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Think it Through... Weekly Horoscope | May 18 -24 2020



FOR MAY 18, 2020

The week starts with a classic bump in the road... It's as things are brought to a halt. DELAYS! It's your perceptions that will determine whether you allow it to beat you or If you overcome it.

You might find yourself getting into something that you don't know as much as you should or need to. Someone's objecting against something you wish to invest in or do this week, it could be a job, relationship or course. Whatever it may be there is fear behind the red tape.

In the coming weeks, your financial situation should stabilise, and you'll gain more control… For now, do you really know what you need to? 

The block/issue could be that your investment might be a little pricey. If you go for it, you might wish you hadn't, as something else might require the funds. I see the need for a large sum or arguments about money. If you do go for it, It could wind up leading to stress in the long-term.  

Remember! Fear is tied to our belief that something might happen, it also might NOT happen. If you wish to tackle the delay or the block, then you'll have to come at it from ALL angles. If all else fails, then you'll be working around something/someone, accepting the fact that not everyone will get it… 

CHECK YOUR SOURCES, make sure you really know what you know… Otherwise, it will cost you on some level… financially, emotionally and for some intellectually. I see a HIDDEN cost. 

My advice is to PLAN and don't make any fast decisions. Make sure you have clarity and that the path ahead is clear; otherwise, you'll feel like you're going in circles or hitting dead ends. Put a hold on something… work it through. 

Lastly, what you might not see is the arrival of an unwelcome guest… The kind that chaos follows, they stir the pot and cause more trouble than they're worth. Might be a family member, distant or someone in your network who loves to meddle.

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