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The Great Conjunction | Weekly Insight December 14,

Updated: Feb 28

The Great Conjunction, Solar Eclipse, Jupiter & Saturn enter Aquarius | Weekly Insight December 14, 2020

Hey loves, we begin the week with the Solar Eclipse under Jyestha, the lunar mansion of the hero. If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras.

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Jyestha is about stepping up and taking responsibility to overcome the odds and win. The Solar Eclipse is with the South node showing that there's something in the way of the growth or potential for growth in attaining our goals.

It's also this week that we begin to face the battle for power and dominance with the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter being the tropical ruler of this Eclipse and in a trine to the Sidereal Ruler Mars (war bringer, soldier or conquer).

It's two powerful forces colliding and fighting for dominance under the lunar mansion of Uttara Ashadha, the final victory. Jupiter and Saturn are contradictory energies, one seeks to expand while the other seeks to restrict. Saturn creates boundaries, and Jupiter wants to rise above them. Saturn wants to stay, build and construct while Jupiter wants the freedom to explore and experience.

We know Saturn will re-emerge into the tropical sign of Aquarius again this week followed by Jupiter. We also know that life as we knew it 30 years prior changed forever with the advancements of technology, bringing it to the masses; with the first smartphones, laptops, internet access and the boom of connecting people and sharing information rapidly. Looking at the structures that began 30 years ago, we're now all controlled by the very same inventions. Technology has grown to become an essential and intricate part of modern living.

Saturn and Jupiter connect every 20 years but haven't done so in Aquarius since 1405, 1375, Dec 1285 - 1286, 1226 and 670. There have been years of course where they were both in Aquarius like 1962 and 1903, but they didn't conjunct as they do in 2020.

I get the sense of the pairing connecting to themes around science versus spirituality. Having two opposing sides, points of view and trying to force the other side to believe their point of view. The great debate that's as old as time itself, the dividing of people Science and Religion. For or against. Everything is false until proven right. All because you cannot see or relate to something, it doesn't mean that someday someone won't be able to explain it with science. It's with new information, and over time that truth comes out into the open.

A lesson with these two planets co-joining here under this sign is about not devaluing one group's experience because you cannot understand their viewpoint.

A lot of the energy here is asking you what side do you operate at? Are you dark like Saturn or Bright like Jupiter? Do you act from a place of fear or you act out of love? I want to remind you that if you fall into your darker nature, you'll fall under the rules of Saturn, you will pay the consequences.

Saturn, the planet itself, is actually super light. In astrology, we feel the energy of Saturn as heavy, dense, a heavyweight of burden. The reason behind this is Saturn wants you to clear your Karmas, to release your limitations and so you feel the pressures of your Saturn, to force you to deal with the things of Saturn. We humans don't take action when things are good. We, humans, act from fear of losing something far more than the potential to gain. When we face what we fear instead of being controlled by it, a weight lifts, we reach liberation.

The themes behind the Nakshatra of this great conjunction are war themes. You have to weigh the cost of doing or not doing. You have to allow your vision for a better future to fuel you to make the right decision, and the right thing is not often the easy thing. Do you stay caged, where you're "safe", or do you dare to step into the unknown, toward the direction of your goal?

Let love guide you, not fear.

I might be reaching here, but the energy on a collective scale could point toward a divide amongst the masses with a crisis over, taking or not taking a potential vaccination. Jupiter is wisdom, life force energy, it promotes growth. Saturn is control, restriction, limitations and death. Aquarius is free will, it's finding your own path based on your own experience. Aquarius doesn't blindly believe what's told, it's not a follower, it has to experience it for himself. Aquarius, of course, is scientific, and establishes a lot of its findings off of hard science… but all because the science has not yet proven something definitively, doesn't mean there's no truth there and they won't with time find it.

Now, of course, this is something that'll impact our society and way of life because we're dealing with Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter represents travel, education, spirituality, faith and belief. Saturn is the boundaries, government, laws, rules, duties, powers that run the world.

Think of the conjunction as an airport, the controls, regulations and checks that go into flying out and flying to a foreign place. Passports, visas, vaccinations, baggage checks, personal checks, interviews if Saturn feels you look dodgy. Saturn creates barriers, boundaries, rules, restrictions in the aim of safety. Jupiter is the experience you get once you get past Saturn.

The energy will also impact us personally, as the energy will fall in one area of your chart. Alongside the beginning that the Eclipse wants to bring forth, it shows you that there'll be a block due to the position of the Jupiter and Saturn Conjunction. You'll be able to overcome it as the nakshatra states, it's the hero, and Uttara Ashadha with Jupiter and Saturn are all about not falling back into something comfortable, to win the war you have to persevere.

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