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Weekly Horoscope, April 12, 2021

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for April 12, 2021, until April 18.

We'll cover this week's Nakshatra, the New Moon, Moon conjunct Uranus, Lilith, Rahu and Mars. Venus enters Taurus and then we’ll finish off with the Tarot of the week.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Revati. The temptress, the one who challenges right and wrong, good v evil and exposes truths.

If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras and what it can bring to your day-to-day experience.

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Moon in Aries

I Am Determined!

The Moon in Aries sets the tone for the week, providing the determination and courage to overcome the obstacles in your way. Aries governed by Mars represents power, fearlessness and courage, the three things required for each of us to be triumphant.

Mars in Gemini requires us to eliminate negativity, to see away, to find the best path forward. It’s a need to push forward and know you’ll come out the other side, a winner. If you don’t believe it’s possible you’ll never reach your goal.

When the Moon is in Aries we become a lot more focused on ourselves, who we are and what we need to feel fulfilled. Aries is a ram and rams (male sheep) go after what they want in good ole British head butting fashion.

When you think of sheep you think of them as being followers. Rams are male, they’re bigger, stronger than the females and usually hang together until it’s mating season. In some ways you can think of Aries, as the members of an NFL team all working together to reach their goal, to beat their opponents and win the battle.

Aries is Mars energy, it can manifest in sports, competitive, being the strongest, fastest and best of a team. It’s also a soldier, a warrior or a defender. Mars energy is group energy, you’re only as strong as your weakest link. Each part or member makes up the whole.

So, when we deal with Aries energy, we deal with the ability to not push forward, not to back down or give up. Aries is cardinal, meaning it’s an initiator of change; Aries being the transition from Winter to Spring, it’s how to let go of the things that have no place in what we’re seeding to grow.

The week, therefore, beginning in Aries is sure to bring change around our goals, identity and how we take action. What do you really want? How do you want to be seen? Then it’s just a matter of taking action and making it happen.

Aries places a lot of value on what we do, It’s action and initiating energy, It’s our accomplishments, skills, strength and prowess. Our identity and who we are is heavily wrapped up in what we do. Do you take the action necessary to reach your goals?



Revati being the Nakshatra to set off the week brings a test of self, are you who you say you are? A week that’ll challenge you to remain true to your ethics and morals in the face of temptation.

Anything is up for grabs under the influence of Revati, it’s all very possible because do we ever truly stick to our convictions? Revati is flirtatious, charming, hypnotic and some might even say seductive. Would you turn down the object of your desire if it was dangled in front of you, even if you knew it was “wrong”?

Revati challenges our society's standards of right and wrong, good versus evil. It merely wishes to lure the suppressed and oppressed version of ourselves out into the light. Revati is truly curious, and begs the question, do we really mean what we say we do? Is the no, I’d never, really a yes in time, if the variables were right?

Revati is the tempress. The always curious, observing, watching, challenging your identity, convictions, morals and ethics. Is something bad if it feels right? Is something only ever good if it ticks certain boxes? It questions and tests absolutely everything.

When you deal with the energy of Revati, you’re dealing with the lack of something, in the pursuit of what was never given. We’re all victims of our past, our childhoods and part of Revati is about healing those parental, familial cycles and patterns.

Revati speaks a lot about parenting, and what it means to be a good parent. A parents job is paramount, they’re responsible for how tiny humans impact society in the future. If you give a child what they need, they grow to become an asset to society, if you raise them wrong they become a drain on it.

Being a good parent is not about showering them with “stuff”, it’s about listening, being present with your child and giving unconditional love and understanding. To be a good parent is to nurture them, encourage their innate gifts and talents, and allow them to cultivate their own ideas and thoughts.

Vic Dicara says how can we give something if we don’t have something? You can’t, you cannot give love if you’ve never received it. Revati craves attention, and so part of being a great parent is to give attention, so they don’t grow up to always crave it. You must give your children what they NEED.

If you’ve never had something, you’re always going to be in search of it, and the best way to break the cycle is to give what you get. It’s the parental dynamic to give and receive. Seek it out and then give it back to society instead of hoarding it.

