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Dreams into a reality, Virgo Full Moon, February 27, 2021

It’s that time again, when the Moon sits across from the Sun, basking in those solar rays to illuminate a truth locked away.

On Saturday, 27, 8.17 am GMT, we have the Full Moon in Virgo under Purva Phalguni. A Full Moon to bring about clarity of heart and mind after a period of uncertainty.


A Full Moon is the height of the 28-day lunar cycle. It's when the Moon and Sun sit opposite each other forming a 180' angle to one another.

The Moon is without any light of her own; she relies upon the Sun to light her up. It's during the Full Moon that she illuminates to her fullest potential. The Full Moon is the brightest night of the month as she shines in all her glory.

The Full Moon is when something comes to a completion, you gain awareness over something you could not see before. Full Moons awaken us to our feelings and all we've been suppressing and neglecting over the month.

The Virgo Energy

Virgo is the sixth zodiac sign (or division of the night sky). The honey bee of the cosmos, for without this pure and divine sign, all would cease to exist.

Virgo is the honey maker, the worker bee, to the queen bee. She pollinates, she creates with little to no destruction, and she is fierce. Virgo, like honey, is nature's miracle. Multi purposing and turning dreams into reality.

Virgo symbolised by the Virgin, forever chasted, observant, a keeper of boundaries, a desire to leave the world better than she found it. However, Virgo is a realist, compared to the sign she sits across from, the idealist, Pisces.

Virgo knows that you have to do more than just believe and hold hope in her heart for something to happen or manifest. She has a vision, she finds the best way forward, and she works tirelessly, and she creates it.

Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the magician and alchemist. She gently extracts the nectar from the flowers she visits, and she turns it into honey. It's a process; it requires a detailed eye, perseverance, a strong work ethic and most of all, love.

Virgo is magic; you see her as a picture of perfection. What you don't see is all the work that goes into her self actualisation. A natural herbalist, she makes magic happen wherever she goes and makes it look effortless.

A bee can only make honey if she works consistently toward her goals. Consistency is the magic key to all you seek to manifest.

Full Moon in Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo can bring you clarity, understanding and certainty to what you want most in life. Virgo is incredibly observant, detailed and weighs everything out.

For a Full Moon to take place under the sign of Virgo, it has to sit directly opposite the Sun in Pisces. The Moon, without light of her own, receives it's illumination from the Sun in Pisces.

Virgo, therefore, anchors the dreamscape of Pisces and makes it real. So, upon this Full Moon night, you can come to find a foolproof plan to turn dreams into a reality.

The Full Moon brings what was begun at the New Moon, February 11, to culmination. If you haven't checked out the New Moon post, you can view it here.

The Full Moon provides you with an action plan for you to get from point A to point B. Sun moving through Pisces is like being on a ship in the middle of the ocean. The only navigation is that of the stars, entirely at the mercy of the sea to get you to your destination.

The Virgo Full Moon takes your vision, finds the 'how-to' with research alongside dedicated and consistent action. To manifest, you need to apply thought with feeling and consistent effort.

If you feel lost or uncertain, it's this Moon that can nurture the soil of what you're manifesting. What was begun or the intention set around the New Moon is bringing your awareness to the next steps to see your vision manifest.

Mercury in Aquarius

The Full Moon is ruled by Mercury, which is sitting in the same sign as the New Moon that began this lunar cycle.

Mercury is a planet associated with business, alchemy, travel, friendship, technology and communication. Mercury is the planet of connection.

Mercury in Aquarius could be about networks of people, messages, common group goals and mutual interests. The Full Moon actually makes a beautiful, magical aspect with Uranus, the planet that rules Aquarius.

Everything is connected, and Mercury, in the sign of manifestation and the higher mind, Aquarius is bringing opportunity your way. Mercury ruling this lunation is going to require that you take your thought, vision and ideas and turn them into action.

Purva Phalguni

Full Moon

Purva Phalguni is one of the comic soulmates. It shows and teaches a great deal about what it means to have fulfilling and quality partnerships.

The Full Moon under this lunar mansion is bringing your awareness to what your heart is yearning for. You cannot hide from your heart, and Purva Phalguni is about honouring how you feel and aligning with your true heart's desire.

Remember that the Virgo Full Moon is showing you how to get all you want in life. A big part of that is likely to hold sway and influence with those who surround you.

Everything in life comes through others, and so cultivating solid relationships is key to manifesting. As much as others can support, aid and assist us on our paths, they too can block and create resistance to all we're attempting to draw into our life.

Purva Phalguni is a Nakshatra that teaches us how to show up for others, to cultivate exceptional relationships and, in turn, get the most out of life.

To attract a great friend, partner, lover and get the most out of your relationships, you need to show up and be a great lover, friend or partner. Purva Phalguni teaches you how you can do this.

To be a great partner, you need to cultivate honesty, be trustworthy and reliable. That means you have to follow through on your promises and commitments. You have to take responsibility for yourself and the actions you make.

Purva Phalguni is about having courage and confidence, speaking up, being open, and sharing your heart. It requires sharing how you feel, a vulnerability that cultivates intimacy. It's about showing affection, love and being giving to those you love and wish to connect to.

Purva Phalguni is a very lusty, romantic, sensual and sexual lunar mansion. To experience the peak of what sex and true intimacy can offer, you need to embody and live the qualities already expressed.

The Full Moon here is really shining a light on relationships. It's asking you to take an honest look at how you show up for others and how they show up for you.

