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War on Love & Desire | Transit Venus in Cancer | Aug, 7 - Sep, 6,

Updated: Jan 24



Venus in Cancer transit Ardra, Purnavasu and Hasta nakshatra
Venus In Cancer

Venus will shift signs on August, 7, after spending around 18 weeks in Tropical Gemini. The past 18 weeks, Venus brought forth a new relationship story, or at the very least a seed was planted when it comes to relationships and matters of Venus. Venus seeds a new relationship story every 8 years, just as she did in 2012, which mainstreamed online dating as the new standard way of meeting people and finding “love”.

Perhaps this Venus cycle is to create deeper intimacy with the limitation to actually be able to date with Covid-19, needing to develop emotional and intellectual connections before physical, which creates deeper bonds and longer-lasting connection. Read more here

Venus is the vehicle we use to move through life, she is responsive to how we fulfil our deepest desires. In ancient texts, she’s known as the teacher of demons of disciplining one’s primal desire. If one seeks true happiness, then that persona needs to ensure their desires, are balanced and met. So Venus could fall under the Prit pro quo, something for something. After all, relationships only survive if there’s a balance, of equal give and take, with good relationships, leading to a good life.

Other than Relationships Venus governs over women, femininity, sexuality, procreation, Tantra, sacred acts, luxury items, cars, vehicles, perfumes, jewellery, fashion, money, beauty, popularity, attraction, desire, lust, indulgence… Venus is the shiny gem all want to possess and conquer for themselves.

Venus in Tropical Cancer

Currently in Mrgrishira (Jul, 24, - Aug, 8) until August, 8 where she’ll shift into Ardra (Aug, 8, - Aug, 22), and then Purnavasu (Aug, 22, Sep, 4).

Venus in Tropical Cancer can be melancholic, more sensitive and emotionally heightened. Dependant upon your natal Moon placement as Venus activates this part of your chart, it can feel as if a storm is brewing. It’s passionate, intense, and purging of all that’s contained within itself.

Tropical Cancer is like the crab at the bottom of the sea bed, every move kicks up the sand, and things get clouded by the moments or actions made. Like a storm, the sky for a period becomes dark, and our vision clouded by the downpour of rains. The thunder and lightning that manifests serve as a warning, to not avoid the storm by trying to outrun it, you cannot outrun Rudra. Instead, you should head into it or to allow it to pass through. It’s clearing the air.

Perhaps I am biased being an Ardra native, but the energy of a storm releases the tension surround you or a situation. Everything is wiped clean and becomes renewed, fresh to begin again. Each storm is different, some so intense it rips the things rooted to the earth, out into the open. Some storms are just a downpour of emotions and feeling overwhelmed by what’s felt internally. There’re many types of Storms, and Venus is activating this segment until the 22nd.

It’s a powerful and intense time for matters concerning Venus. Again, it depends on your natal placement of Moon and Venus, if you natally are a person who bites their tongue, is anti confrontational or perhaps suppresses there desires, instinctual nature and primal urges… then this can be a trying time for you during Venus motioning through Ardra. It’s the resemblance of a storm, the pressure that builds up inside and then erupts outward to purge it out.

So people can find that during this transit it might be harder for you to deny what moves you, what you desire or feel, things get a little misty. Whatever you hide will manifest in your world for you to face more readily. Venus here will bring an eruption of sorts, a passion, movement and change to what’s brewing internally.

Venus is the primal desire, it’s female sexuality and what it means to be the fulfiller of desire, and to have one’s yearnings met. It’s the Arts, beauty, the five senses and all that you derive pleasure from. So when Venus visits Cancer, it asks you if your desires are met or if you feel inhibited somehow.

Venus the Maiden moving through Cancer ruled by the Moon, the mother and divine creator. Cancer is the womb of creation, its what you protect and sacrifice for, a piece of you lives on in your art or creation, and as it does, it takes on its own life separate from you.

Venus in ancient texts is said to have the ability to raise the dead. Our souls are immortal and live on through our creation, our art and in the memory of others… which immortalise us. There’s a sense of resurrection with Venus. Maybe we’ll all face something from the past that sparks that raw feeling as if it’s only just happened... like bumping into the one who broke your heart for the first time. Cancer is connected to the past, memory recall and deep love.

Venus in Purnavasu

August, 22 - September, 4, Venus moves into Purnavasu. Now, Venus will still be in the Sign of Tropical Cancer until September, 6, but the Lunar mansion energy progressed out of Ardra into Purnavasu.

When Venus visits and progresses the story under Purnavasu, there is a learning curve. It’s the back a forth, something repeating itself over again to see if you’ve really learnt from the past experience. It reminds me of Samantha from Sex in the City in an episode where she gets back with an old lover Dominic. She truly had feelings for Dominic, but he hurt her deeply and left her for someone else. At first, she’s empowered and gets with him under the pretence of revenge, and then when she changes her mind to fall back into past habits, the past repeats. Dominic gets back with his ex leaving Samantha all over again. I believe the episode is Season 2 Episode 11, titled Evolution.

Purnavasu is like a boomerang with Venus where it keeps coming back. There is a need to prove you’re worthy of what you seek or desire. When Venus moves here, there’s a repeating aspect or story within relationships or with what you desire.

Let me know in the comments below what your ASC sign is and how this transit impacts you through the different Lunar Mansions.

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