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The Tropical Leo Season | Sun in Leo | My way is the right way…

Welcome to Leo season (Tropical) a time of heart centred alignment. When I think of Leo season, I think back to the time of Kings. Every King in history whole heartily believed they knew what was best, they felt they were the best ruler, and their way was the right way of doing things. They shaped their kingdoms in their image, rehabilitating their subjects to see a new way, the better way that their rule would bring for their kingdom.

When I think Leo, I think “the one true king”, it’s that sort of mentality, where the ego comes up and a childlike enthusiasm is poured out into the world. In truth, there’s more than one way of doing things, the idea of being right could be somewhat subjective. What Leo season does bring is this uplifting and majestic energy. Have you ever been in the presence of a Tropical Leo? It’s entertaining, it’s warm and most of all it lifts you up.

Leo is celebrity, popularity and “importance”, the energy of the season is like that of meeting an idol. What captivates your heart? What desires do you have? It gifts you the courage and enthusiasm to go after and find success in your endeavours. It’s about how can I be the best in that “thing”.

How ever, another theme that might come forth is that you can’t have too many Kings in one space, they don’t play well together. As such, they need their own domains and separate kingdoms to rule over.

You might find especially with Mars/Mercury Squaring off that people will tell you that you’re doing something wrong. There’s the energy of defending beliefs, ideas and thoughts about something. It truly is, my way is the only way mentality, and you will fall in line. Confrontation and heat discussions could turn violent for those of a more defensive nature. Those who usually bite their tongue is an empowering time to have your voice heard.

Check out my Sun in Leo Video from way back to get a feel for the Leo Season.

Let me know your thoughts of the Leo Season below in the comments =)

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