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Pisces Season. Sink or Swim, What will this season bring you?

February 19/20 - March 21

The Season of Pisces is a time to connect with your internal nature… The promise of something new lingers in the air as you’re called to slow down, prepare and make space for the new venture to come.

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The energy is that of the winter dissipating and your world slowly coming alive like the transition between consciousness and unconsciousness. A time that can be confusing, insightful with equal measures of inspiration.

Pisces governs over the subconscious mind, memories, dreams, creativity and spirituality. Think of Pisces season as gaining temporary access to a door within your psyche, your mind, your subconscious or another realm. You can use this time to heal, restore, work on your spiritual practice or gain new inspiration. Pisces is the bridge into “the inbetweens” your only limitation is that of your own curiosity, belief and imagination.

Pisces season can take you to something lost or forgotten, a feeling, a place, a memory or a dream. It’s time to relax, connect to yourself, take time for you and embrace the Pisces way…

Take a long spiritual bath, light candles, burn incense, be in the moment acknowledge your vibes and clear and cleanse your space. A time to connect with ancestors, write them a letter and watch them show up in your dreams… Pisces season is a magical time because its a time of transition between two states of being.

It’s seeing something that is not there (or is it), it’s thinking of someone or something and having it or them show up. It’s a time to enjoy, to embrace and help others in need, animal and humankind alike.

Pisces is the deep blue sea, the part of the ocean as of yet to be explored, it’s the unknown. A season where you might be feeling more, sensing more, confused and lost more, but this is a time to have faith that you’re exactly where you need to be. When Pisces season comes around your emotions, feelings and memories are awakened to ensure that you’re in alignment with your needs.

During this time you might have more vivid dreams, energy might be a little low, you might feel yourself wanting to escape and your emotions can have a mind of their own.

The world through Pisces is extrasensory, otherworldly, healing, magical and nostalgic. It can be scary depending upon which doors you unlock during this time but it’s a month-long experience where if you’re allowing you can connect to the divine and be guided and helped along your journey. Think of it like taking a hallucinogen or a spirit quest, there is no knowing what you might face but it will aid in resolving issues or problems that stand in your way.


Look and see what house Pisces falls in your Astrological birth chart, find where Jupiter and Neptune are placed and consider trying these things...

  1. How can nourish yourself more? The first house is all about the self, as such, you could look at your diet, vitamins and exercise regime to see if something could be added to improve your overall well-being. Take extra long soaks in milk, sea salt and essence infused bath. Treat yourself to an indulgent facial and hair treatment. Take up body brushing and exfoliate and treat your feet to a special treat. It’s important to take time for yourself most of all and focus on all things you. [Especially true for all the Pisces Suns + Moons]

  2. Are your needs being met? The Second House is all about what’s yours, the things you need to sustain yourself… It can be hard for you know what’s yours and whats others and so during this period it might be wise to sit down and connect with what you actually need right now. What are your ethics and values, are you living them out? It can be a great transit to donate to a worthy cause, knowing what you put out shall be returned to you. Know that your voice matters and finding a way to express it will open the doors to getting your needs met.

  3. Is your environment supporting your growth? The Third House is all about your environment, your social connections and communication. Do the people around you vibe with you? Feeling as though you have to be the strong one, the shoulder to cry on and the one to lead can be hard. Take this time to get away from people who consume your time, energy and provide no real value. Instead, take this time to retreat to a healing space, write down what you keep locked away inside your mind and allow your worries, fears and concerns float away.

  4. Are your foundations strong or do you feel yourself in sinking quicksand? The Fourth House is all about where you belong, your home, family and secure foundations. Sometimes the people we take for granted are those closest to us, sometimes we find it hard to express and show emotion or what lies beneath the surface... and perhaps you’re not allowing yourself to feel what you need to. Take this time to heal, connect and restore the ecosystem within the home and family dynamics. Sit down and have an open discussion with what each of you needs when it comes to home, support and structure. 

