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Weekly Horoscope, February 15, 2021, | Confessing everything

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for February 15, 2021, until February 21.

We'll cover this week's Nakshatra, the 1/4 Moon in Gemini, Sun entering Pisces. Moon conjunct Uranus, Mars and Lilith. Mercury turning direct, and then finishing off with the card of the week.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Uttara Bhadrapada. The one that's about clearing things away and all that remains after.

If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras and what it can bring to your day-to-day experience.

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weekly horoscope, February 15, 2021, by ask little witch, 1/4 moon in Gemini, uttrara bhadrapada week.

Moon in Aries - I Know Best!

The Moon in Aries sets the tone for the week, providing an all systems go sort of energy. You see, Mars, rules Aries, and right now, Mars is stuck in the mud.

It brings a situation that requires a little help, patience and thought under the influence of Taurus, who’s stubborn and hates being told what to do and how to do it.

Just like a car stuck in the mud, the more you lay on the gas trying to get free, the further you sink into the mud. You need to get out, get your hands a little dirty, jam cardboard or something under the wheel to glide right out of there.

So, when we deal with Aries energy, we deal with the right way of doing something. The trouble is, Aries is hot, fiery and wants to get shit done, and its ruler (Mars) is in Venus-ruled Taurus, where we currently have Uranus, bringing constant change, and Lilith, adding fear and perhaps insecurity into the mix.



Uttara Bhadrapada being the Nakshatra to set off the week, is about coming clean, confessing truths and dealing with transition and changing circumstances.

The more you try to hide something, the more likely it will come out into the open. You see, this Nakshatra dissolves the barrier, it senses and knows something is off, and it will expose it. When you hide something, it makes it all far worse, it's best to come clean.

Just like my car analogy, you might have to do or say something you don't want to because it makes you uncomfortable, but it's better than digging yourself a deeper hole.

It's about overcoming the fear, and embracing something new because you'll never know what might be until you take the steps needed. Uttara Bhadrapada is everything that comes after something and all that remains or is left in its wake.

In my study and research of days and energy falling under this influence, the thing that comes up ALL the time is fear, dealing with change and transitions that usually involve your living/working situations. There are lots connected to getting the help you need, and risky relationship choices but also paving the way to starting over.

Like an earthquake, shifting the once-solid ground from beneath your feet. It awakens you to the fact of something that lays beneath the surface. So when two things collide, brush up between each other, it will cause a reaction. You cannot fight your own growth and evolution.

Just like an Earthquake can change things, perhaps something in your own life is changing, and you're trying to stop it. Change is the only constant in life, it's best to be open instead of keeping things hidden.

Mars getting personal with Lilith


As I already expressed this week, being swept away by the Moon in Aries is ruled by Mars. Mars this week is getting up close and personal with Lilith, the one that brings out one's insecurities, fears and desires.

It might make sense that you want to handle this alone, feeling that the actions you took were innocent, but It's the feeling of ‘wanting to keep it secret’ that breeds the guilt that deep down you know it’s best to be open and honest.

Whatever mess you got yourself into, you feel you want to just forget it, but at the same time it awakens a new desire that you cannot get your fix from the old way.

Scared of change, of this new evolution and the desires it sparks within you, is perfectly normal. It’s time to be honest, to air it out because keeping it a secret is only going to dig you in further.

Moon & Saturn


The Moon and Saturn support one another, providing a path for emotional security as long as you follow Saturn's rules. Saturn being a stand-up guy, he has principles, lives by a code and despises the unauthentic.

Saturn, as a teacher wants to uncomplicate your life, make you strong and to banish your burdens, and that requires honesty on your part. Honesty is so much easier than deceit, why over complicate your life?

Saturn teaches simplicity and the key phrase of KISS, 'keeping it simple stupid'. Saturn understands that it's not always easy, to be honest, you could fear how someone else might react, fear of disrupting the status quo.

Saturn lets you know that honesty can lift that weight and any feelings of guilt and insecurity you may have felt. The longer you wait, the harder it becomes and the worst it'll be.

As the week begins, it offers some sage advice, from the Sensei himself, to use common sense and don't over complicate matters.

Moon connects with Uranus


On Wednesday the Moon and Uranus connect, where your heart and your higher mind meet in the middle. I’d usually say this is an emotional surfing type of situation, where you ride the wave and allow it to get you to where you’d like to be.

