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The Build up | August 2020 Horoscopes

Hey, Loves, I hope August treated you well Let me know in the comments the one word that summed up your July…

So today I’ll be walking you through August, touching on the Astrology, and my own intuitive insights for the month, as well as for your personal Sign (Sun, Moon + Rising).

Planetary Vibes

August, by most standards of the year so far, feels pretty good energetically… There’s a shift out of old energy with Mercury changing signs and Venus shifting signs this month. I don’t want to elude that it's all unicorns and butterflies, however, because Mars is getting to work and is prepping for something as he climbs up Aries and begins to confront Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto over in Capricorn. It feels to me like there will be some tension build and then in September he will Rx, so things are prepping for something to come in the next few months.

The Sun in Leo does provide support to Mars, so it’s almost like Mars is being given the green light on something the leader, Leo is giving him. There will be push back and that's almost what Mars is preparing for but there will be progression and movement this month for sure. I just want y'all to be aware that what feels like a win initially might not be as much so as the month's progress, September into November. It feels like a plan is put into motion.

The Full Moon on August 3rd is going to be revelatory and full of surprises. It will take your attention to something that you hadn’t been focusing on like a jack in the box that’ll be adrenaline-inducing. Whatever you’ve been sure of, it will shift. It’s this jump scare gets you moving, action inducing and rebellion vibes on first insight. I’ll post a little more about this in the next few days.

The main messages that come through for August is a need to listen and to educate YOURSELF instead of believing what others are feeding you. Mercury moving into Leo, on the 4th, will enable you to get out of the heaviness of Cancer, and into a more empowered, self-initiating and thinking capacity. Leo is the King and the King may have many advisers, but he truly only listens to himself, the Sun, the self. It asks you to question the narrative to research and check your sources even more so from the 19th when he shifts into Virgo. In Virgo however, there’ll be a little bit of fog and mist with Neptune casting, so some unclear information, perhaps misleading or perhaps withheld.

I do sense a movement in August or what can bring progression, after all, we start the month under Purva Ashadha the invincible one. August has you building your fight to reach and overcome the opposition in your way. It’s the pathway of two rivers joining and pushing and continuing as one, a joining of forces. A reminder that being divided you cannot overcome the oppressors but together you can accomplish and create everlasting change.

August for Your Sign | Sun - Moon - Rising

If you’d like me to read for you looking into all of this feel free to check out my services.


Aries, you’re on the part of a rollercoaster where you’re being lifted to the grand finale. Slowly being lifted up, up higher and higher, it's a constant build for you Aries and the point of tension is coming from the workspace.

I believe you’re putting on a good show, a brave face behind that fearless nature there's a lot of uncertainty. Have you agreed to things that you’re now regretting? A repeating situation is coming around, and it's not a new thing. It just keeps happening this way and will continue to do so, until you assert your boundaries.

Something will present itself in August that you’ll have to make a choice about in the upcoming months… What's in your life that's unsustainable, what's impacting your health and wellbeing. It feels like you’ve committed to something and you don’t want to back out, because it’s in your nature to see it through, but ultimately that link or connection has to come to an end.

My advice for you this month is to wait for things to be made clear. Try not to over-commit yourself, be a little vague and find ways to clear your mind. You need to let off some steam, you need to establish and reaffirm those boundaries that perhaps your work life is walking all over. Be confident and strong in the choices you do make this month.


Taurus, August your ruler will shift into Cancer after spending an incredible amount of time in Gemini. So you’ve spent a lot of time with a lot of focus on what matters most to you, on what’s yours, be it money, possessions, family and your values. Seeding something new that will be prevalent over the next venus 8-year cycle.

The shift into Cancer puts you into action. There's still a lot being focused upon the home, security and family dynamics but now you seek to be a part of something, to talk, engage, communicate and have a bit more of a social media presence.

You might still have a bit of uncertainty when it comes to the direction your moving, wanting to keep your motives and plans a little more under wraps. It’s like your going one way, and then you hit a diversion and shift pace or direction. As the month progresses, you’ll be attracting some sort of attention for sure. You could expect to receive some surprising news from a friend.

My advice Taurus is to not let this opportunity pass you by, take a chance and go for it because it's your moment. Be affirmative with your stance and don’t let others steal your thunder so to speak. Persistence beats resistance every time.


Gemini, August can have you in a bit of an indulgent mood, wanting to spend a little on something that you might not need moving forward.

