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Weekly Horoscope, February 22, 2021, | The Power of Love

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for February 22, 2021, until February 28.

We'll cover this week's Nakshatra, the Full Moon, Venus entering Pisces. Moon opposite Saturn, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and the Neptune. Mercury now being direct, and then finishing off with the card of the week.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Ardra. The wild storm, the one that hunts those who prey on the innocent.

If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras and what it can bring to your day-to-day experience.

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Moon in Cancer - All the feels!

The Moon in Cancer sets the tone for the week, providing an emotionally intense go sort of energy. You see, the Moon rules Cancer, and right now, the Moon is approaching its Full Phase.

Mercury has now shifted direct. We’re all getting acquainted with the updates and upgrades that took place during the retrograde. Moon in Cancer is bringing your awareness to something you only subconsciously picked up on before and manifests it before your very eyes.

When the Moon is in Cancer, we become a lot more sensitive and receptive to the subtleties around us. It awakens our feelings and gets us to face how we really feel and to acknowledge what we need.

So, when we deal with Cancer energy, we deal with emotions, security and past hangups. Cancer is cardinal, meaning it’s an initiator of change; like the divine mother, it nurtures and brings life into the world, changing the shape of its landscape.

The week, therefore, beginning in Cancer is sure to bring change and revelations your way. It’s an energy that will destroy what was and begin to form a new path. Mercury being direct now, you’ll be able to process and make sense of things.



Ardra being the Nakshatra to set off the week, brings about a surge of energy similar to a thunderstorm. A week that will build the pressure to a point where all is purged and released. An explosion of intense emotion, clearing through the things of the past, to clear a new path, one of clarity, peace and honesty.

Ardra is a Nakshatra that hunts those who prey on the innocent. Rudra is quite the badass, he despises lies and deceit, and like the wild hunt, he rides the dark stormy skies, bringing light to an end, all darkness. He charges forward, destroying all the evils, exposing and capturing those who prey on the innocent.

Ardra brings light to secrets, hidden things and shows things for how they are, so new foundations can be built. He drives away all evils and destroys the darkness that the evils have cast a stain upon this world.

Ardra will remove all that's not good for you. It will cleanse away your pain and bring true transformation. Like mother nature, Ardra can be scary. It teaches you that the only way is through. It's about overcoming fear, oppression and fighting for what's right.

Ardra is about allowing things to change. You need not stay shackled to the story of your past, allow things to evolve, it's the only true constant of life. How do you deal with change?

In my study and research of days and energy falling under this influence, the thing that comes up ALL the time is change and the fear connected to said change. Ardra is about dealing with change and transitions that usually involve standing up for yourself. There are lots connected to the injured, things breaking down, arguments, and something ending for your own good.

Ardra is represented by not just a teardrop but a diamond. A reminder that it's through our hardships that we grow, through the facing of things we'd rather not face that we're shaped into a diamond.

Moon opposite Pluto


Tuesday/Wednesday, the Moon will look upon Pluto. I view this as a time of summoning one's inner demons, be what they may... fears, guilt, jealousy or lack of self-control.

It's a transit that occurs at least once a month; its aim is for us to become aware of all that lurks beneath the surface. It's all we'd rather not face that keeps us stuck. And It offers you liberation and total freedom.

How can this situation be better? What needs to change? What is the one thing you can do that can make it better?

Truth. Honesty. And total presence with yourself is needed. You need to call yourself out on any BS. Pluto is raw, and he wants to help you rise out above the ashes, but for that, you need to face the fear, that one thing that's keeping you stuck.

You'll only fail if you quit. Pluto is telling you that you're not a quitter, and whatever you want out of life, you got to be the one to go and get it.

So, yes, once a month, Pluto will resurrect something; it's a royal kick up the butt to make something happen. Master your mind, and it will never tell you that you "can't" do something again.

Anything is possible, and things change all the time. So why not you. It might bring a certain emotional intensity, but it'll pass.

Mars trine Pluto


Mars and Pluto trine all of this week. When Mars and Pluto look upon each other, It creates an energy of intrigue, secrecy and hidden intentions. You're able to tap into the subconscious and subtle intentions and actions of others.

Mars and Pluto in this free-flowing vibe with one another can be deeply ritualistic, magical, even, because you're tapping into something primal and unseen. It can provide the potential for profound transformation.

