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Scorpio Full Moon & Weekly Horoscope April 26, 2021

Let me walk you through the weekly Horoscope for April 26, 2021, until May 2.

We'll cover this week's Nakshatra, the Scorpio Full Moon, Moon opposite Venus, Mercury, Lilith and Uranus in Taurus. Mars enters Cancer and then we’ll finish off with the Tarot of the week.

The week begins under the Nakshatra of Chitra. The one that brings brings awareness around authenticity and a requirement to be yourself.

If you follow my Facebook/Instagram stories, I update you daily with the influence of energies as the Moon shifts between the Nakshatras and what it can bring to your day-to-day experience.

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Weekly Horoscope by ask a little witch, witches horoscope for April 26-May 2, 2021


So relatable!

The Moon in Libra sets the tone, providing a relational feel for the week to be liked and accepted. You see, Venus rules Libra, and right now, Venus is coming into the Full Moon with Uranus, Mercury, Lilith and the Sun in the early hours of tomorrow.

Venus in Taurus is solid, indulgent, wholesome and sensual. It’s quality over quantity, high standards, expensive with concerns over the material world and security. It deals with slowing things down, to enjoy the simple things, it seeks consistency and solid footing.

When the Moon is in Libra we become a lot more aware of how others perceive us. It awakens our feelings around belonging, fitting in and being part of the group. Libra is the popular girl in high school; she’s usually only valued for her external materialistic qualities.

So, when we deal with Libra energy, we deal with connections, social interaction and social media. Libra is cardinal, meaning it’s an initiator of change; Libra being the transition from Summer to Autumn, it’s how to sustain what’s grown to last through the winter.

The week, therefore, beginning in Libra is sure to bring change around relations, partnerships and even business. It’s an energy that will focus on mutual benefit and joint interest to release what no longer aligns with our values.

Everything in life comes through others. Libra’s archetypal energy can place a lot of value on what others think, feel and believe about us. Libra is Venus, and Venus is LOVE!

When we’re around people who inspire, motivate and support us, we get a lot further ahead in life than going it alone. More than ever, in the age we live in, it’s not about what you know; it’s about who you know and what you can do.

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Shine Bright like a Diamond!

Chitra being the Nakshatra to set off the week brings awareness around authenticity and a requirement to be yourself. To not shape yourself in the image of others or allow others to tell you how to sparkle or be.

“Whenever you think or you believe or you know, you're a lot of other people: but the moment you feel, you're nobody-but-yourself.” “To be nobody-but-yourself — in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else.” - E E Cummings (Sun in Chitra)

Jealousy becomes a big theme under the influence of Chitra, being the jewel of the night's sky. All jewels are beautiful, some are valued above others, like the diamond being the superior gem.

All diamonds are forged, they undergo massive amounts of pressure, they’re designed and carved into the beauty they become, a lot of work goes into their becoming.

It’s easy to look at something or someone at the end of the journey and project onto it. Most fail to realise how long it’s taken them to reach that position. A gentle reminder this week to not compare your beginning to someone else's middle.

Chitra is governed by Mars, it works hard, it fights and it trains through sheer courage and force to reach its goal. Chitra is a real beauty. As you know, beauty comes from inside, the work we do transforms the external so that we can reveal the beauty that was there all along.

Beauty is within all things, neither form of beauty is more nor less than the others; it's just in the eyes of the beholder.

You can become a star, you can reveal the diamond within and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to achieving. But, Chitra is not shallow, its quality, it’s earned its place, it works daily to maintain it’s prestige.

So, before you set yourself up for a goal, ask yourself what realistically is needed for you to achieve it. Second, are you willing to work consistently towards achieving it. Third, why do you want it?

Are you determined and dedicated enough to put in the effort to get it. When you’re dealing with Mars you have to earn it. It will not be given, and quite frankly if it was you’d not appreciate it anyway, it’ll be just another thing you get bored of and discard a week or two later.

Chitra energy is a fantastic time to consider your health and fitness goals, to dream up and then realistically access what the journey will be like. Chitra is known as being the best! But to be the best you have to commit yourself to it 100%, and work consistently to maintain it.

