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Warding off Zombies |The Weekly Insight June 15, 2020,

Warding off Zombies

The Weekly Insight June 15, 2020,

A circle's being drawn… In magical practice, a Circle can be used to either contain something or to ward off or protect you from something. Has something come full circle? What, in your life, do you constantly allow to break down your boundaries? What, in your life, do you say tomorrow too?

We’re all still in this weird, funky place, transitioning from the old unfolding and heading into the new. Mercury will Rx this week (a video + post to follow), in the sign of Tropical Cancer, followed by the final Solar Eclipse in Cancer.

So much of the cosmic energy is telling us to STOP, to think and to acknowledge. The Eclipse is potent because its the last Cancer Eclipse we’ll have for 18 years, with Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus all retrograde. Our thoughts, beliefs, boundaries, fears, relationships, desires and ability to understand are felt much more intensely during this time. Truth, we’re all heading in a much different direction than we planned or thought we’d be.

Relationships and commitments feel strong this week. What I’ll say is that the right people always find each other and your moment will come, with whatever moment you’re seeking… It’s just about raising your standard and enforcing your boundaries. Say no, to the things you do not want, don’t go giving the universe mixed signals. Falling back on the “back up” is not an option. There’re no half measures this week you’re all in or you’re all out, you need to commit to what you REALLY want not on what’s comfortable for right now.

Cancer is the sign of belonging. Home is where the heart is, it’s a place of sensitivity and big-heartedness. Who’re you becoming and where do you see yourself? Allow the answers to ground you, as to not fall back into the graves of the past… You’re going places my love, what’s dead is best off staying buried, even if those suckers are reaching up at you from the dirt.

Again, the circle is being drawn, is to contain the greatness or protect you from outside influences who have no respect for your boundaries. Casting that circle means you mean business, you’re ready to face it, to work at enforcing the magic your working.

It’s like crossing paths with your first love and getting swept up in the fantasy of things being perfect and reality is saying you’re destined for so much more than that. Things reached as good as they’ll ever be with the past and now it’s about making a change that will benefit your future. I feel we’ll need to check ourselves, in that, not forgetting where we’re now committed to and not allow ourselves to get sidetracked in an illusion.

The solutions are not in the past, they’re in the future, forward-moving and looking ahead. Learn from the past don’t repeat it. By saying no the old you’re open to the Yes in the future. By committing to your standard you get to connect, level up with what you do want (or the type you want). BREAK the damn CYCLE. You GOT THIS!

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