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Truths Revealed… Mystical Full Moon in Pisces, September 2, 2020

Updated: Jan 24

We begin the week under the lunar mansion of Shravana, the one that makes great strides. It speaks of keeping our ears of understanding open for what will follow this week. We then enter into the beginning of a new Month, under the Lunar Mansion of Dhanista the cosmic drum followed by the Full Moon unveiling something that was previously cloaked in Shatabhisha. Tropical Pisces, 10 degrees or in Aquarius 16 degrees sidereal.

The Full Moon happening in Shatabhisha, much like the Full Moon of 2018 is connected to healing potential. In fact, perhaps with Mars in Ashwini, we can expect an eradication, flair up of COVID or a significant discovery connected to it. We’ll have Saturn, the pada ruler of Shatabhisha confronting Mars in Ashwini in the latter part of September, which points to the containment of something that can cause an uprise. The Full Moon is the counterpart to the New Moon in Shatabhisha that took place February 24, around when Coronavirius began to spread across the world. Mars at that time was conjunct Ketu, in Mula, another Ketu ruled Nakshatra of which his now moving through Ashwini, the first Ketu Lunar Mansion and will Rx here in September.

Shatabhisha is a Lunar Mansion of great secrecy, mystery and magic. It’s known as the Nakshatra of the “veiling Star”, to protect or contain something. It’s the empty circle, just like in the laws of witchcraft you cast a circle, to keep something in and everything else out. To reveal what’s hidden seems to be the theme of the Full Moon.

The Lunar Mansion of Shatabhisha consists of 100 stars. It’s a cluster far out and, a representation of all that lurks out in the beyond. It can be connected to the shaman, medicine men, healers, astrologers, tarot readers and dream walkers. Essentially Shatabhisha can represent all those who live on the fringe, privy to things not everyone gets to experience. James Wan, the creator of Saw, insidious and many of his creations, point to the themes of the beyond.

Varuna is the deity connected to Shatabhisha, the god that governs the cosmic waters, the oceans, he sees all because water is everywhere. Water is inside you, it’s in the pipes, rivers, oceans, in the clouds, it knows everything and reports everything back to Varuna. Its ether, its space, you cannot hide from the forces of this Nakshatra just as you cannot hide from your own mind. Varuna is all around. Shatabhisha is like 100 eyes watching and guiding you through the darkness. It’s an energy that you cannot see but nonetheless is very much there.

The last Full Moon here unearthed a lot to do with secrets and scandals in connection to those in positions of power; The Catholic church and the association of child abuse & Government officials being indited. In true Varuna fashion, this Full Moon sees through the smokes and mirrors and exposes the truth for all to see, unlocking what’s hidden.

I just want to mention that the Spanish flu, similar to what the Corna virus is was around for a good few years and the first flu vaccine wasn’t approved until the 1940s after the Spanish flu went away on its own. The only cure is a natural one, your immune system to fight it off. Give your body what it needs and do your own research before taking anything being offered. I know in the US, they make a lot off of healthcare. Everything cycles, there are no freakish single occurrences of anything.

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Have a great week


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