August 4, your ruler moves into the sign of Leo, you might be keen to learn something new, join a new group online or even just add to your schedule. Until the 19th you might be busy as a bee, exuding more energy than you have in a while, it's here, there, everywhere, your attention is going into a multitude of directions with more to-dos and plans overall. After which, from the 19th onwards, there’ll be more stuff going on in the home.

I feel the month of August for Gemini will have you learning something new that you’ll perhaps even add in as part of your daily routine if even only temporary. Whatever has piqued your interest, you’ll want to share it, speak it, tweet it or just engage with it on some level.

So back to the expenses, it could be that something connected to your work could be on its way out and will need replacing in August. It could be that you just need to take a digital detox this month, especially if anxiety has flexed. Saying that though I do feel social media and sharing what your latest interests are could provide a good source of fun this month.

My Advice for August is to analyse the situation if you have to invest or purchase something, don’t go for something short term look to the long term. Not a time for rushed purchase, shop around, ask an expert and compare the stats.


Cancer, August brings you something that you’ve long been awaiting… Something you thought was a long shot but as with most things and with consistency brings rewards. I believe that with changes that you’ll initiate can and will bring you closer to your goals or that vision you have for yourself in August.

It seems that you’ll receive some recognition with something you’ve been working on. As I said at the beginning this month although marginally better than most months so far in 2020, won’t be without its surprises. I see a secret meeting that could change things in a big way for you… I don’t sense it to be something bad, but to come into some information that will assist you somehow.

The expression I get is the cats out of the bag, and she ain't going back in, vibes for August. I feel your social connections could also take a surprising shift, going from relatively anonymous to seen, especially within your working arena. Again this is a good thing, even if your the Cancer who prefers to be behind the scenes. Everything happens for a reason. So whatever news, or whoever now has you on their radar and whatever changes are coming to you socially it will benefit you.

Let’s just say a wish might finally be coming true this month. Venus is in your sign, with the full moon in 8th, and the ruler of the 8th being activated, in the 11th. Unexpected gains and a wish fulfilment or at the very least something you’ve hoped for coming to fruition at long last.

My Advice for August is to chase your dreams, go after what YOU want this month. Don’t shy away from showcasing yourself, your talents and skills. August is great for you to receive, so allow people to give you praise and recognition. I’d also add that the attention you might get can bring a bit of jealousy your way, so trust your instincts and keep striving, get back up on the saddle so to speak. Elevate your self and affirm your boundaries.


Leo’s, August is going to bring a change, perhaps sudden changes to plans or unexpected development. A lot is weighing on your mind. Your a little more cautious this month than most, seeking to know the unknown and worries or concerns rising over potential obstacles or difficulties… thinking the worst case, but why?

I get the sense that you’re a little more secretive this month Leo. You might be trying to keep something under wraps, it's your birthday month, so perhaps you’re trying to keep a party or event secret to not alert the authorities. There will be many surprises this month and many of them positive. I do think though that a trip or event might not be as you expected it.

August is a month where you want to keep flexible with your plans as things can change at any moment for you Leo. You have a New Moon in your Sign and a Full Moon in the opposite sign, activating you and others which in theory activates your entire chart. You might cut ties with certain friends as they share something that you wanted to keep on the down-low... even if it’s good news, it's your news.

Whatever you’ve been waiting for I think it's on its way to you with Mercury finally leaving the sign of Cancer and moving into your sign bringing the results of something your way, and a potential gain. Venus moving into Cancer can have you feeling a bit protective over this something and wanting to keep things private for now.

The Full Moon in Aquarius with the ruler transiting the status sector I strongly feel your status will change, when being known as one thing and being seen as something else. You could be moving, getting engaged, married, gaining a promotion or having a baby. The point is August bring the start of a new chapter in your life.

My Advice for Leo this Month is to remain still, to collect yourself and don’t budge. You’ll need to stand your ground, do your own research, take an unconventional approach to what you’re aiming for to overcome the obstacle you perceive. I would also say be careful who you trust and perhaps keep something to yourself for now.


Pisces, August gives the impression of the home. Security, resources and your values are already being heightened with Mars in Aries as something is building and preparing to come forth. It could have something to do with planning for the future, starting a business or side hustle or project.

For many Pisces, you could find yourself this month engrossed in learning something that's of great fascination to you. Reading a new book on an old topic or interest, taking an online course or webinar or even hands-on learning to perfect a skill or natural talent you have.