A week beginning under Revati is about overcoming our past, the stuff we felt we never got by seeking it out for ourselves. It’s about questioning everything and testing our own standards to see if we truly align with them. It’s easy to be tempted away, but if you stay strong and true to your morals and ethics the rewards will be truly fulfilling.

It’s the difference between crappy sex and amazing sex. Amazing sex is only truly amazing, when all aspects come together, body, mind, spirit and soul. When you connect to someone not just physically, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually, that’s when true intimacy is forged and there is nothing that comes close to that.

Aries New Moon



We begin with the Aries New Moon, Monday April 12, 03:30 am GMT, the New Moon.

The New Moon is when the Sun and Moon form a 0' angle to each other, forming an astrological aspect called a conjunction. It's the time in the month the Moon will disappear from the night sky.

The New Moon is when something is being seeded that will begin to uncover as the Moon grows over the coming few weeks. New Moons reveal new pieces of our life story, calling in new energy, themes and situations.

A New Moon under the influence of Aries is likely to bring up matters around achievement, goals and personal power. The first New Moon of Spring is officially here, and it’s about the determination to make something happen. It’s time to reach your goals and watch your dreams grow to fruition.

Ares is a sign that, of course, is ruled by Mars, the planet of action, will, courage and power. It’s a New Moon that holds the symbolism of force and single focus toward what you want most right now in your life.

Under the sway of Revati, it can bring forth the question of whether or not you’re living in your values, ethics and standards. Are you all talk, no action, because the New Moon here will call you out on it. If you want something you have to go out and get it!

Mars is a warrior, he has a mission, he trains daily for it and he has a plan of execution. When you’re at war there’s no timeouts, and so whatever you want to manifest is largely dependent upon the things you do, most of the time.

We have the Sun, Moon and Venus in Aries, with the support of Mars and Jupiter. Then you have Pluto in a harsh aspect to what’s being seeded. If you want to win, accomplish and reach your goal to see your intention come to light, you’ll need to change your strategy and approach.

Aries is fiercely independent, it’s a workaholic and always busy sort of energy. Aries succeeds because they’re consistent, they train and they put in 100%. It’s the IAM notion, the New Moon is about action, strategy and training. You cannot be something if you don’t do something.

With the Sun/Venus/Chiron/Moon/Mercury being ruled by Mars and Mars connected to Rahu, it’s necessary to break free and into a new direction. Things must evolve, adapt, grow and shift. It's required for survival and the progression of humanity.

I’ll post more about the New Moon later here. I will, of course, discuss the New Moon for each sign in the personal weekly Horoscopes for those who’ve subscribed.

Moon crosses Pluto


On Monday you’ll begin to feel triggered, as something awakens something inside you’d rather keep a lid on. Something buried, perhaps a truth you’ve neglected about yourself, another or a situation will come to light.

The Moon sits in this uncomfortable position to Pluto, the planet of change, fear and liberation. There’s every chance you can unload your feelings onto someone unexpectedly. So I’d advise that you need to keep a check on your triggers, and know when you're being played like a cheap violin.

Pluto is a planet of concealment. It represents places within places, you can see it, but you do not know its depths. It’s why Pluto governs matters like conspiracy, secrets and power. It’s psychological warfare, and so Pluto can dominate things that arise fear in others.

The Moon triggered by Pluto can make you confront something that you’d rather not. It’s a short-lived transit that happens a couple times in a month where you asked to face the truth.

Many of us lie even to ourselves about silly things, more out of wishful thinking and trying to expect the best possible outcome. When Pluto and Moon trigger each other, it creates enough force for action to be taken.

Something deep inside is itching and scratching to be heard. The best way to deal with Pluto energy is to be honest with yourself and others.

Pluto is the keeper of secrets, knowing the unknown but concealing what is found. Perhaps you’ll discover something surprising, and that truth can spur power change.

Moon connects with Uranus


Tuesday, the Moon connects with Uranus, the light bulb moment. The next step in proceeding forward is with some out of the box advice given to you from the crazy Scientist Genius himself, Uranus.