Truth is, this is going down in Taurus, and so you’re more dealing with situations around ownership and feeling not good enough. It could play out around a major disagreement or misunderstanding where someone says something out of haste or insecurity.

Uranus rules Aquarius, and Aquarius is overloaded with energy, especially as Mercury is slowing to halt and will turn direct later in the week. Communications are offline, and furthermore, everyone is triggered by their own fears around being interesting and enough.

Life is changing, this trickles down into every single area of life. Everyone is holding on to something or trying to keep something afloat, it’s an idealised or hypothetical idea that may or may not play out.

Taurus is stubborn, it digs its heels in, likes tradition and to know what to expect. When you deal with Uranus, you never can really know what to expect. Things are changing and evolving, and that can be scary. You cannot stop your own growth and evolution.

Moon, Lilith & Mars


By Thursday things turn up a level or two on the intensity scale. Moon, Lilith and Mars connect awakening your fears and bringing them to reality. The very thing you may have been avoiding is likely to present itself for you to face.

Whatever you’ve been suppressing, keeping under wraps is about to be unleashed, and you’re going to come from a place of defence. The Sun shifting into Pisces can make it all the more confusing because everyone is likely projecting onto each other with their own personal fears.

There’s something that you’re not dealing with, and it will require your attention. To come to terms with it, you need to stop, and come at it calmly under the sway of Pisces, everyone is splashing around, and it behaves like a quicksand situation, it’ll get messy.

Sun in Pisces


The Sun enters Pisces on Thursday, calling for much-needed understanding, compassion and unconditional love. Pisces is perhaps one of the most understanding signs, making it one that gets walked all over more often than not.

The trouble with Pisces' energy is it's reflective, it cultivates a lot of projecting and mirroring. Instead of dealing with issues, you can find yourself wanting to escape and forget all about it.

Pisces is the mermaid, and legends have said that a Mermaid's heart turns to ice from having her heartbroken. The price of love is pain, and they say that you shouldn't love someone else more than you love yourself. Pisces is unconditional, and so, it makes sense to paint this energy as the escapist and eternal mermaid.

We live in a world of contrast, polarising opposites, Yin and Yang, love and hate, pain and joy, night and day, good and bad. You cannot know one without the other.

Pisces is Mutable energy, it's the seas and oceans, it's in all things, and it teaches us to become like water. There's a great mystery to Pisces, just as there's a mystery to the sea. Venus is at its height in Pisces, it's unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion and freedom.

It's easy to get lost at sea, just as it's easy to get lost during Pisces season. Follow your heart, it'll lead you to your true north, or you can freeze it over, turn it to ice and escape. Those things you avoid will still be there when you come back, though perhaps worse than when you left them.

Learn more about Pisces Energy here.

The Gemini ¼ Moon

Thursday, 11, 7.05 pm GMT, we had the New Moon in Aquarius under Dhanishta. A New Moon all about Planting seedings for the Future, you can read the full post here.

Friday, 19, 19:05 GMT, we have the ¼ Moon under the Zodiac Sign of Gemini. You need to do more than think, you need to experience to know for sure.

The first quarter Moon is when the Sun and Moon form a 90' angle to each other, forming an astrological aspect called a square. It's the time in the month the Moon will appear in the night sky as a half-circle.

The ¼ square of the Moon is time to take action, make decisions and face obstacles head-on. It's usually the time when you come up against the first obstacle or challenge to the seed planted back at the new Moon. The universe essentially tests you, what are you willing to do to bring your intention to fruition. It is time to work hard to guide your seed to the surface.

The ¼ Moon in Gemini is challenging you to not just take something at face value, but dive into the experience. The issue or block on whatever is coming up this week is dependent on YOUR perspective, not everything is logical, rational and dare I say factual. You cannot de-count for the experience.

Gemini is the 'why', it wants to know what and why something happens, it loves straight to the point information. From where it squares, Pisces is a visionary, a daydreamer, spiritualist, musician and dives into the experience. Pisces picks up on all you cannot see and know with your eyes and ears, it reads the energy and intuits.

It's not enough to think you know something simply because you read or heard something, and so you think it to be true. The media is very good at spinning a narrative, sometimes you have to experience it, to really know it.

The New Moon brings your awareness to your communication, to your thoughts and how that transcends to inspired action. To manifest anything you need to take action, you need to know and feel it, to be possible.