Master Occultist Aleister Crowley had this in his chart, but then again, as did Ted Bundy. It's an aspect and transit that cultivates behind the scenes and behind closed doors action. It's concealment of your intention, action and energy.

When we look upon trines, we can view them like the weave of magic, permitting things to pass through, like a stream or a river flowing; its energy is always there.

When we deal with Pluto and Mars, we deal with power, assertation, winning, control and primal urges. We deal with the dark passenger that resides within each and every single one of us. It's a matter of taking by force, winning at any cost and survival 101.

It can open the way to your deeper, hidden and repressed desires. It's harder to deny what your shadow self wants, needs and desires. It's a force taking over to motivate you towards what you seek most.

So, when Mars and Pluto look upon each other, it opens a door for you to overcome fear, setbacks, to re-establish your personal power and build up your confidence to accomplish anything. Inhibitions are gone; your sole focus is on making it happen.

It's like a compulsion, a natural urge that takes over and makes you single focused on accomplishing something by any means. You become highly motivated to make something happen. It's not impulsive in the sense of just taking action; it's preparation. Remember, both energies are masters of war. It's ritualistic, not opportunistic.

I realise that when you think of a trine, you think of something positive, easy and light. When you think of a trine, you think of something being second nature, and that it is. It's important to realise that Mars and Pluto are not light, fluffy or cuddly planets. They are dangerous, powerful and assertive. When together or in support of one another, they become unstoppable.

As such, the lightest thing I can say with a Mars/Pluto connection is it will make you stronger. It will build courage and provide the motivation necessary to push you towards your goals and success.

I genuinely feel that this transit will awaken something primal within you, a "dark" urge or coming to face your dark passenger. It'll happen without you even realising that's the danger with the trine, it's there, and you don't even know it.

It's highly sexual energy, and what will the Full Moon this week, Sex magic is positively charged under this influence.

Moon opposite Saturn


Wednesday and Thursday, the Moon will sit directly opposite the Sensei, Saturn. It's unlikely you'll receive the pat on the back you've been hoping for.

It begs the question of why are you doing what you do? Is it that you seek validation or recognition? Saturn's tough and doesn't want you to show off or feel the need to prove yourself to others. It can come off as cold, but it teaches you that the only opinion that should matter is the one you have of yourself.

Saturn brings tough-love. It trains you, so you don't have to fight or struggle. You fight for life, not for points - Mr Myiagi. It's time you can feel isolated, disappointment through lack of support. In truth, it's just another lesson, so you can learn to stand on your own two feet.

Every month, the Moon sits across from Saturn, and every month you put into practice the lesson Saturn bestows upon you. Sure it can cause conflict at home with authority figures, and it can dishearten you.

Any Sensei will tell you that you never fight when you're emotional. You fight only for life, for what matters most. You fight smart and from the heart, never out of emotions. Saturn looking upon Moon and Moon looking upon Saturn is about cooling off and being your own pillar of support.

You might feel under-appreciated, not supported or unloved. It brings you back to the question, why do you do it?

If you're doing something to get something, then you're not coming from the right space. If you do something, let it be because you genuinely wish to do it, not because you hope to gain something from it. It's through this approach that you avoid disappointment.

Again, don't do anything for points, do only for yourself. It's like vanity metrics on social media, people living for likes, doing things for views, and when it all goes away, they feel as if they have nothing.

You're not a monkey in a circus, doing things for claps and treats. Come from a place true of heart, and the rewards you gain will be better than you can even imagine. When you put good into the world, good finds its way back to you. It needs to be true, though. Allow your actions to come from a place of wanting to do it without expectation for gain.

Moon opposite Mercury


Wednesday and Thursday, the Moon and Mercury sit across from each other, divided between heart and mind. You can find yourself feeling in a muddle and thinking emotionally.

When the Moon comes to oppose Mercury each month, there needs to be a balance between heart and mind. You might find that you cannot decide upon anything, forever chipping and changing your mind.

You can find yourself either over rationalising everything you feel, talking yourself out of emotions and into rational and practical forethought. On the other side, you can find yourself being overly sensitive, highly emotional and neglecting the facts.

I advise you to write it all down, put a pen to real paper and empty your thoughts and feelings onto the page. Try not to judge yourself, just allow yourself to unravel, and you just might come to realise you already have the exact right thing you needed to hear.

Matters might seem a little crazy, but talking to yourself, being your own therapist, you can come to hear the things you needed to hear all along. What lies between the heart and mind, but the voice, a suggestion to talk it out.