Everyone wants the best-cut diamond. Ruled by Mars, to become a navy seal takes 24 weeks intense training followed up to 30 months training after that, and only 1% complete it. Only 1% meet their goals because only 1% has the determination, motivation and consistency to persevere through it. Navy seal training is supposed to be the most intense type of training someone can undergo.

It’s saying to be authentic with yourself about why you want it. If the why is strong enough there’ll be very little to sway you off course. Stay clear from comparing yourself to others, what others have and what you wish you had. Make sure what you want is what you want, not because it’s on-trend. Chitra really asks you to know yourself.

Example, Big butts are in right now, 10 years ago it was all about the boobs. It’s all about having big lips but what happens when that ideal then changes, because it will. It’s about staying true to you, what’s beauty to you and why?

The beauty lies within, and those you hold up high are just a reflection of your own inner beauty. If nothing else this Nakshatra teaches body positivity, and it embraces and flaunts sensuality.

How can you show love to yourself now, fall in love with the journey of you transforming into the perfect diamond or pearl that lies beneath?



Tuesday, 20, 04:31 GMT, we have the Full Moon under the Zodiac Sign of Scorpio.

The Full Moon is when the Sun and Moon form a 180' angle to each other, forming an astrological aspect called an opposition. It's the time in the month the Moon will appear at its most full in the night sky.

The Full Moon is when something comes to a completion, you gain awareness over something you could not see before. Full Moons awaken us to our feelings and all we've been suppressing and neglecting over the month.

A Full Moon under the influence of Scorpio call’s for you to thaw something you’ve frozen within yourself for some time. As the Moon grows to its fullest position in the night sky, it can confront you with a fear you have around something you both desire and that presents change.

Scorpio is a sign that holds onto pain, in a way that locks it away, not willing to confront the skeletons, but instead accumulating them over time. What haunts you?

Look to see where Scorpio falls in your birth chart for deeper understanding as to how this will manifest. When you find the house scorpio occupies you’ll find where your ghosts lie waiting for you.

Imagine Scorpio as a beach side cavern, as the sea levels rise and the tide comes back in the cave’s flood, and your secrets wash out. Scorpio Full Moons always bring rise to hidden fears and vulnerabilities that’ve been locked away.

We often desire something we think we cannot have because change and rejection is too high a risk. Scorpio deals in truths, and so under this lunar phase you’ll come to face the truth you need to hear but don’t wish to face. It can create fear, but it can also prompt a positive change in the direction of what you desire.

The Sun in Taurus in it’s challenging aspect to the Moon in Scorpio is bringing your awareness around control, certainty and getting what you need. It’s a reminder that you can only control you, and your actions not those of others. Nothing is certain in life, everything changes but it’s through the changes that we grow.

If you want something you’ll need to make adjustments, that what you want will require risk, but it’s only when you commit yourself to not giving up that you can find what you seek.

Taurus is slow and steady, it has a temper but for the most part is cool, calm and collected. Scorpio is secretive, mysterious and emotionally sensitive.

If you’ve read my ‘all about the Moon in Astrology’ post, you’ll know that the Sun is the experience, what’s unfolding and the Moon is our reaction and feelings about what we experience.

The Sun right now is collectively showing us, what we need and how to get what we need. The Full Moon is bringing your awareness to what is holding you back, keeping you stuck or frozen in fear of the very thing you desire, want and need in your life.

You can read more about the New Moon later here. I will, of course, discuss the Full Moon for each sign in the personal weekly Horoscopes for those who’ve subscribed. Or you can check the general overviews here on the website.



Monday, the Moon sits in an uncomfortable position to Pluto, the planet of change, fear and liberation. There’s every chance you can unload your feelings onto someone unexpectedly, a need to keep a check on your triggers.

Pluto is a planet of concealment. It represents places within places, you can see it, but you do not know its depths. It’s why Pluto governs matters like conspiracy, secrets and power. It’s psychological warfare, and so Pluto can dominate things that arise fear in others.

The Moon triggered by Pluto can make you confront something that you’d rather not. It’s a short-lived transit that happens a couple times in a month where you asked to face the truth.

Many of us lie even to ourselves about silly things, more out of wishful thinking and trying to expect the best possible outcome. When Pluto and Moon trigger each other, it creates enough force for action to be taken.

