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The Sacrifice | ♋ New Moon, in Pushya, July 20, 2020, @6.32pm GMT

Pour your self into something new, but yet coming up with a roadblock or restriction. I see the wish to build, to begin and to push forward with something, but you’re faced with a hard limitation or red tape that needs cutting through.

The New Moon is really bringing to light a need to create a solid plan and foundation for what you’re setting intention toward. The Moon will begin to reveal the need for boundaries and to think practically with what you’re calling in.

A lot is still exposed, and that expense or cost that comes as a result of not having a clear plan of action in place is what this Moon will be working to remedy. As the Moon begins grows, you’ll face your own lack of boundaries, restrictions or limitations to reinforce. Cancer New Moons are sacred mother energy, a gentle reminder to protect what’s yours, what you’re creating and building.

Someone could be costing you something in some capacity. Think back to the Solar eclipse in June, which was also in Cancer.

The New Moon is a time of new beginnings, and maybe you’ve misplaced your loyalty and tender care. The bridge presents itself to overcome the block or limitation you face around the New Moon. What will you sacrifice?

Pushya is a nurturing Lunar mansion, it seeks to give nourishment, it represented by the cow’s adder and a lotus flower. It’s fast and swift, and so the intention setting process can come in fast, but with Saturn looking upon what your cultivating it will bring blocks. It wants you to listen to yourself, your intuition and the details from a big picture perspective.

The lotus flower blooms in even the darkest of undesirable places, a reminder that you’ll find your self a place you never thought you’d be. The Cancer New Moon presents an opportunity to heal and to affirm your destination.

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