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Things get real, real quick | Weekly insight, August 10, 2020

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

A change of plans or needing to consider someone else in them is the theme I foresee this week.

This week other or outside forces need to be assessed, you need to remain as flexible as possible. I feel for the most part that there’s excitement in doing something, and so you have set yourself in the direction of it… be open and flexible with the events or things you’ve planned, as things can quickly take a turn and accidents can happen.

The week seems riddled with the sudden and unexpected. A situation or event that'll unfold quickly, and in the same fashion end just as quick. Mars will square Pluto, which can, of course, increase aspects of danger. Mars rules fights, machines, metal, war, guns, its speed, so around matters of action, breathe, and then take action don’t rush into things this week.

You're likely to miss something, an agent that's been given the green light and you're a go. Every good plan has unforeseen elements to it, its about navigating on the fly. The vibe I get is you're missing something... something you've failed to consider or just didn’t see. Think before you speak and step into action only once you’ve found the anomaly.

The most basic level is that there can be more “breakages”, the what is breaking will be dependant upon your personal chart. If you’re a clumsy sort of person, it's not a week to carry your phone in your back pocket… As much as possible, become aware of your reactions instead of being in a hurry.

Temperance is all about moderation, patience and time. I use the analogy a lot, but a fine wine or good whiskey takes time to taste that good… somethings just require time.

Whatever is started this week might come up against some bumps in the road, for most, I feel you’re facing it head-on. It’s important to realise that all things happen in the right timing. If you want to do something, do it properly, don’t skip or cut corners, not this week.

I guess my advice this week is just to be on high alert, slow down and really cultivate that fine wine you’re brewing… don’t be in a rush to reach the finishing line. When you rush, you’ll be at high risk of accidents or something breaking, which will ultimately slow you down anyway. Take the initiative to slow yourself down this week, it’ll bring a blessing. After all, all the best things in life are the things that take the time to arrive, you appreciate it more.

Have a good week. Kerry-ann

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