Something deep inside is itching and scratching to be heard. The best way to deal with Pluto energy is to be honest with yourself and others.

Pluto is the keeper of secrets, knowing the unknown but concealing what is found. Perhaps you’ll discover something surprising, and that truth can spur power change.


Last Tuesday we officially entered into Taurus Season, the time to maintain and continue to build what began during Aries Season.

When we think of Taurus we can think of the Bull. The protector, a hard worker and one that fights for what is theirs. Taurus is methodical, it’s habitual and sticks to the traditions set out.

Now, obviously, Taurus is the sign by which we sustain and maintain our lives. It points to the foundational structures from what society is built upon.

Right now we’ve got Uranus the planet of innovation, change and evolution moving through this space. Essentially we’re seeing more of a conscious approach to food, health and ways of life. The new normal is dawning, with technology becoming a fully-fledged part of society.

Material money swapped out for technological currency, computers taking jobs of humans, smart homes, smart cars, more people than ever-growing their own food, becoming increasingly aware of where and how our food is produced. Learning more about mass consumerism and new tech being introduced as part of everyday life.

So, we know that we only experience 7 Taurus seasons for the duration of Uranus moving through a single sign. We know that this one is sure to bring forth perhaps the next phase of our new normal.

We have Uranus, Lilith, Mercury, Sun and Venus all situating in the Taurus sign beginning the week. Lilith's energy is sure to bring fear around changes to the systems by which we live our lives. Perhaps fears over the vaccine and pressures to conform.

Taurus is the sign of tradition and here we’re forging the new standard of life. By traditions, I'm referring to food, health, schooling, public service, policing, government and hospitals, religion is still a fundamental pillar, but not used as much as a defining control system as it was during history.

When we enter into Taurus Season we’re looking at our routines, values and habitual behaviours. It’s a wonderful time to create change and break out of limiting and toxic cycles. However, Taurus is a follower of that of which was initiated during the previous season. It sticks to the rules, the mainstream and has a lot of faith in the tried and true even with Uranus uprooting and creating new foundational pillars.

The question we should all ask ourselves during this time is whether or not we’re living our morals and standards. Themes around money, security, food, shelter, family and protecting what’s yours are all themes to appear during this season. It’s also a time of hard work and working towards your goals, to that long term vision.

Moon Opposite Uranus


The Moon dances with Uranus on Tuesday, bringing a shock to the system or just something surprising. It gives vibes of a jack in the box or walking through a haunted house, a classic jump scare around any corner experience.

It's another transit that can make you take action without much forethought, especially as Mars is now in Cancer, it’s an emotionally charged trigger. It's a flight or fight response, how you respond in the moment.

Uranus is moving through Bharani, the one that's about death, judgement and consequences of actions. I would advise against taking short cuts right now.

Blind trust or faith in someone could lead you down the wrong path. There are no shortcuts, ignore anyone who tries to sell you one.



Friday, Mars the planet of War, courage and Independence will begin its journey through the Tropical Sign of Cancer. Cancer being the space in the sky that references our feelings, home and security.

Mars represents our pursuit and motivation towards the goal we have in mind. It represents our energy and will to accomplish and see something through. It represents our skill in conjunction with Mercury, but Mars is our strength.

When Mars makes his journey into the depths of Cancer we can all become a little more so emotionally driven. We feel the need to safeguard what’s ours and who we love most in the world. In some ways this initiation can activate past issues, resurrecting them in a way that brings out a defensive edge in us all.

Mars in Cancer can feel like an invasion of the most sacred part of ourselves. It activates the fight within us all, like a mama bear protecting her cubs, it’s almost instinctual.

It can bring a lot of activity, heat and energy into the homeland, homespace and family. It’s a time where we seek out our independence and yet feel conflicted to follow a path that appeases the roots from where we came.

It can be the experience where everyone has an agenda, where you’re picking up on others peoples repressed rage and anger in an aim to manipulate or control others.

In ways the connection between Mars entering the energy of Cancer can awaken and trigger past memories from where we’ll feel compelled to take action. In other ways we may become increasingly sensitive to threats around our action, threats to the family, home or our sense of safety.

