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The Hunter & The Hunted... Aries Full Moon, October 1, 2020

Updated: Jan 24

22:05 GMT OCTOBER 1, 2020

October begins with a Full Moon. Two Full Moons this month, which is sure to shine a light and illuminate all that has been hidden within the shadows. If you have not checked out your October horoscope, you can do so here. The Full Moon is the counterpart Moon to the New Moon seeded back in March 2020.

The Full Moon on the 1st is called the Harvest Moon, reaping what you’ve sown, what will carry you through to the winter months. Its the time of year where we all look at how far we’ve come as we make preparations to journey into the darker seasonal times. The Harvest Moon is the Full Moon falling closest to the autumn equinox, a reminder of longer nights and shorter days, where spirits and ancestors soon return. I guess we all become more attuned to our lunar nature in the modern world.

We also end the month with the Hunters Moon on Halloween, meaning we have a blue moon (two full moons in a single month), more on this later this month.

It’s during the time of a Full Moon that energy is building to reveal what cannot long be hidden, its an opening for manifestation. We’re called to open our hearts. To pay thanks for the bounty of which we have been blessed with… The harvest Moon is about gratitude and gratitude is Key that unlocks the door to manifestation.

Tropical Aries

The Full Moon takes place in the Tropical sign of Aries the Mars-ruled warrior, of purpose, passion and drive. Mars is currently Rx and within this Tropical sign, pointing to deep realisations and purpose realignments. It’s the Full Moon that seeks excitement and action, it’s illuminating you to the motivations, the why behind the what you’re seeking.

Need I say it. The Full Moon can bring emotions or anything that's suppressed or hidden within out into the open. In the sign of Aries, we might need to check in with everything connected to control, how we use our power or assert it over others. A time where there can be more outbursts, accidents and explosive or volatile energy escaping out into the world.

The Full Moon is joined by Chiron, the wounded and the healer. It’s like removing a thorn or a splinter embedded deep within your skin in a place you cannot reach. It hurts like hell during the process of trying to get it out, but after, the release makes it worth it. We could all be feeling a little conflicted over what we seek for ourselves and what others seek or want from us.

The expression I get from the astrology is muscle memory. Experiencing something that creates an automated response, a trigger or something to defend or to attack. It has the propensity to cultivate a lot of healing and resolve in the long run, if we’re willing to face our demons and ask for help. After all, when have you known an Aries to ask for help? A solitary wolf doesn’t survive without its pack, it's asking you to accept assistance.

The Full Moon reminds you of your power, strength and courage even if you feel powerless or weak. The situation is temporary, your essence and spirit will always remain. Look to the house from where Aries (whole sign house) falls, it will alert you to where you might need to realign to your purpose and what drives you. It will show you where you might need to ask for help, but it’ll bring you something you seek and desire that can offer healing and support.

Find out what house the Full Moon will take place looking from your Rising sign and or Moon Sign. The suns position has more connection to your career and status, how it will impact you on an external level >> Check it out here.

Uttara Bhadrapada

The Full Moon takes place under the Lunar Mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada. The Lunar mansion of Uttara Bhadrapada brings a message of seeking the essence or spirit of something. It’s about connecting to the aspect of permanence and clearing away all that is temporary.

The lunar mansion is a force that signifies, all that's left after the material has been cleansed away. It's like an impression left upon someone or the remains. It doesn’t seek the material things of the world, those things come and go. Uttara Bhadrapada seeks something eternal, something that will last, something that cannot be destroyed. It looks for wisdom, experiences and for the things that don’t kill you will surely only make you stronger applies here.

The Full Moon is a powerhouse of spiritual energies that will unlock the door to the true essence of yourself and what you’re striving for, a wake-up call or awakening to something is most likely.

What will it mean for me?

Each Full Moon brings your awareness to a cosmic story unfolding within your life. Every month will teach you something about the house it activates. Life is growth, it's like the Moon, it's constantly evolving and unfolding, things come, and things go.

If you look to where the Moon falls from your whole sign Sun, you can see what will physically be manifesting in your material world. You can look to the house your Sun rules, as it will always tie back to that... for example, a Cancer Rising has Leo on the 2nd house, It's going to impact money, family, values and resources to some degree.

The Rising I find to be most relevant, as it's tied to you, your purpose, incarnation and the simulation you’re apart of. Looking from the sign of your Moon will bring an emotional edge and cycle to the phase of the Moon. Full Moon placement from your natal whole sign position will offer a sort of emotional fulfilment, awareness and manifestation. You can find out where the Full Moon will fall for you here.

Thank you so much for reading, if you liked this post, please drop me a comment below. If you’d like to become a member, check out the peaks here. For all personal sessions, check out my services here.

Have a wonderful Full Moon, may all your wishes come true.


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