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URANUS RX | August 15 - January 14

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


Uranus Retrograde from August 15 until January 14, 2021.

Uranus is that of which brings truth, liberation and freedom; it’s the planet of innovation. It’s the first of the ‘outer planets’ which lies just outside the boundaries of Saturn, of what we can see.

Think of the movie divergent. It’s about a society that’s kept in the confines of a giant wall and separated into factions, much like today’s society. Saturn is the structure, the wall, the confines of which tells us, that all that lies beyond is unsafe. Saturn sets the laws, boundaries and limitations that we all must adhere to or face the consequence. Sticking with the Divergent story, Uranus is all that lies outside the boundary lines of that wall; it’s the divergent faction that threatens the structure of the Government and societal norms. Essentially it doesn’t fit into a box and refuses to conform to the rules set out and instead questions everything.

So, Uranus is the planet responsible for spiritual awakenings or realising there’s far more out there than we’ve been led to believe. It’s the exposure of truths that shatter old perceptions. When we cling to those things set by Saturn, and when Uranus comes along to poke holes in it, it can feel as if our world is ending everything we thought we knew turns out to be false, leading to a break down of beliefs.

Uranus, in many ways, can be seen as the collective unconscious, the higher mind and points to the innovations that await us. It unveils truths, in the aim of change that benefits the ‘all’. At first, when these things come about the society will rebel against the changes or realities exposed, clinging to the boundaries set by Saturn. Eventually, as these things become accepted, it transfers into the collective conscious think evolutions and revolutions.

Uranus Rx is a time where we can process the truths that are shown to us. We can feel our way through, dig to understand and see with clarity, of which is exposed. It’s much easier now for the challenges to be accepted and for lasting change to be initiated.

Uranus Rx is a reprogramming of the collective unconscious where we’ll be compelled to make a change as a result of what’s happening externally. The seeds planted will create a chain reaction of change. Remember that Uranus is all that lies behind the wall put in place by the powers that be, we begin to question that now with Uranus in retrograde. A change of narrative that poses questions that don’t seem right.

When the change comes from within, it’ll express and manifest externally. During the Rx, it’s best to question what Saturn is telling us, for he represents the safety in his confines under the guise of fear of what lies beyond the perimeter. How much does he know and what is he not sharing?

Likely things to experience on a personal level

  • Can no longer live a lie, the truth will be exposed.

  • Breakthroughs, revelations and wake up calls.

  • The unveiling of what suppressed

  • Questioning the limitations

  • Solutions to problems

  • You’ll be doing the right thing.

  • Standing up for yourself, no matter the consequences.

  • A shift in perception, potential spiritual awakenings

  • Questioning the reality served up

  • An internal revolution

  • The research you do leads to finding the missing link.

  • Discoveries

I hope this finds you well… For a personal session with me, please check out my services | I’m booked up until the 25th August

Keep your mind focused on seeking the truth. Find your Taurus house to see where this transit is going to impact you on a personal level and keep me updated in the comments below.

Thanks for reading


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