Cancer typically gets coined the same as home, because Cancer shows where we feel most comfortable, safe and protected. It’s also the mother archetype, the nurturer and caregiver energy. However, it doesn’t mean that collectively the home is under attack and in need of protection when Mars transits the sign.

From a more collective stand point, it could show that there’ll be some enforcement to the people of the homelands. It might be encouraged to take a vaccine for example, there could be limitations around what you can and cannot do.

It’s certainly not advised to drive angry or emotional during this time, and Mars represents machinery, vehicles and weapons. There can also be a fight for justice around past actions. It’s again not a time to act irrationally even though we can all be emotionally driven right now.

Mars can of course cause discord around the homeland people, or people you live with and even in the family overall. It’s not the best time to operate machinery, use knives or weapons if you’re suffering from trauma or emotional upsets as accidents can be more common under this sign.

It’s important to remember that Mars is an individual, and individuals should be allowed to make choices for themselves. If someone has opposing views or beliefs don’t fight about it, simply know they’re allowed their views as you’re allowed yours. Mars can be very forceful and heated in the pursuit of its goals. The way you cool that is by not adding more fuel to the fire. Be mindful of your actions and take a few deep breaths before you commit to a path of action.



From Tuesday, the Moon will cast her gaze upon Venus. It's time we feel partially romantic or reminiscent. The Moon and Venus are incredibly feminine in nature, and so you come to face matters of the heart.

When Venus and the Moon look upon one another, it can be a time of talking things out, coming to understand or learn something about relationships. How do you give and receive love?

Relationships of all kinds can rule over one's life when the Moon looks across to Venus. In some ways, you can want to assist and help others.

This particular transit brings about a certain amount of being ruled by the heart. Back in the day, around the Victorian era, this would be a watchful transit as women's virtues could be stolen away. I mean, kissing in public could ruin a girl, as could an unchaperoned walk late at night with a gentleman caller.

Moon with Venus is hypnotised by love, consumed by the affairs of the heart. It's a pleasant transit unless you despise all the beautiful things love can offer. I would suggest, though, it's not a transit to make a commitment.

The perfect day to align with your values, talk with a loved one and even enjoy a wonderful day with someone you're fond of would be a great way to enjoy this energy.



From Tuesday, we also have the Moon and Mercury sit across from each other, divided between heart and mind. You can find yourself feeling in a muddle and thinking emotionally.

When the Moon comes to oppose Mercury each month, there needs to be a balance between heart and mind. You might find that you cannot decide upon anything, forever chipping and changing your mind.

You can find yourself either over rationalising everything you feel, talking yourself out of emotions and into rational and practical forethought. On the other side, you can find yourself being overly sensitive, highly emotional and neglecting the facts.

I advise you to write it all down, put a pen to real paper and empty your thoughts and feelings onto the page. Try not to judge yourself, just allow yourself to unravel, and you just might come to realise you already have the exact right thing you needed to hear.

Matters might seem a little crazy, but talking to yourself, being your own therapist, you can come to hear the things you needed to hear all along. What lies between the heart and mind, but the voice, a suggestion to talk it out.

Usually, when Moon and Mercury sit across from each other, we lack common sense. We can find ourselves lacking understanding.



On Wednesday the Moon also enters an uncomfortable space as she looks to Jupiter. It’s a time where things seem to be taking on a life of their own. You’re forced outside your comfort zone as things can quickly escalate.

It’s the energy where you literally want to avoid making contact with the elephant in the room. It’s wanting to gloss over the difficult things and focus on something else, but the elephants are still going to be there, and you’ll need to address it.

It’s true that yes, Lilith is involved, and sometimes we all fear the worse, it’s through confronting those fears that we’re liberated and it feels amazing.

The world is made up of all colours, shapes, sizes, beliefs and if everyone did, believed and looked the same how boring life would be. Don’t be afraid of having difficult conversations, it’s through them that we grow, admittedly painfully so, if you never made mistakes however would you learn?

When Jupiter and Moon cross each other in this uncomfortable space, known to astrologers as the Square, it asks for us to listen, to understand and open the dialogue for discussion. You don’t need to have the same philosophy, belief system or ideas to show understanding and compassion.

