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Rapid New Growth as something declines - Rohini Lunar Eclipse, November 30, 2020

A Brief Introduction to the Nodes of The Moon…

Eclipse are not rare occurrences they come at least two times a year and usually in pairs. You’ll experience eclipses in each of the houses and signs of the zodiac over a period of 18 years, these are the cycles of the nodes of the Moon. 18 is such a significant number pointing towards the fates and destiny it’s here at this age we enter into the uncovering of our destiny and purpose here on earth.

The Sun and the Moon are the only two celestial bodies that do not turn retrograde, but each year they for a night, twice over, get swallowed by Rahu, the north node and Ketu, the south node. It’s important to note that the Eclipses are not visible in every location. It's believed that if you or a place is physically in the presence of an Eclipse, they will prove to undergo an immense change to the area that is imbued with its energy. So those who will be most impacted by the occurrences an Eclipses can bring will be the locations from where the Eclipse is most Visible. Those with 100% visibility will have something outstandingly transformational take place leaving it/them forever changed.

The Eclipses have always been associated with omens and markers of change in the months ahead. It’s not that immediately something will occur, but something will be planted and come into fruition in the months that follow. Each Eclipse cycle will last 18 months, the energy from each Eclipse can be felt for up to a year after. Some astrologers claim that the Eclipse will last for the duration of the Eclipse itself transferred into months. An example would be an Eclipse lasting 3.5 hours will hold influence for three and a half months after the date of the Eclipse.

Essentially It’s the only time out of the year that the Sun and Moon lose it’s power or sway as the fates take over for the duration of the Eclipse itself. The Sun and Moon are the representation of the kings, the powers and masses and no man being above the laws of fate and karma. The nodal transits can show us what and where something might fall away and where something might accumulate rapidly. Remember it’s apart of your personal 18-year cycle that brings you lessons, teachings and personal growth in alignment with your personal destiny.

An Eclipse occurs at the time of a New or Full Moon, that’s within 18 degrees of the transiting Nodes, Rahu and Ketu. When the nodes are exceptionally close, the Sun can darken and vanish from the sky, and the Moon can turn blood red-orange. A time where anything can happen for nobody but the fates are watching, it equalises the playing field.

The Eclipses and their Influence

When an Eclipses takes place, the areas that receive full visibility can experience freak weather conditions, excessive heat, earthquakes, flooding, heavy rains, volcanos, storms, tornados, that disrupt power sources. It can be a time where something significant takes place to the nations favourite people, political figures, leaders, celebrities and those loved by the people. At times it can bring new unions, marriage, divorces, a shift in power or status, pregnancies and births. It can be a time of assassinations, deaths, discoveries and secrets exposed.

The Eclipse for November is most visible in...

Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, China, Porta Rico, Peru, Guatemala, Venezuela, Mexico, Cuba, Chile, USA, Canada, Iceland,

The Eclipse takes place under Tropical Gemini, 8’38, and Sidereal Taurus, 14’29, under the Lunar Mansion of Rohini.

The Eclipse itself…

The Lunar Eclipses is with Rahu the north node of the Moon, the point of growth and desire but imbued with illusion, Maya, all we’re hungry for. The Eclipses are powerful for the level of change they create in our lives. Pushing us out of our comfort zone into the unknown or not yet experienced. We seek it and also fear it, for we hold no power or control over it.

Ketu with the Sun, Rahu with the Moon as something is falling away something new is being built in its place. We’re often more attached to our Ketu, in the sense, that we’re familiar with the energy. We can feel dissatisfied or separate from the Ketu and yet remain within it. We need our Ketu placement, but Rahu needs space to accumulate, and so, something will fall away as something new is accumulated.

When it comes to Eclipse energy as a witch, I set aside time to contemplate not to dictate or try to manipulate what the planets, celestial energies have in store for me. Instead, I allow them to work the way they intended to. Remember that no man, woman, king or power is above the laws of karma and destiny. A reminder that all that happens is apart of some greater, plan, something you’ll look back on and say it’s when it all changed or shifted.

The Full Moon is a powerful time, but let us not forget that Rahu will swallow the Moon keeping something that will birth a substantial change in the months that follow, something a lot bigger than that of an ordinary full Moon.

People with prominent placements in Tropical Gemini or Sagittarius (sidereal Taurus or Scorpio), Sun, Moon or Ascendant will be most personally impacted by the Eclipses.


Rohini is where this Eclipse will manifest its energy. Rohini is the lunar mansion of childlike wonder, one of fairytales and dreams coming true. It can bring your imagination or a dream to life. It has the ability to make something grow.

The Lunar Eclipse here is going to bring you towards the growth of something new as something old will decay and fall away.

Rohini is the favourite place of the Moon it’s full in its expression, brimming with creativity and childlike wonder. If you think of a small child playing make-believe, then you’ll come to understand the nature of this Eclipse. Everything is possible, there’s no good or bad, right or wrong in the imagination or game of play, it all just is, living by the rules of the one imagining and creating.

Rohini is the dreamscape of which we create our lives. It taps into our deep inner worlds, turning up the volume to the inner narrator as you converse with all the different sides of self. It represents wealth, produce, family and brings the power to make things grow.

Rohini is the place that only we can journey to for it’s our mind from which all is created. It’s tapping into you’re own curiosity, discovering something new, diving into your own realm of creation. What does your inner child need or yearn for? Rohini is love, its nourishment, its childlike wonder, where your mind becomes your very own garden of Eden.

You can find where the Lunar Eclipse will fall for you here.


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