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Restoring Order... Weekly Horoscope, November 2, 2020, Krittika.

Hey loves, we begin under Krittika which means the week is likely to be an active one. Krittika if nothing is health, fitness, discipline and active-minded. A week symbolic of keeping the momentum, the metaphorical fires burning bright and being resourceful with what you got.

Krittika at times can be sharp and cutting so the beginning few days, might I suggest being mindful of the words you choose when conversing with others. Krittika can bring inspiration and a hunger for things but use your resources productively. You indeed have to use energy to make more of it, but don’t allow this to lead to burn out this week.

In most cases, some of us may return back to our original path and habits. If you’ve been overdoing it, then this week will restore order. I also feel this week might heed a warning to pause on something before committing fully. It’s likely, you might not have all the facts about something and so, trust your instincts and wait before you commit yourself to anything.

On November 3rd/4th, Mercury will turn direct, although still in shadow, the energy shift will allow things to begin to push onwards. It’s a time where our perceptions shift and alter as a result of the things brought up over the previous 3 weeks. Essentially, a week of getting things back on track.

We end the week with the ¾ square of the Moon. Something will be brought up to be released, reworked through so that when the New Moon comes next week, there’ll be space for it to take root. Might very well be a contract, promise or agreement that needs committing to, just ensure it connects to the long term goal you set for yourself.

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I am wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

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