Usually, when Moon and Mercury sit across from each other, we lack common sense. We can find ourselves lacking understanding.

Moon opposite Jupiter


Thursday and Friday, the Moon will sit across from Jupiter and bask in the hopeful, expansive and feel-good energy. It’s a transit that can expand the heart of even the most cynical person.

As your heart grows twice as big, you feel generous and excited for the future. You could be on the receiving end of some happy news, results, or the first manifestations to a goal begin to come into focus.

Jupiter and the Moon sitting across from one another can help you see the bigger picture or acknowledge an alternative point of view. It’s a highly fertile time. Both Moon and Jupiter grow and expand, and both deal with creation.

It might be a time where things begin to come together, and something you set in motion back when the Moon was with Jupiter (10-12 February), can come to fruition. I think it wise not to promise more than you can keep at this time; remember, it’s a transit that only lasts a couple of days.

People might be more amenable and open, and so it can be a time of manifestation. It can also be when you can overindulge; both planets enjoy indulgence and more of something. You can see where this is taking place in your own chart for more insight. Where does Leo/Aquarius fall in your personal chart?

Moon and Jupiter looking at each other, says, “anything is possible’’. Possibilities are endless, but you need to turn ideas into action if you hope to see results.

Venus enters Pisces


Friday, Venus enters Pisces and over the duration of her transit through Pisces, she'll chase the Sun before she catches up, connects and passes through, bringing forth a new love story.

Now Venus doesn't connect with the Sun in Pisces. She joins the Sun on March 25 in the sign of Tropical Aries. On the same day that Mars (Aries ruler) connects with the North Node of destiny.

Venus is at its highest most exalted position in Pisces, swimming in the ocean of love and happily ever afters. Venus in Pisces is spiritual, fantastical, and she loves unconditionally.

When it comes to relationships overall, being as Venus is the planet of love and relationships can bring greater compassion and true intimacy and understanding.

Depending on your personal Astrology, Pisces energy can be super confusing, and it's easy to lose yourself in others. Pisces has no boundaries; it's open-hearted and can often see the potential of partnerships for its ready to be actualised in reality.

It's being in a rowing boat at the mercy of the sea. When it comes to relationships, it's an uncertain ride, for there's no plans there's just now and enjoying and taking it all in, fully and completely.

As we journey further into Pisces' depths, Venus will square the nodes, a powerful aspect between the energies of Pisces, Gemini and Sagittarius.

You'll be called to honour your heart, your intuition and what you know in your spirit to be true. Matters may call for you to question how practical and real something is. Do you believe, do you have the facts and evidence to prove something? It's what Sagittarius and Gemini are calling for, but Venus needs to follow her heart, for it knows what yet is not apparent to the eyes.

Moon opposite Venus


As we enter into the weekend, Friday/Saturday, the Moon will cast her gaze upon Venus. It's time we feel partially romantic or reminiscent. The Moon and Venus are incredibly feminine in nature, and so you come to face matters of the heart.

When Venus and the Moon look upon one another, it can be a time of talking things out, coming to understand or learn something about relationships. How do you give and receive love?

Relationships of all kinds can rule over one's life when the Moon looks across to Venus. In some ways, you can want to assist and help others.

This particular transit brings about a certain amount of being ruled by the heart. Back in the day, around the Victorian era, this would be a watchful transit as women's virtues could be stolen away. I mean, kissing in public could ruin a girl, as could an unchaperoned walk late at night with a gentleman caller.

Moon with Venus is hypnotised by love, consumed by the affairs of the heart. It's a pleasant transit unless you despise all the beautiful things love can offer. I would suggest, though, it's not a transit to make a commitment.

The perfect day to align with your values, talk with a loved one and even enjoy a wonderful day with someone you're fond of would be a great way to enjoy this energy.

Sun in Pisces


The Sun enters Pisces on Thursday, calling for much-needed understanding, compassion and unconditional love. Pisces is perhaps one of the most understanding signs, making it one that gets walked all over more often than not.

The trouble with Pisces' energy is it's reflective, it cultivates a lot of projecting and mirroring. Instead of dealing with issues, you can find yourself wanting to escape and forget all about it.

Pisces is the mermaid, and legends have said that a Mermaid's heart turns to ice from having her heartbroken. The price of love is pain, and they say that you shouldn't love someone else more than you love yourself. Pisces is unconditional, and so, it makes sense to paint this energy as the escapist and eternal mermaid.

