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SATURN RX | May 11 - September 29, 2020

Updated: Jan 24


Hey lovebugs, I get you're uncertain about the state of affairs in the world right now. I understand there's a lot to fear, because you, me, us, we all fear the unknown… but here's the thing fear lives in our heads of what might be, it also might NOT be. 

Today I felt called to blog a little about Saturn Rx. In case you're unfamiliar with Saturn, his the building blocks to the world and society at large - we'll dive deeper in more detail below. So it's my intention to help you better understand how Planet Saturn will influence us all over the next 4 ½ months during his retrograde so you'll be prepared and turn this to your advantage. 


I know Astrology can sound like another language, but hang in there! Think of Astrology like your personal guidance system of what is likely to unfold and how it aids you in getting to where you want to be in the future.

When a planet, any planet motions RX (retrograde) it turns the energy inwardly. Its the ideal and most perfect time to cultivate your inner world. After all, you attract more of who you are. It's what you feel on the inside that's manifested in our external world.

A prime example of this is the government (Saturn) reducing the restrictions on self-isolation of which will most likely result in a flare-up when Saturn motions forward (in 4 months). Saturn Rx brings the energy back to the edge, to all the rules, beliefs, to the fear and to the boundaries set in place.

Saturn is your own limitations. It's the things you believe might happen, so you do everything in your power to prevent it, you create a boundary like placing sandbags during a flood to slow it down. It's the pressure you put on yourself, to live up to a societal norm or a standard. 


Saturn is the tried and true, it's old, so you respect it. It's historical, and so it must be wise, and so it's trusted. It's all the things that become a habit. It's all that's considered the "norm", and so we just assume its the way it is, and the way it gotta be. Saturn's aim is to keep us "safe", but It can keep us boxed in, remaining within the status quo - this is Saturn. 

When Saturn goes retrograde, however, it releases the hold it has on you. You begin to question why and if there's not a better way. Basically, you're in a time where you are updating or reprogramming the higher mind. We are more inclined to break the rules, challenge the systems put in place and restructure what is not working when Saturn is Rx.


The issue with this right now... is globally it's training and reprogramming our brains to see this as the new normal, new way of life and the way things are going to be. What will likely unfold over the next 4 months will create triggers to gain more control and establish new rules and regulations all in the name of "safety", which as you know is code for, control. As I said in my 2020 yearly predictions, this is the crumbling down and the start of the new world order.

Without getting all "conspiracy" on you, it's by no mistake that as soon as Saturn stopped and motioned back (Rx) that the government relaxed its restrictions on isolation. Saturn's pressure was about to blow... not all people cope with isolation, not all people are SAFE in isolation and not all people can afford to be in isolation. Saturn is not Safety its control. 

People are being trained (and it's no thought of their own) to think of themselves, self-preservation and segregating people like its the plague. It's what is being promoted and advocated … it's everywhere, TV, news, social media, Spotify, apps… People in Marketing/advertising know that subliminal messaging is everything our brain registers symbols and images.

Look how quickly we gave our power and our rights away in the name of "safety"… look at the symbolism behind wearing a mask (silenced), at keeping healthy people in quarantine… is Quarantine not meant for the sick? 

It feels like we stepped back in time to the mid 14th century where they painted red crosses on peoples doors and nailed them shut. OK, I might be being a tad melodramatic… but our ancestor's fort for all these rights and we quickly allow them to be taken away. Are we really that unevolved?

Another note to mention… Check your sources and from where you get your information because the leading websites, doctors and "experts" are all associated with the same corporations/organisations. The experts with equivalent degrees who speak out with a different narrative and perspective than the one shared with the masses have been silenced and removed. Why? Does it go against a greater agenda maybe? Should we not have other perspectives or all the information? #freedomofspeech 


It's not my place to tell you whether or not to isolate, or whether or not to wear a mask… My point is EVERYONE should have the CHOICE to decide for themselves, and I hope that choice comes from a place of love and not fear. If you want to isolate, do so if you don't want people near you, if you wish to wear a mask then wear one. 

It's funny to me that someone who is a tech mogul and one of the richest men in the world is the one who is working on creating a Vaccine. I mean his expertise is TECH. It's also strange that he knew about the pandemic years prior as a result of his "disease tracking systems". Welcome to the future people… best be kind to your smart devices as not to upset the AI. We will all be chipped, and you will be made to think it was our own idea. I Joke. I joke.