If nothing else, read the room, be aware of remarks that could offend others and address them, in the moment.



The Moon will cross Saturn Tuesday/Wednesday, which directly reflects back to a few weeks ago. Saturn gave you some very upfront, tough love and sage advice when it comes to building the future you dream of.

This week, you’re going to be confronted by that as a little nudge to keep you on track, to reinforce and stay aligned to your most important thing. Whatever you’re trying to build right now for yourself it requires you to stick to a path/plan, consistency is key, and Saturn is reminding you of that mid-week.

It’s not about rushing forward looking for shortcuts. It’s about putting in the work and allowing it to be built the right way. There’s no shortcuts where Saturn's concerned, and if you try to take them, he usually has a way of blocking you and creating a set back.

Trust in Divine timing is the message and lesson he’ll bring you.



Saturday, the Moon sits uncomfortably crossed to Neptune. The energy that has come to light, what has begun to grow is not as you imagined it to be. You can plant a perfect seed, but that image on the front of the pack is just it’s potential.

The reality of this new start, beginning or intent has to be nurtured back in the mutable energy of Pisces. There needs to be an open flexible approach to allow it to ebb and flow as the divine intended it to be.

The Moon looking across to this is that something is not being seen in its true light, there’s confusion or a dismantling of fantasy. We all think we want something, to get it, and then change our minds or want something else.

The Moon/Neptune is about applied knowledge with intuitive action or leaps. Nothing is ever as simple as you think it should be. Try not to be tempted away or distracted by other things. Instead, focus your energy back to the moment of what you’re still aiming to grow.

All because something is not as you imagined it to be, under this false light or perception, it doesn’t mean it cannot be better than imagined with a little time, attention and TLC.



Moon tangos with Mars on Friday, bringing up feelings of frustration, anger or wanting to take action. What you want and what someone else wants might clash around this time.

Passion can arise, but also your actions can hurt someone else's feelings, so tact is very much needed. All in all, someone or a situation is likely to test your patience, learn from this experience.

Bringing back to the theme of the week in sustainable relationships, compromise is needed. Try to resist the urge to be selfish, and if someone else is being stubborn, you might be best in allowing them to cool off before you get to a resolution.



On Sunday you’ll receive some form of triggered memory or something buried, perhaps a truth you’ve neglected yourself will come to light.

You see, the human brain is an incredible machine. You never truly forget anything, it’s all stored in your brain just waiting to be reassessed like a computer searching for a misplaced file.

When the Moon collides with Pluto each month, you get a dose of cold hard truths, or hidden and forgotten things come back to light. The Moon, in many ways, acts like a heart, and you cannot hide from your true feelings, fears and self.

Whatever is exposed will bring liberation and greater freedom. Don’t be afraid to take action, to follow your heart and to be honest with yourself about what you actually need.



This week's primary energy is the Five of Pentacles Tarot, a card of lack, financial setbacks, unplanned expenses and abandonment.

When the card comes up it can mean that you’re not noticing the gifts and blessings all around you, but instead focus on all that’s bad, wrong or unwanted.

Everything in life is energy, a vibration, the stories you tell yourself most along with what you focus on soon becomes your reality. So when the Five of Pentacles appears it says to ask you to help yourself by asking for help and focusing on what you do have.

The Five of Pentacles is a card that deals with financial obligations it’s material and money tarot card. The card before this one in the traditional tarot is the four of Pentacles, a card that shows that someone is making their own way, going out and fending for themselves, finally reaching some financial stability.

So the Five is a reminder that when you try and do everything yourself you’ll soon burn out and so it’s a reminder to connect and build a support system to keep the momentum you created with the four.

The five of pentacles is a card of poverty, sometimes sickness all that happens when you don’t get help. The card is a reminder to leave your pride at the door and ask for what you need.

The story of the pentacles points to the journey of success and financial abundance. It begins with someone who starts a new job, career or vocation, they build up, they intern, learn, offering more than they get to build experience. They gain experience and then they get an offer to collaborate. People are noticing what you have to offer and are willing to invest in you. You leave the comfort of your salary paid job, to go out on your own, build a brand or business. You get the original project done and all is well… but now what do you? You need to line up the next client or go back to find a job.