We live in a world of contrast, polarising opposites, Yin and Yang, love and hate, pain and joy, night and day, good and bad. You cannot know one without the other.

Pisces is Mutable energy, it's the seas and oceans, it's in all things, and it teaches us to become like water. There's a great mystery to Pisces, just as there's a mystery to the sea. Venus is at its height in Pisces, it's unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and freedom.

It's easy to get lost at sea, just as it's easy to get lost during Pisces season. Follow your heart, it'll lead you to your true north, or you can freeze it over, turn it to ice and escape. Those things you avoid will still be there when you come back, though perhaps worse than when you left them.

The Virgo Full Moon

Saturday, 27, 8.17 am GMT, we have the Full Moon in Virgo under Purva Phalguni. A Full Moon to bring about clarity of heart and mind after a period of uncertainty.

The Full Moon is when the Sun and Moon form a 180' angle to each other, forming an astrological aspect called an opposition. It's the time in the month the Moon will appear at its most full in the night sky.

The Full Moon is when something comes to a completion, you gain awareness over something you could not see before. Full Moons awaken us to our feelings and all we've been suppressing and neglecting over the month.

The Full Moon in Virgo can bring clarity, understanding and certainty to what we want most in life. Virgo is incredibly observant, detailed and weighs everything out.

The Full Moon receives it's illumination from the Sun in Pisces, being as the Moon has no light of its own. Virgo anchors the dreamscape of Pisces and makes it real. So, upon this Full Moon night, you can come to find a foolproof plan to turn dreams into a reality.

The Full Moon brings what was begun at the New Moon, February 11, to culmination. If you haven't checked out the New Moon post, you can view it here.

The Full Moon is your how to get from point A to point B. Virgo, being methodical, an earth sign capable of manifesting things into reality.

The Full Moon falls under Purva Phaliguni, one of the Soulmate pairs. It's not surprising that this is the Nakshatra of the Full Moon when the New Moon was one of manifestation.

Everything in life comes through others, being ruled by Venus and Venus now in Pisces, a Full Moon I'm sure to bring to light a soulmate connection.

I'll be posting a detailed post all about the Full Moon over the coming couple of days. Stay tuned.

To find out where it’s taking place for you click here to learn more.

Moon opposite Neptune


On Sunday, the Moon dances with Neptune, the planet of mystique, magic, spirituality and romance. Awakening from the spell cast upon us, illusions begin to dissipate as everything around us stops spinning. We can finally start to catch our breath and see things clearly.

Under this influence, you can be easily fooled, deceived and tricked into believing something that may not be what you think it is. On more positive notes, you enter into the world of possibility, where faith and trust are required to see you through.

When the Moon looks upon Neptune, It can make anyone a little hypersensitive and loopy. You might pick up on other peoples subtleties where you usually would not. The Moon and Neptune can create a lot of confusion, but you awaken as if from a dream once the transit has passed.

Mercury’s Direct


As you know, Mercury went retrograde at the end of January. We embraced the Aquarian realm of truth, friendship and morals.

I made a post about the specific transit here, and you can also find my other resources like house placements here, linking to personal videos curated for each sign. Most of all if you haven't checked out the video of 'The Blessings of Mercury Retrograde 2021', you should, it'll give you a new perspective of how to work with EVERY Mercury RETROGRADE.

If you'd like to check out all the retrogrades, Saturn, luck, opportunity and Destiny transits for 2021 you can view my 'Yearly guides' here. You can enter the coupon code ‘Valentines’ for 10% off.

moon phase guide, mercury retrograde guide, yearly horoscope, 2021 transits,

On Sunday 12:52 AM GMT, Mercury stopped and began its forward journey back through Aquarius. Communications go back online as Mercury is permitted to travel again between worlds.

What's interesting is that at the very time Mercury comes online, the Moon and Rahu are in support of opening the portal. As the south node, Ketu, and Juno the asteroid of commitments also look upon, Mercury going direct.

I feel we'll all be shown greenlights after the intensity brewing from Thursday through to the weekend, and by Sunday everything will begin to shift.

Those who made commitments prior or big decisions during the retrograde may have second thoughts or look for loopholes out of prior arrangements. While new data, clarity and understanding show you the path forward.

It's like being on the world's longest flight, the plane finally lands, and you're ushered out and off the plane. You still have a ways to go to get to your final destination, back through airport security, then luggage pick up, getting your ride, the drive, and checking in to your hotel or accommodations... but you finally can think and see clearly.



