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The Moon transit Cancer | What today will bring your Zodiac Sign…

The Moon transit Cancer

What today will bring your Zodiac Sign…


To feel everything all at once, like a wave crashing back into the sea. It pushes you under, awakening you from a dream to believe.

Emotions hit you, wave after wave, an intensity that washes over and crashes back down again and again’ - Moon in Cancer

The Moon as she journeys through the Tropical sign of Cancer each month is a tale of love and heartbreak and love again. You find that on days such as these, your feelings and emotions that’ve been suppressed over time, bubble up and spill over into the day.

When the Moon transit Cancer, it awakens powerful emotions and intensity of feelings, and it becomes increasingly difficult to hide what you need, want and feel.

The Moon in Cancer takes into itself the burdens of those who you love most dearly and shoulders them alone encased in its hard crab shell. A time of gentle sensitivity, a desire to heal, nurture and provide a soft place to land.

The Moon in Cancer days are often stormy depending upon what you’ve kept hidden and locked away deep in your heart. A reminder to let it air out, to cry if you want to, to cook your favourite comfort food and to cuddle under the sheets as long as you need to.

On days such as these, you’ll be increasingly affected by all you experience, and so, you should be mindful of who you allow into your space today. You might feel yourself called to be defensive, as you’re likely more sensitive. You could feel slow to act, living in the memory of once upon a time trying to figure out the right time for now.

Moon in Cancer days are wonderful to journal and pour your heart out onto paper. To empty your worries, fears and concerns instead of trying to bury them deep inside. It’s about time you ask yourself what you need right now at this moment, and give yourself permission to receive it.

There’s three phases of the Cancer Moon Journey that fall under the three Lunar Mansions of this Tropical Sign. You have the very end of Mrgashira, Ardra, Purnarvasu and part of Pushya. If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram I update you daily with what Nakshatra the Moon falls under.

When under Mrigashira…

Whatever you perceive to have lost, can be found if only you're willing to step deeper into the forest of the unknown. Mrigashira is all about seeking, searching and investigating further. The answer you need is sure to arrive on a day under the sway of Mrigashira.

When under Ardra…

Ardra can bring an explosion of intense emotion, clearing through the things of the past, to unveil a new path, one of clarity, peace and honesty. Ardra brings light to secrets, hidden things and shows things for how they are, so new foundations can be built. He drives away all evils and destroys the darkness and removes all that's no good for you.

When under Punarvasu…

Today you might need to check it once, then check it twice, and make time for do-overs and second tries. Punarvasu brings a certain deja vu, where things tend to repeat themselves. Be it, you go back to something you thought was finished, returning back. Taking a trip down memory lane, wishing on the early days, to go back as before. The past returns or we go back & forth on days under Punarvasu.

When under Pushya…

Pushya days are great to initiate, begin or learn something new. Pushya shows us the Key to success is in finding a good mentor, consistency and turning knowledge into action. It creates a focus and offers you a tried and true path to reach your goal.

What The Moon Transit Cancer Means for your Zodiac Sign?

To get the most from this part of the post, you’ll want to read your Ascendant/Rising Sign along with the whole sign house position of your Moon, as Cancer is ruled by the Moon.

If you don’t know where your Moon is placed check this post out to get your chart.





ARIES RISING | The Fourth House Experience

The Moon will journey through your fourth house if you're Aries Rising. You might be feeling partially drained, tired and in need of a good night's rest. At times the transit can make for some restless sleep or that of vivid dreams trying to process the day's events.

It’s not the best time to schedule social events outside the home, if you must then invite people to you instead of going out. You’ll enjoy the comforts of home far more than the excitement of the exterior world.

Take the time to connect with family, work through past issues and catch up on home life activities. It might also bring about some emotional fluctuations at home, to do with family or those you cohabitate with.

TAURUS RISING | The Third House Experience

The Moon will journey through your third house if you're Taurus Rising. You could feel partially scattered today, stress levels can rise when you have an endless to-do list on your side. You’re likely to be swept off your feet and busy as a bee.

You’re going to express and communicate most emotionally today. You might decide to air something out, share a few truths and all you encounter can be emotionally triggering, for good as well as bad. Perhaps delay your need to tweet every thought and instead write it down in a journey to better understand how you feel.

You might need a good friend to talk things over with, being heard is important as long as you too are willing to listen. Stay clear of gossip however as it could backfire.

GEMINI RISING | The Second House Experience

The Moon will journey through your Second house if you're Gemini Rising. You might crave a little comfort food today, feel a little nostalgic and partially territorial of all that’s yours. Let’s just say you probably won’t be in the best mood to share today.

Emotionally driven towards your values, standards and morals on one side. On the other, you might feel you need to buy or have something that you don’t actually need right now. Not the best time for impulse shopping.

CANCER RISING | The First House Experience

The Moon will journey through your first house if you're Cancer Rising. Energy should increase somewhat from having been moving through the twelfth house previously.