Pisces, you might also experience some changes when it comes to your friends or a significant friend. I do feel like this month is focused on you, your every day the day to day, routines, health, lifestyle and work stuff. It seems like you’re going to be grounding a vision or dream into reality this month.

The world is right now, a lot of peoples success is derived from the interwebs, the internet and social media. You could be the most talented person ever, but if nobody knows about it, then you won’t receive the recognition you deserve. I believe for Pisces, a new path is opening up and consistency with your plan is the key to your success.

My advice for August is for you to regain your authority and step into your own personal power. It’s not the time for you to fear, use your strengths to overcome your weakness and make a choice. The choice is needed and to stick to the decision you make. August is saying to stay focused, keep your mind clear and eradicate the doubts that cloud your vision.


Aquarius, August really is opening up the door to love this month, a deeper meaningful and purposeful relationship. A connection you make in August could provide the answers and opportunities that you’re seeking.

It won’t all be smooth sailing as things rarely are, but I do sense that there could be some disagreements, heated discussions and arguments when it comes to matters of the heart, or your relationship dynamics. You might receive some disapproving remarks with regards to your personal life, either coming from friends or family or people you’ve known for a while.

August is a month that will always highlight matters of the heart for you. Where your loyalties lie? Who and what you’re committing to and what do your friendships have to say about it? It seems like someone hasn’t got the facts to a situation and so there could be a rumour or gossip about something that probably isn’t true.

There might be a little uncertainty or anxiousness directed at a lover because of this potential rumour. My advice is to listen to yourself, listen to what your instincts are telling you not what a friend is telling you… The ruler of your friendships is retrograde right now so learn from past mistakes.

I’m not saying this rumour is going to a bad rumour, it could be presented as something good or positive...but it’s not what it seems, so I’d find out for myself if I was you to save you the potential fall out.

My advice is to keep your spirits high, stay optimistic, establish your boundaries and don’t get disheartened if things are not as they appear this month.


Virgo, August feels like you’re sitting around waiting for the other shoe to drop. Waiting for something that might not play out as you expected and that's because you’re often thinking of the worst. I don’t feel that August is providing you with any real reason to be pessimistic this month. In fact, this thinking could block you for what you’re trying to call into your life.

Are you doubting or seconding guessing a decision you made? In the moment you felt pretty good about it, so why are you backtracking and getting worried about it. Here’s the thing Virgo, you cannot know every little thing that will happen, you can prepare for the What if’s, but those what if’s might not even happen. Fear is an illusion, it lives only in the mind, try not to focus your mental space on things that might not happen… if something doesn’t go to plan you adjust accordingly.

August is asking for you to count your blessings and when you feel yourself start to focus too heavily on all that's wrong, or could go wrong, start focusing on what's right and good in your life. Otherwise, you’ll drive yourself mad, there's only so much over analysing anyone can do before they self-destruct.

I’m not saying I'm right, but I challenge your incredible mind to see things from another perspective. Challenge yourself to see a new outcome to the thought or concern, that's rented out space in the mind.

On the plus side, you might find a nice addition to add to the home, a piece of art to brighten up the room, or something that's gone down in price that tempts you to buy it. You could just be concerned about what others will say about something you want to share or showcase. That said, if you buy something, you might want to check the returns policy as something to do with money might be a little cloudy and unclear in August.

I think you’re just worried about where things are going in general, maybe don’t watch the news so much this month.

My Advice, for this month, is to read the fine print to put your mind at ease. If ever you wanted to journal this would be a fantastic time to start a journal. Especially if your thoughts have been a little dark of late or leaning to the negative if you want to turn that around starting a 5-minute gratitude journal will aid you in shifting your mental space this month. Essentially August is asking for you to not worry as much as you have been, focus on what you actually have control over. Lift you spirits up this month.


Libra, August brings the attention towards the organisations, communities, and groups you associate yourself with. It does give me exposing vibes, being as there’s a need for authentic self-expression and anything but can create this void.

Many Libra folks, that August is a little cutting and separating wanting to separate from a particular group or umbrella label.

Separate to that, there’s a lot you might feel called to research and look up this month. Being informed and well educated on a subject matter will provide you with a new opening. It's not a time for winging it. Unexpectedly finding something new out in August will aid you on some level, it’ll provide some sort of solution to what you want to change or shift out and away from.

