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Social Justice... Weekly Horoscope, October 5, 2020

Updated: Jan 24

Medusa, weekly horoscopes, astrolog, ask a little witch
Social Justice, Weekly Horoscopes ask a little witch

Medusa is a fitting symbol for the week beginning under Bharani. Bharani’s deity is the god of death and Justice, Yama, but also Kali’s energy can be felt here.

A lot of the energy is building through the week to Saturday, when we have the ¾ square of Moon, also squaring Mars Rx and opposing the Tropical Capricorn energy.

The theme of social Justice and a death-like experience seem heightened now. Medusa, after all, was raped by Poseidon and punished for it. By turning men or all that gazed upon her to stone. In the eyes of a rape victim, this is both a blessing and a curse. To have the power to ensure that it will never happen again, but also turning your heart to ice, to never love and be frozen in time, to recall and remember the violation.

Like today, where the victim is blamed in some cultures and dismissed or not believed in others... Poseidon is a powerful god, and as with men in powerful positions, some rules do not apply, as seen in the Epstein case.

Turning to stone, becoming cold, stopping one in one’s tracks and the need to stand up for Justice. A theme around something being unfair and as a result bringing an end, changing things to be reborn. A significant event, a milestone moment that brings a powerful release is what I feel this week will unfold.

There’s a powerful presence surrounding those who have been mistreated. The Goddess Kali could be invoked now to help aid you to tear apart the parts that stand in your way. There is something that needs to die inside of you, to unleash your power to bring transform and change. What needs to die inside of you? What is holding you back? Will you merge with your inner sacred fire to burn away and cleanse all that scares you and keeps you stuck? What do you stand up for? #socialjustice

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