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The Cost of Casting Stones | Weekly Insight, July 20, 2020

Casting Stones. We’re all in an instant Karmic time. Saturn’s testing us all in the best of ways, what's stable and solid will remain what is weak and feeble will be washed and cleansed from your path. Be sure you know what you stand for, don’t take action based on obligations. Listen to your heart, don’t turn a blind eye to something that feels off.

We begin the week with the second New Moon in Cancer within the lunar Mansion of Pushya. To experience two New Moons in the same sign is rare and shows us what is being cultivated. Saturn wants to show us our fears, to test us to make us strong, it’s through those hard things that we find our courage. The New Moon tells you it’s through the feeling we know what’s the right cause of action.

Themes around duty, obligation and belonging. What do we believe and feel to be possible, what are we asking for and calling into our life. It’s work when dealing with Saturn looking upon the Moon. It’s conditional love. It’s so deeply ingrained into our being that we must seek to continue the work. We know in our hearts what we seek and desire, and yet we fear what might be over the bridge.

A New Moon brings the seed of potential, a chance at a new way and a new beginning. Cancer is the nurturer, the mother and the home. Bringing a new life into the world there's always sacrifice, it’s in weighing the cost that we can make a choice.

Saturn shares with us that for anything to last, you must get to the root. Saturn requires a strong, firm and stable foundation to build anything. Infected or poisoned roots breed toxic fruits. Traditions are passed from father to son, from mother to daughter energetically, physically and intellectually.

The words you speak life into, live out in and through our children. If you expect a child to be compassionate, you must embody compassion. You want a child to be forgiving, you must be able to forgive. Saturn is all that is long-lasting, it’s the very fabric our society and world have been built upon.

Mother/fatherhood never ends, you'll forever be the example you set for your children and then grandchildren. When we think of the mother, the bringer of life, we must honour the process and care first for our selves. Honour the gift of intuition, that connection we have to the environment and to the Earth. The elements of water and Earth, require us to ground, to not be afraid of getting muddy for this is a fertile space. The cardinal nature here shows the tides are changing, and to overcome what’s in your way, you must chip away at it, bit by bit. Imagine a wave hitting up upon a cliff, breaking down what was once there.

The week confirms the track you’re on. It does, however, asks that you question what certain friendships and relationships might be costing you. A temporary discomfort will breed more future joy than staying in something, simply out of a false sense of need or obligation. Listen to what you intuitively know, make conscious choices this week as not be open to being exploited.

The image I see for the week is throwing or casting stones. I see sheep mentality, going along with the heard. The word is cost. The people in your life are infecting you in one way or another. What is it that you believe and when and where did that belief come from? Is it yours? Are you living your standard, or someone else’s?

I often wondered why nobody back in the day would say/do anything about slavery. Why people watched women accused of witchcraft watched them burn and be hung with such a mob mentality. Why people don’t report, vocalise when they see something strange or unusual like young girls coming and going from a wealthy mans home. Why is it people turn a blind eye to the cruelty that runs in the veins of the world? If you sense something is off, then honour that feeling, speak out because you don’t know what a saving grace you could be in someone life.

We all have choices, and those choices shape us. Doing what’s easy is not going to lead you to what you seek. It feels we’re in a Karmic time where debts need to be paid off. Everyone thinks “but I’m just one person”, but all it takes is one. Don't be quick to cast stones this week.

The Dark Moon is sharing something you need to hear, and as the Moon grows, what was hidden of buried within will come to light. Check out my other post on the New Moon specifically here.

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