Sensitivities can arise around appearance, fitness and how far you’re at from reaching your goals. It’ll be a time where you’ll find it hard to disguise or hide how you feel and you’re most likely to act on how you feel today.

LEO RISING | The Twelfth House Experience

The Moon will journey through your Twelfth house if you're Leo Rising. Energy levels can decline as you feel the need for some alone time to connect with yourself and Spirit. Dreams can become more vivid and you might not sleep as well.

It’s a wonderful time to take a rest, to meditate and take some alone time to replenish your energy levels. You’re likely to be floating on a cloud, daydreaming a million miles away. Focus is not usually high on your priority but taking some time away from it all might be.

Take a personal day, or a spiritual day to give yourself what you need. Take a long bubble bath, get an early night's rest and wake early to walk in nature when nobody else is around.

VIRGO RISING | The Eleventh House Experience

The Moon will journey through your Eleventh house if you're Virgo Rising. You might feel a need to belong, to connect to your tribe or group who share a common goal or interest. It’s time to connect with the world, to seek to carve your place within it on days like these.

You could be feeling partially concerned over social issues, wanting to support a cause or group effort to improve society, a place or situation for the good of all. It’s a wonderful time to network, socialise and connect with others who share a common vision for a better tomorrow or to work on bringing your hopes and wishes to fruition.

LIBRA RISING | The Tenth House Experience

The Moon will journey through your Tenth house if you're Libra Rising. Feeling ambitious and ready to work towards your goals and aspirations. You could of course feel as though everyone is coming to you for advice and tell you what they need.

Essentially, you feel more emotionally involved than usual in your career or work and capable of reaching people more impactfully. On the other side of this, you might feel the pressure or stress build with an expectation from your superiors and so plenty of deep breaths will be required to see you through.

It can bring your personal life into your working world, but it can also provide the authentic concern to help those you serve in your chosen field. How you feel will become very apparent to the world, your bosses, superiors and those you serve right now. Use your passion, emotional drive and motivation for good.

SCORPIO RISING | The Ninth House Experience

The Moon will journey through your Ninth house if you're Scorpio Rising. You might find yourself a million miles away, focused and busy building your dreams and bringing your aspiration to life.

Learning, researching and focusing on the big picture and long-term goals is where your thoughts and feelings are aligning. There’s a feeling of hope and optimism that awakens within you now. The answers you seek in turning your dreams or goals into reality are well within your grasp.

It’s highly likely you ditch the day-to-day routine and do something off the books. You might try going to a different place, trying something new, taking a class, reading a book, all that opens your mind to new possibilities and opportunities.

SAGITTARIUS RISING | The Eighth House Experience

The Moon will journey through your Eighth house if you're Sagittarius Rising. You might find yourself a tad on edge, worrying about things that may or may not be changing.

It can bring triggering conversations, uncomfortable, but important matters to the surface. You could experience intense emotional responses, defensive or awakening of past situations, either from someone close to you or you yourself.

Fears tend to spill over into the world, you’re much better off talking it out, instead of avoiding what needs to be said or done. Fear is not real, it’s a by-product of our imagination, so you might be a victim of paranoia, a suspicious mind, trying to control things outside of your control.

In some cases today you might just feel a little jealous or envious of someone, or something that someone else has that you want.

CAPRICORN RISING | The Seventh House Experience

The Moon will journey through your Seventh house if you're Capricorn Rising. You might be feeling more compassionate, empathetic and sensitive to the needs and wants of others.

It might be a time where you’re called to be a pillar of support for someone. It might be you being needy and a tad possessive or someone close to you becoming increasingly so.

Either way, you might find yourself paying more attention and focus on your relationships and partnerships than usual. Everything feels more, emotional, more intense and wanting to nurture and protect your relationships.

Pay attention to your intuition when it comes to others right now, listen to your gut instincts and what they tell you about those you interact with on a one to one basis.

AQUARIUS RISING | The Sixth House Experience

The Moon will journey through your Sixth house if you're Aquarius Rising. You might be feeling overwhelmed, bogged down and stressed out by daily life. It can feel as though everyone is complaining and coming to you to fix things.

You’re going to be more emotionally involved with your work, work situation and those you serve on a daily basis. Try not to burn yourself out and take the breaks needed to restore your energy levels.

You might have a bit of a nervous tummy, and so stick to good nutritious foods on days such as these. It’s not a day to neglect your health.

PISCES RISING | The Fifth House Experience

The Moon will journey through your fifth house if you're Pisces Rising. You can find yourself awakened with creativity, feeling more inspired and motivated to make things happen.

You might be more so in touch with your inner child or perhaps there can be a focus on your children or business during this time. It can be a time of falling in love, feeling alive and energised.

The Moon journeying through here can make you a little more competitive, wanting to have fun and let loose a little more than usual. Make time for your favourite pastime, take up that hobby and have fun.

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