You may seek to branch out from whatever group you partake within and gain new opportunities to collaborate with new people in totally different classifications. Perhaps an old project or something you did in the past can resurface, and now it will provide you with the recognition you deserve. I do see you cutting ties to the old you, or the box you’ve been placed in.

I do feel you’ll be gaining some form of recognition and perhaps even stumbling upon something online that you had no idea about, that puts you in a positive light.

My advice, this month, for you Libra, is to be clear with who you are and how you want to be seen this month. If you’re breaking away from an old identification, make it a clean break, don’t go back and forth, be assertive and be clear. You have the power this month to go of it, to create the you that you want to so put a plan into action and see it through.


Scorpio, August could be a bit of a trying month for you as situations seem to be unyielding and unmoving. You might be rethinking a choice you made in the past... as a result of perhaps some stubbornness on your part, you might start to feel a little dissatisfied and off track with your life.

You’re being asked to see something from someone else's perspective, but you just don’t want to. An argument is not going to budge because you’re being too rigid with something. It's well, I agree to disagree.

Whatever excuse or for some, what was actually holding you back is not anymore so you can take action. Either way, you’re free, and it’s time to make a change this August. It’s time for something new, and although you’re resistant, it's time. Perhaps someone else will come in to spark you to act… There’s a saying by Tony Robbins, if you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.

It’s time for new action, to take a new path, and it’s scary to step into the unknown. Scorpio you can transform you just need to be willing to do so. If you're paralysed by fear or thought, don’t think just react, be present because when your presence in the situation fear vanquishes.

My advice, for you Scorpio, is to face that fear, clear your mind of the doubt that's keeping you stuck and take action this month. You don’t need to conquer the world overnight; it's just about putting one foot in front of the other aimed in the direction of your future. We all have weaknesses even if you’re unwilling to admit to yours, but we all have strengths, use yours to overcome your weakness this month. Make a change and get moving, you’ll be waiting forever to start your life by committing to tomorrow, begin today…


Sagittarius, August you’re either taking a trip that will provide the solution to a problem or you’ll find yourself a job that was made for you. You’ve been on this path for some time... your ruler being retrograde until mid-September in Capricorn, the way you make money is coming in for a bit of a revamp. You’re getting creative and using your ingenuity to provide for yourself, this can be from growing your own food to using a skill to earn a little extra on the side.

I feel that there is a choice presenting itself, a shift or change in direction that’ll be on your mind. You’re at what we call an important turning point in your life. It seems that August is providing you suggestions with how you can make a transition in your life. I don’t know that you’ll make the choice in August, but the choice very much is presenting itself.

You might have had to put something on hold or wait for the missing piece, but that piece will arrive at some point in August. You could be having a change of heart, but the offer/opportunity will present itself.

My advice for you for August is to consider your options before committing to one. Perhaps needing to take a grounded approach to the direction your heading. Know that there might be some difficulty in the choices but that you should know if you want to do it, you can do it, remember persistence beats resistance. August say’s trust in yourself, your instincts and your abilities. To be patient and consider your choices.


Capricorn, August could feel a little demanding on you with Mars making his first moves at your ruling planet. Something is building behind the scenes, the pressure is on, and you're getting ready for something to come about September through November.

It could have something to do with property, home, the family that will in effect impact, or influence your status. You like to assess all your options, to gain a high vantage point before you commit to anything. August feels like you’re closing in on an option or choice with where you’d like to lead moving forward.

I don’t feel this is a bad month for Capricorns if anything, what you're seeking will come unexpectedly and in 3’s. You’re seeking, you're looking into something, and It’ll pay off when you least expect it to. It’s like you’re going down one path and then something is shifting your direction. I see you driving down a road with your destination in mind, and then you see an old signpost that points this way, and you take the detour and discover something. It doesn’t have to play out that way, it’s just what I see for you Capricorns. My point is don’t have your plan so set in stone because you’ll miss the moment that’ll show you what you’re looking for.

You have so many more options than you think this August, things that change I feel will be of benefit for your long term. Whatever obstacle or issue you’re facing you’ll find the solution to it, just don’t panic if something doesn't go to plan, there's a reason for it.

My advice other than what I’ve shared is to remain strong with your position, have a little patience and know that things are working out even if not exactly to plan. Make a choice this month, make a new choice, stay flexible with it.

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