Saturn is pain, its fear, its restriction… it's our laws and regulations that are in place to keep us "safe", it controls and contains things to keep it separate, labelled and orderly. Everyone jumping into a panic when someone gets to close or coughs is creating the energy of EVERYONE is sick. Truth people, we're all, already sick. The moment it becomes me vs them, the world is lost. People are the vehicle for all of life, and that thrives on one energy source… LOVE! Not fear.

I say that with love, not to downplay the pandemic but to elevate some of the fear mentally. I maintain if you give your body the proper nutrients, you give your body what it needs you won't get sick. If you're not on the vibration of "sick", you won't get sick. I mean, TV, the news, social media keeps telling us how many dead, how many infected, that number increasing and increasing… Is that really helping you? No. It's causing fear, it's lowering your immunity, and soon you will start to believe you are sick and then you will be. 


On a personal level, Saturn Rx is a fantastic time to set new habits and routines. It's a fantastic time for cementing personal growth, building yourself up and creating a new identity for yourself. Saturn essentially is doing quality control, his inspecting the foundations for which you're building upon, and he wants to ensure that everything is up to code. He's a teacher, your sensei, he wants to train you, strengthen you to accomplish and handle anything. 

Whatever you want to last in life, it needs Saturn to sustain and maintain it. I'm sure Albert Einstein once said: "the only limitation is your own imagination". Anything is possible if you think out of the box, you do the work consistently and you innovate. 

We're all influenced by our surroundings and energy is always in a state of constant motion. So as you know, everything is impacting you on some level, emotionally, physically or mentally. Saturn Rx is here to help you reform, re-programme your rules and guidelines to your life. Don't give your power away, come from a place of how will my actions affect the collective. 

Use Saturn Rx to obliterate bad habits, limited beliefs and fears that keep you stuck and  block you from future success. The prime time to rebuild, restructure and recreate the life you want to live.

I hope you've found this short post informative with how to look at the energy of Saturn Rx for the next 4 ½ months let others know by sharing the post below.


  1. Aries, have you been thinking about returning back to an old position, project or job. Finding old problems coming up in new places… what boundaries do you have up when it comes to bosses, work and authority figures?

  2. Taurus, have you been thinking about starting a new career or cultivate a vision or dream. Maybe you're reverting back to an old way of thinking or returning to a belief system. A great time to learn something new and have it cemented ready for practical use.

  3. Gemini, have you been thinking about making a change? Maybe finding it hard to stick to anything… Now is the time you will or should be more inclined to make it.

  4. Cancer, have you been thinking about past commitments, relationships and promises? What do you fear around relationships and what beliefs might be keeping you stuck, and are you perhaps being a little hard on yourself?

  5. Leo, have you been considering whether or not to go back to work? An old offer or work connection reaching out or maybe you fancy a change… Perhaps you have even been thinking of changing up your lifestyle, routine or health regimen - nows the time to do it!

  6. Virgo, have you been thinking, working and trying to grow your passions in and surrounding love, connection, romance? What excessive boundaries do you have up surrounding love and romance? Maybe you feel overworked and wish to vacation far away to bring a little more fun into your life.

  7. Libra, have you been feeling restricted and confined to the home? Perhaps family are working your last nerve, past traumas creep up surrounding where you belong. Nourish your roots for they will blossom beautiful fruits.

  8. Scorpio, have you been moving too fast, neglecting what is happening or not taking it too seriously - after all, if anyone can control it, you think you can. Perhaps there could be breakdowns in your getting to and from work that makes you take it all in. 

  9. Sagittarius, have you been working in your garden, trying to be all self-sufficient, perhaps dabbling with growing your own food. What fears or boundaries do you have in place when it comes to your resources?

  10. Capricorn, have you been trying to keep with the status quo only to find that it's time to change your approach? Revising your health, path and career, what's working and what's not working.

  11.  Aquarius, have you been plotting your escape? Only to now have it exposed and fall through? Perhaps your past needs tending to before you can move into the future you envision.

  12. Pisces, have you been trying to build your dreams and never get that breakthrough you want and need? It could be a time where changes made lead to your first results… Also, remember you become the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with, that includes virtually! Food for thought! Energy attracts energy or like attracts like.

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