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Unmasking what’s hidden | Weekly Insights July 7, 2020,

Revelations as hidden knowledge, things you were previously unaware of coming to light. Pay focus on Friday through Sunday.

The impressions that we’ve been given about this week resemble that of a video game. I see a hidden level, with hidden options that are right there hidden in plain sight, of course, if you know where to look. You have what you need, but there’s more here than you realise. What was once, or perhaps for most, seems right now unchangeable or insurmountable does, in fact, have options.

We appear to be confronted with a challenge or obstacle that we’ve got to overcome, before, we can make the change or get back on the road to our destination. It feels like something is being put on hold, there are many options to remedy this, more than you think.

Many people this week are going to be experiencing a change in the way they’re thinking. You might find yourself cutting someone out of your life from the past. You could be moving away from a past situation or place. The path you was on will shift as something new alters the way your working towards your desired outcome.

Again, there are more options available than you realise during this time. Try to not make big decisions this week, wait for all your options to be accounted for. There could be a small portion of people who read this that are likely to make a choice in haste and end up losing what they’ve gained thus far, especially if your choice banks on someone else.

Globally someone important or of influence to you could be terminated, it could be a public figure, an organisation, a career, a leader, someone in authority will lose their power over something that comes to light this week.

Be safe. Be well. Remember that everything happens for a reason, follow the stars and ALWAYS trust your vibes. Have a blessed week.



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