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The Royal New Moon | Leo New Moon in Magha, August 19, 2020

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The Royal New Moon

AUGUST 19, 2020, 03:41 GMT

Leo New Moon in Magha.

The Magha New Moon allows for us to divinely connect to those who came before and to petition something our hearts calling for. Magha is the royal throne, it’s our direct ancestral connection, and this New Moon will grant us access to the ancestral plane.

If we think for a moment about Leo, we’ll understand the mystical power the sign can manifest for us. Leo is creation, it’s creative self-expression, its childlike wonder and the power of play. When we’re children, we have access to realms beyond what the adult world sees.

Leo is mostly known as the royal figure of the zodiac, but what most don’t talk about is that they’re deeply entwined with spirituality. The Leo Zodiac sign encompasses 3 nakshatras or lunar mansions, Magha, Purva Phalguni and Uttara Phalguni. Magha’s connected to the Ancestral planes, it's the inheritance of a powerful ancestral lineage. Magha is the wisdom given on to us, a direct line to our ancestors or the ancestral realms. It's a spiritual inheritance that when cultivated, can bring a lot into your life.

Anyone who practices the psychic or occult arts whether or not you’re a witch, meditation is the key to open the spiritual centres within the body. Some people are naturally predisposed to already having these centres open, but its a muscle like everything and requires dedication, honouring and time to cultivate these relationships to the divine, your ancestors and deities.

It’s through routine and practice that our spiritual muscles strengthen. Meditation is the key, and using it with mantras can aid your spiritual practice which ultimately with time bares incredible results.

Now Magha falls at 00’00 - 13’20 degrees of sidereal Leo, which roughly translates to 24 degrees of tropical Leo, through to 7 degrees of Tropical Virgo. If you search your personal astrological chart for Ketu the South node or part of Spirit you’ll be able to see how best your ancestors connect with you.

The New Moon in Leo is a powerful time for occultist or those who wish to deepen their spiritual practice of manifest something into their lives because you’ll have the guidance and support of those who came before. Check out My New Moon Ritual here.

Essentially, this New Moon on the most basic and material levels has the potential to bring in and draw wealth and prosperity into your life. Leo is wealth and royalty. If your heart calls for it, it will be seeded and be made possible for you during this time and manifesting around the Full Moon on September, 2nd, or for the bigger things can manifest during the Full Moon in Leo on January 28, 2021, but it won’t fall in Magha.

The New Moon has the full support of Mars in Aries and South node in Sagittarius, meaning that you could ask for the blockages and obstacles that are in your way to dissolve to reach the goal or intent you have set for the New Moon.

You can read my New Moon ritual here, or check out the weekly vibes here.

For a personal session with me feel free to check out my services here | I am booked up until the 25th August.

The Magha New Moon

The New Moon beginning for your Astrological sign

Where the New Moon will fall for your ASC or Moon Sign. The Ascendant will show you the physical manifestation of what’s being worked and brought into the physical realm. The moon acts as more mind, internal, spiritual and your needs, it shows what will be called in, and that takes root inside of self.

Aries | The New Moon will plant seeds in your 5th house of creativity, passion, love and romance. The ideal time to set an intention in connection with a project, fertility and attracting a lover.

Taurus | The New Moon will be planting seeds in your 4th house of home, security, property and the past. The ideal time for you to set an intention to find your dream home, resolve past issues, to start a family or to purchase something of high value.

Gemini | The New Moon will plant the seed in your 3rd house of routines, friends, social media and skills. The Ideal time for you to learn something new, develop a skill, acquire a new laptop or device for connection, make a friend or find the truth to something. The 3rd house New Moon is about creating your new normal and enforcing a new schedule or routine.

Cancer | The New Moon will take place in your 2nd house of money, assets and values. It’s the ideal time to purchase something of high value to you and to set an intention for something you really wish to buy or own. It can be a great time to seed an idea to increase your wealth.

Leo | The New Moon will take place in your sign, the sign of you, yourself, health and direction in life. It’s a great time to set the intention for something you really want, a new chapter, a new job, a new life direction literally it’s your person new moon to calling and begin a new.

Virgo | The Full Moon will take place in your 12th house of seclusion, relaxation, spirituality, the past and healing. It’s a great time to set an intention for closure, spiritual guidance and relaxation. It’s the sector of our dreams, secrets and spiritual practice. It's the perfect time to cast intention's for advancements and revelations to do with these things. Begin a Yoga practice, start meditation, learn mixed martial arts, begin dream journalling and get in touch with your inner guru.

Libra | The New Moon will fall in your 11th house of hopes, wishes, gains and networks. It’s the ideal time to set intentions towards your bigger dream, goal or vision. The 11th house is calling in opportunities, being rewarded for something you do and connecting with people who are on your level.

Scorpio | The Full Moon will happen in your 10th house of career, status, responsibility, duty and your contributions to the world. It’s the ideal time to set intentions towards your career, goals and life path direction. You can call for a raise, promotion or new job. The 10th house is seeding an advancement that can be made to this sector of your chart.

Sagittarius | The New Moon will be taking place in your 9th house of higher learning, spiritually, your beliefs, travels and experiences. It’s an ideal time to set intentions towards you long term goals, plans and vision for the future. You could plan a holiday, develop a spiritual practice, learn something new or connect with foreign people, places and things. It’s calling in a new adventure, journey or experience to expand your mind. The answers you seek will be delivered here.

Capricorn | The New Moon will take place in your 8th house of other peoples resources, loans, inheritances, thighs you gain through others and things hidden or buried underground. It’s the ideal time to ask for money, borrow money or get a loan and you could acquire new stuff through others. It’s great to overcome fears, past traumas and to invite new sexual experiences to create deeper intimacy.

Aquarius | The New Moon will take place in your 7th house of other people, business partnerships, partners, clients, roommates and the one to one connections. It’s the ideal time to call in a significant compatible commitment, a new roommate, taking your relationship to the next level, signing a contract or seeking out an advisor.

Pisces | The New Moon will take place in your 6th house of health, work, pets and problem solving/conflict resolution. It’s the ideal time to creating a more efficient working routine, break bad health habits, get a new pet, look for a new employee, set intention for a new job and solve conflict and problems. It’s about making your working environment better and more enjoyable.

Thanks so much for reading, if you enjoyed this post, please consider sharing and drop me a comment below with what you’d like to manifest this Royal New Moon

Have a good week =)


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