Manifestation, the law of attraction is just like magic. When it comes to magic, you cannot think your way through it, read or force it. Magic comes from emotion, feeling, sensing and intuiting the energy to manipulate and create your manifestation.

So when it comes to manifestation, the most powerful thing is experiencing it. If you do it once, you can do it again, because logic dictates that nothing on Earth happens just once.

The things you know, your education leads to your beliefs, your friends, community and what you see all the time act as a baseline for what's possible. But the most powerful beliefs come from your life experience.

The block or hurdle to jump over this week, lies in the fact, that you're either too much in your head, or you're so focused on how, it will come to be, that you're blocking your own magic.

Gemini also being friends universally, can point that perhaps it's your community, friendships, siblings or a rival that is putting doubt where there should be unwavering belief.

After all, the Moon is joined by the node of destiny, Rahu. Something of importance should come about on Friday, so keep an open mind.

The words of Albert Einstein' Imagination is more important than knowledge'.

Mercury Goes Direct


As you know, Mercury went retrograde at the end of January. We embraced the Aquarian realm of truth, friendship and morals.

I made a post about the specific transit here, and you can also find my other resources like house placements here, linking to personal videos curated for each sign. Most of all if you haven't checked out the video of 'The Blessings of Mercury Retrograde 2021', you should, it'll give you a new perspective of how to work with EVERY Mercury RETROGRADE.

If you'd like to check out all the retrogrades, Saturn, luck, opportunity and Destiny transits for 2021 you can view my 'Yearly guides' here. You can enter the coupon code ‘Valentines’ for 10% off.

yearly moon transits 2021, yearly horoscopes by ask a little witch,

On Sunday 12:52 AM GMT, Mercury stops and begins its forward journey back through Aquarius. Communications go back online as Mercury is permitted to travel again between worlds.

What's interesting is that at the very time Mercury comes online, the Moon and Rahu are in support of opening the portal. As the south node, Ketu, and Juno the asteroid of commitments also look upon, Mercury going direct.

I feel we'll all be shown greenlights after the intensity brewing from Thursday through to the weekend, and by Sunday everything will begin to shift.

Those who made commitments prior or big decisions during the retrograde may have second thoughts or look for loopholes out of prior arrangements. While new data, clarity and understanding show you the path forward.

It's like being on the world's longest flight, the plane finally lands, and you're ushered out and off the plane. You still have a ways to go to get to your final destination, back through airport security, then luggage pick up, getting your ride, the drive, and checking in to your hotel or accommodations... but you finally can think and see clearly.



This week's primary energy is the Four of Wands, the card of surprises. When the Four of Wands comes up as the focused energy, you know that anything can happen, it's a wildcard, a jack in the box and well, surprises can be good, if you like surprises.

The week is likely in all honesty, to bring a monumental event, situation, achievement or the unexpected your way. The 4 of Wands in any Tarot deck, is always depicted as a party, there's often four pillars, garlands and symbolises a reason to celebrate.

The Nine of Pentacles adding to this makes me think it has something to do with work or a return on investments. By investments, I'm referring to the energy and resources, be it money, time or other resources that you put into something.

It looks to me like most of you will be overcoming the blocks and fears that have held you back this week, perhaps it's Mercury's influence going direct that will provide clarity moving forward on your plans.

The Nine of Pentacles is a beautiful card of financial stability, security, and prosperity, it's the fulfilment of a long-held dream and the reward and results coming in. It's a card that says everything you genuinely want in life is within your grasp or looming just around the corner.

The Page of Swords advises you to pursue your dreams, for I'm sure you can think of stranger things that have happened than you getting what you truly want. Don't allow doubt to stop you in your tracks.

The Page of Swords brings a divine spark, a genius idea or insight that will inspire you forward. It's the kind of stuff people roll their eyes over only to later be astonished that you were right.

Be honest with yourself, if you really want something, how are you going about making that happen. What daily activity do you make that takes you a step toward your dream?

The Pages advice is to believe in yourself, to not just think about it, but actually take consistent action toward it. You'll be full of ideas this week, and you'll start to see how all the pieces will fit together.

Learn to speak up and advocate for yourself!

To summarise, this week will be about the unexpected. It will require you to be honest and accept help when it comes to taking action and seeing your dream start to actualise. It's about washing away the doubt and accessing what remains once you've dissolved your fear.

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live a little later, on the website, Patreon and YouTube members.

Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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