  5. What do you dream of having? The Fifth House is all about your heart, passion, creativity and love. You might find it hard to let others in, to let go or relinquish control but when it comes to matters of heart those things play by their own rules. Take this time to dip your toes in the ocean (the unknown), know that what you seek is out there you just have to be willing to dive in with an open mind, heart and spirit. Love is not control, creativity is not controlled, what you seek is seeking you so be more open and free to allow it in.

  6. What are you doing to improve your way of life? The Sixth House is all about your habits, routines, lifestyle, work and health. You might live for the moment, wanting to take in every experience to indulge, relax and just be, but… Take this time to improve your health, exercise need not be such a hamster wheel of an experience, instead, dance, swim, hike or walk outside in nature. When it comes to health is there potential poisons you are ingesting, too much alcohol or drugs? Has there been unresolved conflict in the work space, if so, then it’s time to see a wolf who has been playing the sheep?

  7. Are you giving too much to the others in your life? The Seventh House is all about the others in your life, your close intimate relationships, friendships and business partnerships. You can put yourself in the position of fixer, healer and general give everything to the ones you love… But is it not leaving you depleted, drained and little to nothing left for yourself? Take this time to really ask yourself what you need when it comes to those you serve, love and want to build a future with. The others in your life although can come to you for healing also need to be the inspiration, your muse, your relaxer and take as much care of you as you do of them. Do you vibe spiritually, emotionally and intellectually? What does your dream partner, BFF or client look like? Take this time to express your needs and to gather the needs of others to see if you and they are in alignment.

  8. What changes are you thinking of or sensing about to take place? The Eighth House is all about hidden things, other peoples stuff that also becomes joint stuff, it’s change, transformation and the occult. Take this time to seek truths, to research and find answers, to access what transitions need to take place to reach a goal and to get honest about deep underlying causes to phobias, fears and past trauma. A time to go to work behind the scenes… its deep, psychological and spiritual but once over you will emerge a beautiful butterfly with wings intact.

  9. What do you really envision for your future? The Ninth House is all about your goals, aspirations, beliefs and future. You can only achieve something if you can see it and if you actually take action toward it… It’s time to get clear if the path you’re on is the one that brings true purpose and meaning into your life. It’s time to access your beliefs and if they are allowing and permitting for what you wish or seek to create for yourself. Take this time to meditate, to visualise a day in the life of future you. Get crystal clear on what you want and allow the universe to guide you toward it. It might be time for you to travel, to seek to experience something outside of where you are to gain an insightful new perspective.

  10. What Career goals have you set for yourself? The Tenth House is all about your status, responsibility, contributions to society, your legacy, career and duties. Take this time to re-connection to your motive, your purpose, the reason you get up in the morning and the thing that drives you. During this time you could check in with where you are, how far you have come and where you seek to be when it comes to this area of life. Take the time to acknowledge if you have been neglecting or getting lazy when it comes to these matters of the tenth House. A time to reconnect to an old business, work or career connection in a way that sparks new inspiration to build upon your legacy. If embracing the Pisces way you could gain fresh insights and problem-solving solutions to a problem.

  11. Does your tribe reflect your vibe? The Eleventh House is all about your network, connections, hopes, wishes and friendships. Take this time to get involved with a worthy cause, join a group or network that shares a common goal for optimal results. Take this time to raise money or awareness of something that means a lot to you. You’re an extraordinary flower and sometimes certain flowers bloom better together than others… It could be a time to ensure that your circle truly gets you, supports you and is not sabotaging your efforts. Taking this time to work on your philanthropy will aid you in making connections that can further your causes, hopes, dreams and wishes. 

  12. Do you have reoccurring dreams or getting enough quality sleep? The Twelfth House is all about the subconscious mind, your dreams, memories and past. Take this time to Feng shui your bedroom, de-clutter, clear out and air out your sleep space. Quality sleep is something that Pisces knows all about, so are you getting enough Zzzs? Pay attention to your dreams you may realise that they have significant messages and directions for you so keep a pen and pad on your bedside to jot things down when you awake. Time to take short 5-minute breaks throughout your every day to practice breathing and mindfulness. Pisces doesn’t rush, it goes with the current, in flow with the universe, it could be that you have lack of patience but this is a time for you to be present with what is and breath worry out and away.

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