When the Moon and Uranus connect each month, it can break you free from limited constructs and into a new realm of possibility. It’s where your heart and your higher mind meet in the middle.

I’d usually say this is an emotional surfing type of situation, where you ride the wave and allow it to get you to where you’d like to be.

Truth is, this is going down in Taurus, and so you’re more dealing with situations around ownership and feeling not good enough. It could play out around a major disagreement or misunderstanding where someone says something out of haste or insecurity.

Uranus rules Aquarius, and Aquarius is overloaded with energy. The collective consciousness is being given new information that we all have to establish as, fact. Everyone is triggered by their own fears around being interesting, intelligent, entrepreneurial and enough.

Life is changing, this trickles down into every single area of life. Everyone is holding on to something or trying to keep something afloat, it’s an idealised or hypothetical idea that may or may not play out.

Taurus is stubborn, it digs its heels in, it likes tradition, and to know what to expect. When you deal with Uranus, you never can really know what to expect. Things are changing and evolving, and that can be scary. You cannot stop your own growth and evolution.

Society is evolving, as it does every 30 years or so, we integrate new information, a new technology that becomes the foundations by which we live our lives. 30 years ago was the birth of technology and look to where we are now, its a standard of life, everything is technological and has a system in place.

Moon & Lilith


By Wednesday/Thursday things turn up a level or two on the intensity scale. Moon and Lilith connect awakening your fears and insecurities and bringing them to reality. The very thing you may have been avoiding is likely to present itself for you to face.

Whatever you’ve been suppressing, keeping under wraps is about to be unleashed, and you’re going to come from a place of defence. The Sun shifting into Aries can make it all the more defensive because everyone is likely focusing on themselves and not really hearing each other.

There’s something that you’re not dealing with, and it will require your attention. To come to terms with it, you need to stop and come at it calmly. Lilith in Taurus with Venus under the sway of Pisces, everyone is splashing around, and it behaves like a quicksand situation, it’ll get messy.



On Wednesday/Thursday the Moon also enters an uncomfortable space as she looks to Jupiter. It’s a time where things seem to be taking on a life of their own. You’re forced outside your comfort zone as things can quickly escalate.

It’s the energy where you literally want to avoid making contact with the elephant in the room. It’s wanting to gloss over the difficult things and focus on something else, but the elephants are still going to be there, and you’ll need to address it.

It’s true that yes, Lilith is involved, and sometimes we all fear the worse, it’s through confronting those fears that we’re liberated and it feels amazing.

The world is made up of all colours, shapes, sizes, beliefs and if everyone did, believed and looked the same how boring life would be. Don’t be afraid of having difficult conversations, it’s through them that we grow, admittedly painfully so, if you never made mistakes however would you learn?

When Jupiter and Moon cross each other in this uncomfortable space, known to astrologers as the Square, it asks for us to listen, to understand and open the dialogue for discussion. You don’t need to have the same philosophy, belief system or ideas to show understanding and compassion.

If nothing else, read the room, be aware of remarks that could offend others and address them in the moment.

Important things are being put in place cosmically when it comes to relationships. Throughout March Venus is chasing the Sun, from where she’ll eventually pass through birthing new relationship stories.

The energy from the previous week is still with us, the Jupiter/Mercury Connection bringing certain people on our radar that can help us to grow and expand.

Venus when she sits in mystical and magical Pisces and looks across to the nodes of destiny is a sure signal of manifestation in the works. Remember that the universe is delivering you the guidance, knowledge and people that can help turn your goals into a reality.

Moon Joins Rahu


Friday, Moon and Rahu join together. It's the time of the month when important information aligned to our purpose and destiny is brought to us.

Rahu being the place in the chart of growth, purpose and what we’re searching for, it’s like the true north of our life. Rahu transits each house once every 18 years and so when the Moon connects each month it provides you with a key to unlocking the purpose of the house it transits.

Of course, there’re major markers like the eclipses, but we also have the Moon connecting each month over the 18 months of being in the sign. It offers us clues and markers on the map of our personal growth.

