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Taking Sides... Weekly Insight, September 21st, 2020

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The Weekly Astrology Breakdown

  • Start week under Vishaka, 21st

  • Mercury square Pluto (Tues) 22nd

  • Autumn equinox, sun in libra (weds) 23rd

  • ¼ square moon in Mula (Thurs) 24th

  • Mercury opposite Mars Rx (Thurs)

  • Mercury enters Scorpio (Sun)

This week we may all start to feel like we have to take sides and make a choice about something. We enter into the week under Vishaka, which teaches us to fuse something together. It’s not a matter of either-or, it's a matter of seeking the third path, to bring both into unison.

Mercury (the mind) is being aspected by planet Pluto (psychological forces), remember there’s always another point of reference, new information, more information and so be mindful of the things that you’re told this week. Again you don’t need to take sides when you can build a bridge between the two. For most people with the ¼ square and equinox, you may decide you need space in a relationship. It could be someone trying to impose their views or truths onto you, and you need to seek it for yourself.

On September 22nd/23rd we enter into the Autumn Equinox or the tropical Libra season. It’s here that much of what we discussed in my last week’s post will come back up under the influence of Uttara Phalguni, read that here.

The ¼ square of the moon follows the Equinox, under the lunar mansion of Mula, is really about getting to the root of something. On the 24th, where we're pushed into action. We come to a potential block that’s preventing us from following through on the intentions set at the New Moon. It’s the push, that once overcame will see us to fruition on the Full Moon.

When you seek something real like with the New Moon in Uttara Phaliguni, something TRUE, that you begin to gain clarity on what’s false. It could be that something needs to end for you to invite the what you seek into your life.

Mars is still Rx and will be looking at the Mercury in shadow from midweek until the end. Again to bring it back to Vishaka, it’s not a time to argue who is right, who is wrong, there’s more than one way of doing things. It’s not about imposing your views on others, it’s about fusing a middle path, building a bridge between the two.

The Equinox teaches us the art of balance, the time when day and night are equal. For as we move forward, we enter into the dark, into the shadow as nights grow longer and days grow shorter. A need for understanding, for it’s easy to be happy when things are good, but the true test in relationships & partnerships is when you can handle the other stuff... how can you journey into the dark someone who doesn't have your back.

Reconsider your alliances this week. Be cautious of a potential split but know that you can build a bridge to create the third path. Choices might be forced upon you, but you need only seek the middle ground the third option. If someone asks you are you A or B, simply say I am neither, I am both, I choose option C.

Have a good week.

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