Moon Trine Uranus


The Full Moon makes a magical aspect to the Planet Uranus: sparks of inspiration, the higher mind and sudden change. It makes sense that the Full Moon will bring unexpected revelations.

It's awakening feelings that will encourage unexpected changes. Ideas and inspiration are most likely to flow in as your guides bestow magical guidance and encouragement to all you wish to manifest.

A Trine in astrology is an easy flow of energy, it's supportive, and it's helpful for those who work their magic under this influence.

Think of a trine as a magical portal allowing the energy to pass through unencumbered. Like magic, it's not something you see, but its energy will be present if you wish to take action upon it.

Make sure if inspired ideas and notions come your way over the next few days that you write them down or risk forgetting them.

Think of this aspect as an invisible force like that of a muse, inspiring and bestowing creativity, passion and inspiration to flow through you.

Moon opposing Venus


The Moon will cast her gaze upon Venus on the Full Moon. It awakens romantic and reminiscent feelings. The Moon and Venus are incredibly feminine in nature, and so you come to face matters of the heart.

When Venus and the Moon look upon one another, it can be a time of talking things out, coming to understand or learn something about relationships.

You can discover something that perhaps you've been neglecting to acknowledge. A revelation about a relationship can rise up during the Full Moon. Remember that Virgo is a realist that enforces boundaries, while Pisces is an idealist, unconditional in her love.

It brings about themes of being ruled by the heart. Back in the day, around the Victorian era, this would be a watchful transit as women's virtues could be stolen away. I mean, kissing in public could ruin a girl, as could an unchaperoned walk late at night with a gentleman caller.

Moon with Venus is hypnotised by love, consumed by the affairs of the heart. It's a pleasant transit unless you despise all the beautiful things love can offer. I would suggest, though, it's not a transit to make a commitment.

The Moon/Venus dance is about finding the middle ground, where fantasy, the ideal, and the idea can meet the world's reality. The ruler of the Moon being Mercury and Mercury in Shravana, you need to really listen to what your partner is saying.

Align with your values, talk with a loved one and acknowledge the reality of the relationship. How your wants, needs and vision for the future can merge. It's about listening and not allowing your heart to get away with you.

The Moon looking upon Venus is requiring you to bring things back to the ground. To turn the dream into a realistic reality.


The Full Moon will fall in one of twelve houses for your Zodiac Sign. I have created a separate page dedicated to the Full Moon in the houses. If you’re interested in what this Full Moon is lightly to highlight for you please click here.


Virgo Full Moon Tarot Messages, February 27, 2021 by ask a little witch

● 7of WANDS ● THE STAR ● 6 of CUPS ● 5 of SWORDS ● STRENGTH ●

Since the Aquarius New Moon, The Seven of Wands tells us that what is manifesting is someone is challenging or posing doubt to our manifestation.

Someone is challenging you, your position or what you stand for or believe in. It’s not a time to compromise or show weakness. Stand strong and firm.

The moment you avoid the argument or compromise to make someone else feel better is the moment you lose everything. You’re making waves and your getting results. Don’t allow others insecurities or jealousy to get you to step down.

The Seven of Wands tells you to not dim your glow, to make others feel better. Anyone who supports, loves, and is a true friend of yours will back you all the way. You might want to question what value these naysayers have in your life.


The Star card shows us that your wish-fulfilment is brought to light. The Star is a card of destiny, hope and the grand vision for our future is being illuminated and can no longer remain hidden.

You cannot hide from desire, passion and what lights your spirit up. The Full Moon is saying you cannot hide from your dream. It brings hope, optimism and restored motivation for the path ahead.

The Star serves as a reminder that there’s more than one way to reach your destination. The synchronicity card shows you that there are always signs guiding your way forward towards all you want. You must follow those signs.

The Star Card within the Tarot is a card of manifestation. It shows us that we attract what we think, focus and feel most strongly about. Aquarius governs this card, so what began at the New Moon shows you that you can manifest what you seek.

I must say, though, the Star card often appears after a traumatic event, situation or change. It comes up after someone has gone through something challenging. It’s the ray of hope, the light at the end of the tunnel. It shows you that all is possible, though it won’t be the same as what came before.


The past is just that, the past. It's been and gone, and you cannot change things that live in the have been. The Six of Cups share that letting go of the past and the old story is what's needed to release as it no longer serves you.

The power of now is really about paving a new path. In every moment, we have the power of choice to choose differently from our choices of the past.

The Six of Cups is really saying that you have those memories, and they can serve you by not making the same mistakes as before. Ultimately the Six of Cups says that to release what's no longer serving, you need to not be living in the past, in memory of what was, because it's not here any longer.


The Five of Sword says that we have the opportunity to overcome those who would doubt and create restrictions to our manifestations.

When paired with that first card, Seven of Wands, people opposing you, challenging you and trying to take what you’ve worked for, the Five of Swords is savage. You have the opportunity to obliterate your enemies, false friends, anyone who challenges your position.

It’s not a friendly card, but it will not stand for being pushed around or stomped all over.

The opportunity here with this card is to win at any cost. What is most important to you long term? What is your most important thing? Allow your choices and actions to reflect that.


The Strength Tarot is about stepping into your power and finding the courage to overcome obstacles with patience and courage. It’s not about forcing someone to do something. It’s about respect, compassion and releasing the expectation around how it should be.

Strength serves as a reminder to be your own light when it comes to overcoming the fears of what might be. Turn it intentionally into what you WILL it to be. It’s your choices that define your outcomes; remember that.

Wishing you a wonderful Virgo Full Moon. If you enjoy this post please feel free to share it!

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Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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