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Birth Chart Reading - A 7 Week Journey into the World of YOU!

Updated: Jan 23


This reading I will cover all 12 houses of the zodiac within your chart, I'll analyse your house rulers, planetary placements, north and south nodes of the moon in a detailed reading of you and your life potential. Entwining Westen Astrology with ancient Vedic techniques.

“I recommend a million times over because it's so fricken accurate! It's as if you knew me, you read me like a book. It felt like you opened me up like a car at the mechanics. You got me down to the T. I had such a good time watching the videos, I was always excited for the next one to come up. I'm truly happy with my results and I full-heartedly recommend this reading, you definitely get your money's worth. . .” READ FULL REVIEW HERE - Stephanie, San Francisco, CA, USA

What to Expect?

This reading will last 7+hours in total and will consist of 7 Videos + INTRODUCTION to your chart Video.

You will get emailed on the day you booked by 10 pm GMT with a link to your private/unlisted playlist: along with the Introduction Video and your PDF with a hard copy of your charts. The week after you’ll get video 1, video 2 the Thursday week after, video 3 the week after that and so on.

Video 1 | Introduction Video | The basics of Astrology to help you follow along.

Video 2 | Who are you? Looking at your Personality and Life direction.

Video 3 | Your Life Purpose | MC, IC, Rahu + Ketu and Saturn

Video 4 | Relationships | Houses 3, 5, 7, 11

Video 5 | Career & Wealth | Houses 2, 6, 10, 11

Video 6 | Your Secret Power | +Health | Houses 8, 9, 12 + 6 continued

Video 7 | Transit Overview


I spend two full days working on each video portion so I tend to only do two or three chart readings each year.


Approx $1057 USD | (currency changes daily) Price will decrease January - September £777 or £1111 Oct-Dec

Payment plans:

Paypal offers a buy now pay 4 months later interest free. I also offer a payment plan of £111 over 7 months (January- September) or £111.10 over 10 months

Things Needed for this Reading:

Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth

FAQ | Birth Chart Reading...

When will I receive each video? - Each Video arrives weekly on Thursday’s at 10 pm GMT in your private Playlist

If I have a question, will I be able to contact you? - If you need clarity on anything within the reading, Email me by the following Wednesday and I’ll answer those questions on the following day, Thursday.

Will you cover all Planets and aspects? - All Planets including outer planets, Chiron, Eros, Psyche will be covered. I follow Vedic aspects although I'll touch upon Squares if I feel it necessary.

Do you discuss Inceptions? - If you would like me to, I shall... I do interpret house and planet rulers from an Equal/Whole House system. If you have an intercepted house/planet let me know and I'll be sure to cover it in the reading.

Are you a Western or Vedic Astrologer? - I infuse both into my readings.

If you have any additional questions please drop me a comment below.

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