under Aquarius, you're called to plant a seed for the future, the key to turning your dream into a reality is in using what you got to acquire more of it. It's a law of attraction type of New Moon.

Dhanista is the cosmic drum, finding what moves you and finding your own way to see something through to fruition. Manifesting 101 lies within gratitude, when you have something, you hold no resistance to it because you already have it, and you can use it to acquire more of it and leverage it to attract what you seek.

One thing Aquarius is not is conventional. It takes the impossible and makes it possible. It takes a theory and trials it to prove it right. It's not about following what others tell you during this New Moon but finding your path, your way of doing something.

Under Aquarius, anything is possible, which is why this New Moon is one to plant the seeds for the future. I already mentioned that Saturn, the ruler of this energy, is in Aquarius, along with Venus, Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury at least, sidereally. You'll need to think out of the box, try a new approach, be open to change and adapt accordingly.

The other rulers of this New Moon are in Tropical Taurus when you connect to the 'why' you want it, you begin to prioritise and make it happen because it's necessary. It's a kind of drive that overcomes anything.

In true Aquarius fashion, anything can happen, and everything is possible, you just have to find a way. Everything you need is already around you, follow the signs and piece it together.

If you struggle with limiting beliefs, you should try Subliminals. I've started a new YouTube channel with safe Subliminals, and I'm taking suggestions for future videos.

In my' Yearly Guides' you can find the house placement of your ¾ Moon for each month and what it means. Again you can save 10% with coupon code ‘Valentines’ until the end of the month.

Moon Kisses Neptune


Saturday, the Moon and Neptune Kiss, it’s during this time you set your intention for the future free and have faith you’ll reach it. Of course, you’ll have to follow the signs, meet the universe halfway to make it happen.

When Moon and Neptune get close, intuition, insights, dream messages come through like a strong Wifi signal. Pay attention to the things that keep coming up, be it on TV, thoughts, images, symbols, situations look for the patterns and see where they lead you.



This week's primary energy is the Knight of Wands, one that asks for you to embrace your adventurous side, where the future is wide open, and anything is possible.

The Knight of wands calls for you to acknowledge the opportunities that present themselves this week. To not be too impulsive but with forethought to make some adjustments to your future plans, hopes and wishes.

There may be some jump scares, surprises along the way this week but remember all I said about adapting. The only constant of life is change and change is a part of survival, success, so by remaining stuck you're limiting your progress.

The week calls for openness, the ability to innovate, adapt and shift your approach. There's always a million and one ways to do something, you just have to find the way that works for you. Allow the changes, and surprises to further add fuel to your future pursuit, goal or dream.

The High Priestess tells you to dare to follow the signs wherever they may lead you. It calls for you to find the pattern, the path, the missing link that binds it all together.

Trust and journey into your feelings, what do they sense? Don't think about what you feel, just allow the feelings to tell you. You're being granted secret knowledge, hidden knowledge, allow your intuition to guide you forward this week.

To summarise, this week will be about planting seeds for the future. It's a week that calls for you to adapt to the changing circumstances and connect deeper than ever to the why behind what you aim to accomplish or achieve.

Change is a necessary part of life, and it always starts with the self. Create the world you want to live in, with small conscious, consistent and intentional actions.

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live a little later, on the website, Patreon and YouTube members.

Lastly, with much regret, the Monthly horoscopes will be terminated moving forward. For the past year, I have struggled with the do I-don’t I continue with them, as the return on the amount of energy I put in is not balanced.

I’ll focus on more detailed weekly horoscopes and more astrological blog posts and video content moving forward. The kind of content that others will gain much more value from; that will help everyone connect and have a deeper understanding of their own personal astrology charts.

Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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