Pay attention to what takes place during this time, ideas, thoughts, repeating signs, patterns or consequences and synchronicities. See where the road leads you… be prepared to take detours and adjustments to your plans.

MOON collides with Mars


Saturday is a powerful and purposeful day, with the Moon colliding with Mars after being with the node of destiny.

The energy has been building with fears, insecurities and hesitations falling in our way. Come Friday into the Weekend we can find the courage needed to push forward and smite the negativity and blockages that stand in our way.

The Moon colliding with Mars is about strength and tenacity to do what is needed to reach our goal and cut away all that stands to hold us back. If you follow my prior advice you can keep yourself aligned and aimed in the right direction during this time.

If you did NOT address the stuff that came up earlier in the week, then I’m afraid this energy can be like a loaded gun. You’ll feel the pressure building so intensely that you won’t be able to contain it, and it can lead to a leakage of explosive emotional reactions.

Moon Square Neptune


Saturday, the Moon sits uncomfortably crossed to Neptune. The energy that has come to light, what has begun to grow is not as you imagined it to be. You can plant a perfect seed, but that image on the front of the pack is just it’s potential.

The reality of this new start, beginning or intent has to be nurtured back in the mutable energy of Pisces. There needs to be an open flexible approach to allow it to ebb and flow as the divine intended it to be.

The Moon looking across to this is that something is not being seen in its true light, there’s confusion or a dismantling of fantasy. We all think we want something, to get it, and then change our minds or want something else.

The Moon/Neptune is about applied knowledge with intuitive action or leaps. Nothing is ever as simple as you think it should be. Try not to be tempted away or distracted by other things. Instead, focus your energy back to the moment of what you’re still aiming to grow.

All because something is not as you imagined it to be, under this false light or perception, it doesn’t mean it cannot be better than imagined with a little time, attention and TLC.



This week's primary energy is the World Tarot, the card of accomplishments, changes and movement. When the world appears you just know that you’ll soon be reaching that goal and then set off to unfold a new chapter in your life.

The World Tarot is a card connected to Saturn, the foundations and pillars of our lives. It shows us that the only consistency of life is growth and growth comes through change.

It represents all that happens once you reach your goal and gain success through all your hardwork and effort having been paid off. At the very least it shows the completion of one cycle and the realisation of your dream or goal.

It’s the card of rewards but also brings up the question of ‘What next?’.

The Second card pulled was the Nine of Cups, in answer to the situation or challenge of most importance for the week.

The Nine of Cups in a challenging position of any spread shows that the issue lies in what you want to manifest in your life. It shows that they’re things that need to be done and adjustments that’ll need to be made to see it through to completion.

Perhaps the appearance of the wish card in this problematic position is to ask yourself if you actually want what you say you want. You can have it either way, but do you truly seek it?

As a lesson, the nine of cups teaches about manifestation, turning dreams into a reality and reaching success. The nine of cups teaches you to celebrate your wins, to be proud of your achievements, step into joy and connect with happiness. A card that’ll teach you how to win.

The situation however is if you even want it, is your heart in it anymore?

The High Priestess appeared in response to the advice for the week.

The High Priestess asks for you to spend time with yourself, to really trust and listen to what your own inner guidance system is telling you. It’s not a time or place to be rational, for your intuition senses things your intellect cannot yet see or comprehend.

The Advice she shares is that you’re in a place of transition and for you to trust and journey into what your feelings are trying to tell you.

Don’t think about what you feel, just allow the feelings to tell you. You’re being granted secret knowledge, hidden knowledge, allow your intuition to guide you forward.

It’s about knowing what’s best for you, not what others want or expect of you. Slow down and reflect on what you’ve learned and consider your options, research and investigate further before making a decision or taking action.

The advice when it comes to a big choice or dilemma, is to trust and allow your inner voice to guide you forward.

Learn from past experiences for there is no decision to be made right now. If something feels off, head the warning, note the sign and take the omen, for you’re most likely right.

To summarise, this week will require you to stay true to yourself and what YOU want. You’ll need to make a choice as new opportunities arise as you close the page to an old chapter of your life to embrace the next.

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live a little later, on the website. If you enjoyed this post please feel free to share it!

Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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