This week's primary energy is the Four of Cups, the card of dissatisfaction. Generally, when the Four of cups comes up, is when someone is feeling unhappy with the way things are.

You kind of feel as though your options are limited, and you contemplate which one is the least sucky option. Now, of course, you're not happy with anything that's being offered but what you cannot see is that there's more options than you at first are led to believe.

When the Four of Cups appears, it calls for you to think outside the box, to open your heart and mind. A closed mind will only see closed and limited options. It might be that you need to step outside of your comfort zone this week. You have more choices than you realise.

At times the Four of Cups can be seen as a mediation card. It asks you to take your mind off of everything so you may gather a fresh perspective. A card that asks you what you want. When you know what you want, it makes filtering the offers and options that much easier.

So, the Four of Cups coming up is acknowledging that yes, you might feel stuck in your situation right now. It also says that you trap yourself further when you focus on all that's wrong and unwanted because you limit yourself from finding a way out.

Usually, when the Four of Cups comes up for me in a client's session, it points to the solution being right in front of you. It's the solution being right over the hill or around the bend. The best is yet to come; you just don't see it because all you can see is what you don't want.

It's so tempting to retreat within yourself, hide under the covers and pretend this is not your life. Truthfully, the longer you do this, the longer you remain stuck and most important, that opportunity or solution that's right there in front of you could be missed.

It's time for you to step outside your comfort zone, to think outside the box and take action. It's easy to feel demotivated when the Four of Cups appears in a session, but the answer you seek is there, right there, get up and grab it.

The Nine of Wands being the situational card, screams, 'I don't have any fight left in me'. Super guarded, in anticipation for the worst case and just wanting for it to bring resolve.

Until you learn to stand your ground, there will always be people ready to tear you down. That's why they say stand up to the bully, and the bully will leave you alone. You need to show that you will not be pushed around.

You're not weak! The 9 of Wands says, do this, and you'll be in a much better place for doing so. Fight with honour, defend yourself and don't compromise now; you're almost at the finishing line. Finishing the battle will provide you with more than just a medal.

It's like at the end of Karate Kid, where Daniel LaRusso wins with the kick to the face. He was injured, felt like quitting, but that last ounce of courage enabled him to overcome his bully, and he wasn't bothered again.

We decide if we quit, our choices shape us, and the 9 of Wands begs you to not give up, for the victory is just around the corner. If Daniel LaRusso gave up, then Johnny Lawernce (his opponent) would have gone through life thinking that his behaviour was warranted.

It might feel like a battle! But it's one you'll want to partake in. You Got this!

Advice is the Knight of Pentacles, and it says nothing in life, truly worth having, will come easy. Easy gains result in easy losses. If you want to build a sustainable future, you have to invest the hard work, energy and resources at the very start because the foundation is everything.

The Knight knows that the hard work your putting in now will bear wondrous fruits later on. It's time for you to get committed to the process, the end goal might take some time, but you'll enjoy every step that leads you there.

Being as this is an Earth-based Knight, he doesn't want to hear about all you say you're going to do. He wants to see it. So, less talky, talky and more one foot in front of the other and take action. He lets you know that it's your consistent actions that will get you the results you want, so maintain a steady pace, it's not a walk in the park but a cross country hike.

The key to success in anything is the commitment to the long term plan or goal and your daily routines. If you keep on a schedule and on track, you can rest assured increased prosperity will soon follow. Knowing that each and every step is a step closer to your goal should be motivation enough to bring satisfaction in your day-to-day.

Keep up the hard work and your seriously inspirational work ethic, and you'll get all you want and so much more. All the most successful people know that delays, obstacles, and setbacks are nothing more than a blip towards the end goal. Their focus is on the end goal, everything that happens between now and then is just a lesson and redirection towards the goal itself.

So, whatever you're working towards, know that you're planting seeds as you go along your way that'll form strong roots and become a part of your evergreen forest of abundance and prosperity.

Be persistent, have patience and remain dedicated to your vision for the future!

To summarise, this week will remove all that doesn't serve you. It might be a week where things don't go as you anticipate them to, but it's a week that is lining you up for all you truly desire. You mustn't give up now. You must, however, get to work, get dedicated to your vision, and think outside the box.

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live a little later, on the website, Patreon and YouTube members.

If you enjoyed this post please feel free to share it! Many thanks.

Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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