The Five of Pentacles is what happens when you don’t have that firm foundation to fall back on. Essentially it’s where fear and doubt creep in and the struggle is real. All new business owners have this, many fall back into this energy, but nobody talks about it, out of pride.

I want to remind you that help is always available, and this too is going to play an important role in your success story. You cannot control what happens in the world only how you react to it. It’s a card that can spark a lot of fear of all that could go wrong. It’s a sign from the universe to course correct, to strategize, not to give in, but to press pause and connect to your why.

The Second card pulled was the Four of Pentacles, in answer to the situation or challenge of most importance for the week.

The Four of Pentacles points to financial stability, hard work and the ability to reach your aspirations. It shows that you’ve been working hard, putting in the effort to create a strong foundation in the broadest sense.

It most likely suggests that you’re not seeing the results you want yet, but the roots to what you’re building are solid. It might be that you’re expecting or wanting more than you need or are willing to give and the motivations for what you’re building are somewhat skewed.

So, the situation here is around energy in versus energy out. What you give and get in return. In this position it can show that you’re trying to control things that you have no control over. It can point to consumerism, bad budgeting, greed and even you blocking the change needed for progress.

It’s a classic case of someone playing at being King, the ‘fake it until you make it’. It calls for saving, investing back into what you’re trying to build, and not assuming that future success is a guarantee. Especially, if you’re not willing to keep applying yourself in the same way.

It’s like when someone gets signed, and they drop everyone from their old life thinking that their future is set. Only to release one hit and then get dropped from the label.

The Four of Pentacles says, you’ve got the potential and foundation to become as successful as you want to be, it just serves as a warning to not become overly materialistic. It’s a card of investments, solidifying your foundations so that in time they become passive forms of income.

The situation here is about coming back to the goal, why you want what you want. It’s connecting to the foundations, the roots from what you’ve built so far. It;s about being selective with your work, career or job opportunities. It’s not about thinking you’re too good for one thing or the other but asking yourself what will help you realise your goals.

Sometimes a change is needed in order to gain some perspective. It’s time to take a step back and reevaluate your position. It’s about reconnecting with the roots, the why you began something in the first place and it calls for you to release your need to be jealous of what others have that you don’t yet have.

Remember to not compare your beginning with someone else's middle.

The Eight of Swords appeared in response to the advice for the week.

The Eight of Swords advice is simple, it says that whatever situation you’ve got yourself into is temporary. It says there’s always a way out and that that feeling of being stuck is just in your head.

It’s advice is to not lose perspective with your goals, dreams and aspirations. Sure something might not be going as well as you thought it would. Things rarely go as we expect them to. We can’t control the world, only how we react to it.

The fear you feel will all dissipate as soon as you remain present in the moment. For things only change when there’s movement. So make a change, try a new approach.

The Eight of Swords has her eye’s blind folded and arms bound. What she does have is her voice, legs and ears. You might not see a way out but asking for help, someone can offer a fresh perspective and guide you out of the sticky situation you might feel you’re in right now.

Sometimes we keep ourselves stuck because we refuse to see the truth to a situation. The Eight of Swords begs you to open your eyes and acknowledge the truth. You have more options than you realise you do and It’s time you tell yourself a new story, one that liberates you from all that’s kept you stuck.

We create our reality, with the actions and decisions WE MAKE. Taking responsibility for ourselves, choices and lives is a must. Try not to wait for someone to offer their help, or a hero to come rescue you. Ask for what you need and be your own damn hero.

It’s time you look to yourself for the solution, that solution might ask for you to swallow your pride and ask for assistance. It might just mean you need to cut away the old stories you tell yourself about your situation that keep you stuck.

To summarise, this week will require you to banish your demons and exorcise the ghosts that haunt you or hide under the bed or in the closet. It’s time to live your life on your terms not the terms others lay out for you. When you shape yourself in someone else's image you lose the parts that make you magic.

Free yourself from old stories and embrace a change that could align you with all you authentically desire.

For your weekly horoscope, for your Zodiac Sign, they'll go live a little later, on the website.

Until then, have a wonderful week.

Kerry-ann | Askalittlewitch

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